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Feisty Omega by somebunnylovesyou
Feisty Omegaby
Omega deku gets captured after passing through a unknown territory to his misfortune he is captured and thrown in a cell to be prepped as the perfect omega for the princ...
  • abuse
  • romance
  • omegaverse
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Promise me! (KatsuDeku) by DramaKelly
Promise me! (KatsuDeku)by Kelly
The League of Villains attacks UA High, leaving great consequences. More specifically, they turn certain individuals back to children... How will the young heroes in tra...
  • iidia
  • katsudeku
  • kirishima
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Drunken kisses by DramaKelly
Drunken kissesby Kelly
As the class throws a dorm party, both Midoriya and Bakugou get fully wasted. One thing tends to lead to another and... Story takes place around the beginning of the sec...
  • kaminari
  • bkdk
  • kirishima
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BNHA class 1-A chat_BakuDeku by Yandere_Bakugo
BNHA class 1-A chat_BakuDekuby Just A Quirkless N̷e̷r̷d̷🥦 W...
𝔹𝕠𝕠𝕜 𝟙 𝕠𝕗 𝟚 When Tenya Iida decides to create a group chat with his class, many stuff happens. Their common room's sofas get destroyed, a game of truth-or-daring...
  • minorushoulddie
  • class1-achat
  • bnha
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Forbidden Love (DabiDeku KatsuDeku TodoDeku) by Sloth_Paradoxia
Forbidden Love (DabiDeku KatsuDeku...by Your Mum
⚠️Warning⚠️ This book contains the following: Rape/non con, suicidal actions, strong language, and smut. If you are triggered by any of these touchy subjects, then I str...
  • dabideku
  • smutwarning
  • ptsd
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Neko Deku--Bakudeku fanfiction by Tom_Holland_Is_Cute
Neko Deku--Bakudeku fanfictionby Tom_Holland_Is_Cute
Deku has a lot of secrets 1. Having One For All 2. Liking boys 3. Liking kacchan to be exact 4. Deku, is a Neko Deku swears he will keep his secrets like he has all his...
  • deku
  • bakudeku
  • bokunoheroacademia
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Coincidence (Bakudeku/Katsudeku AU) by Wolftime56
Coincidence (Bakudeku/Katsudeku AU)by Wolftime56
Katsuki Bakugou is a famous model for a company called Yuuei. This is a company that produces a clothing line for everyone's ages shapes and sizes. Izuku Midoriya was an...
  • love
  • pride
  • anime
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Random BKDK Stuff by Bakugou-is-my-Daddy
Random BKDK Stuffby I-Ship-Everything-By-Accident
Literally the title if y'all want me to make one of these oneshots into a story tell me in the comments
  • omegaverse
  • katsudeku
  • bottombakugou
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repairing me (bakudeku) (ongoing!)  by toadfag
repairing me (bakudeku) (ongoing!) by toadfag
after rescuing deku from league- well read to find out smutty implications omegaverse cussing 15+
  • katsukibakugo
  • kachan
  • katsuki
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Guess Who  //Villain Deku AU\\ by Takyio
Guess Who //Villain Deku AU\\by ▄Kaushik▄
After realizing that Izuku couldn't be a hero he still never gave up. Not until he was told he couldn't be one from his all time favorite hero, All might. Deku had no re...
  • midoriya
  • deku
  • bakugouxmidoriya
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Ripped apart {villain deku}  by Bright_Eyyes
Ripped apart {villain deku} by Bright_Eyyes
Izuku Midoriya wanted to became the number one hero, it was his life long dream. But good things must always come to an end. *None of the art work is mine* but I hope y...
  • bakudeku
  • bnha
  • katsukixizuku
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-Why am I still here?-Suicidal Izuku\katsudeku  by raven_1122
-Why am I still here?-Suicidal Izu...by raven_1122
"Why won't you shut up! I know how to control my quirk, it's mine for goodness sakes! From what it looks like you should be studying yours! Just go! Go home! Go do...
  • suicidaldeku
  • katsudeku
  • bakugoukatsuki
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Baby Deku x Katsuki (and more) by Bakuhoe-xox
Baby Deku x Katsuki (and more)by Bakuhoe
Izuku Midoriya was on his way to school when he became the victim of a quirk that made them go back to smaller versions of themselves. They can only remember the things...
  • yaoi
  • bakudeku
  • littleizuku
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Izuku's Secret by arthurANDshrimp
Izuku's Secretby 🌈ARTHUR🏳️‍🌈
A cry could be heard through the halls of UA, not the cries of a student but of a child. Secrets unravel as Mr. Aizawa and principal Nezu try and find the child's parent...
  • parentizuku
  • parents
  • katsukixizuku
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The Nerd And The Bad Boy | BKDK AU | COMPLETED | by explodosmash
The Nerd And The Bad Boy | BKDK AU...by 🧡💥🥦💚
An isolated nerd and a popular bad boy... Together!? That would never happen! Or so everyone is left to believe that... U.A. University was full of possibilities, even t...
  • gay
  • bakudeku
  • yaoi
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Kiss Me Again, Nerd || BakuDeku by DekuLikesCookies
Kiss Me Again, Nerd || BakuDekuby Bakuhoe
It all started that night Izuku went to Uraraka's dorm room for advice. What were those wierd feelings he began having around Katsuki? With the help of Denki and Kirish...
  • boylove
  • bnha
  • katsuki
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Starting Line by crusty_writer
Starting Lineby Cameron
What happens when Kacchan starts having feeling for the kid who he terrorized all his life. ~Credit to Chana_Panda4321 for the title~
  • fluff
  • deku
  • myheroacademia
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I'm Here || BakuDeku/KatsuDeku by beebxtvh
I'm Here || BakuDeku/KatsuDekuby Bee 💛🐝
[Ranked #1 in 'Katsudeku'&'Bakudeku' 23/6/18] [Ranked #1 in 'Deku' 1/7/18] "I'm here." Midoriya Izuku, an ordinary boy. Too ordinary. In a world full of people...
  • wattys2018
  • deku
  • boyxboy
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Possesive Love [ Yandere Bakugo x Midoriya ] by Local_Gay_Writer_
Possesive Love [ Yandere Bakugo x...by Katlynn Williams
This is basically just a Yandere!Katsuki x Izuku fanfic, I hope you enjoy reading it! I'll try to update as much as I can. When the two childhood 'friends' go to the sam...
  • dekubaku
  • anime
  • obsession
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Please Come Back [Katsudeku/Bakudeku] by DekuDekuBowl
Please Come Back [Katsudeku/Bakude...by ♡~緑谷 出久~♡
This is an Omegaverse AU! In this AU Izuku never met All Might in person so he stayed as a quirkless cinnamon roll. ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ Katsuki never met Izuku anymore since he en...
  • omegadeku
  • fanfic
  • proherokatsuki
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