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Touch Me ✔ by CaitSarai
Touch Me ✔by Caitlin
[Completed] ''I was born in flames and chaos. In one moment, I didn't exist at all. In another, air was tearing through the flesh of my lungs.'' Deep in an unknown fores...
Forgotten destroyer by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Forgotten destroyerby Dat-Boi-Eraser
Y/n lucifage Gremory was the son of sirzechs Lucifer and Grayfia Lucifage. He was neglected since he was born weak wiich drove him to become the strongest. Y/n, you will...
Monster (Marvel Male Reader) by IvanBullock
Monster (Marvel Male Reader)by Nerd Herd
Y/N L/N doesn't know much about his family or where he came from. All he knows is that he's lived in New York all his life, fighting and stealing to survive. One day he...
Abused gamer x rwby harem by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Abused gamer x rwby haremby Dat-Boi-Eraser
Y/n arc was abused by his family in a world dominated by females. Males were only either used as breeding machines or killed. But you wanted to become something more but...
Kakegurui x Male Reader by RWBYCheesecoffee
Kakegurui x Male Readerby RWBYCheesecoffee
When a boy with a notorious gambling track record transfers to Hyakkaou Private Academy, things are sure to be interesting!
The Glitch Spider (malereader spider-man harem) by AxeTheRat04
The Glitch Spider (malereader spid...by AxeTheRat04
A boy who inspires to be like his heros. Is then given the opportunity by something that could only be described as out of this world, as a portal from another dimension...
The Pure Who Embraced Hatred by NexusYomu
The Pure Who Embraced Hatredby Nexus00XOX
"He accepted hate in the place of love, Disgrace in the place of honour. A burden where a normal human can lose their mind but not him..." -Kagaya Ubayashiki...
Why won't you talk?!?!      Quiet (but not mute) male reader x high school harem by A_friendly_psycopath
Why won't you talk?!?! Quiet...by E
Second story just came up with this last night.
Hiyo-chan the Innocent Broadcast Jockey! || Hinata harem by kenmaaaaaaaa
Hiyo-chan the Innocent Broadcast J...by kenmaaaaaaaa
🍋🔞!!Sexual Content!!🔞🍋 It's like Bj Alex but make it ✨HAIKYUU✨ Its an Everyone x Hinata or Hinata harem btw😗 The explanation is on Chapter 1 so make sure to read i...
k/da x male reader (league of legends) by Atnarl
k/da x male reader (league of lege...by Atlan
[ON GOING]I do not own any of this characters. all of you should already know. They all belong to Riot Games... Any music I put on here do not belong to me. PROFANITY IS...
ReStart by Hmoraisfilipe
ReStartby DaarkSide
After being rejected and humiliated by the girl he loved (y / n) discovers that she died the next day, 30 years later (y / n) dies run over and back in time to the day h...
Forgotten Destruction by OGLaxus
Forgotten Destructionby OGLaxus
Y/n Gremory is the eldest son of Sirzechs and Grafiya. Though when they measured his demonic power they was shocked to find he barely had any. This led to nearly neglect...
The storm of city Z by Xabed0
The storm of city Zby Xabed0
Y/n L/n a young teenage man and friend\neighbour to Saitama who going to shake up the world as we know it. (First story ever)
Ichika Snaps by Creeperleap
Ichika Snapsby Creeper
After much abuse and no comfort, Ichika finally snaps and the Byakushiki tries to find him a new home. Can Chifuyu and the girls fix the broken and link?
Strength is absolute(abused male reader x rwby) by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Strength is absolute(abused male r...by Dat-Boi-Eraser
Young y/n was given a hard and unforgettable childhood life. He was abused and neglected by his family. He only had one friend and when she was killed in a Grimm attack...
I'm Not Like Him (Voldemorts Son Male Reader×HP Harem) by stefanimestuffguy
I'm Not Like Him (Voldemorts Son M...by Stefanimestuffguy
Y/N L/N was a normal boy living in a peaceful home in America. But that will all change when he got a letter from Hogwarts.
Percy Jackson, Son of Chaos  by MidnightIridescence
Percy Jackson, Son of Chaos by MidnightIridescence
Percy is betrayed when Nick Waters, a son of Poseidon and Percy's half brother, comes to camp. Loyalties are tested and enemies are made. Sally abandons him to start a m...
Karasuno's Mini Manager Haikyuu x Male! Reader Daichi's Brother by iwachanshoe
Karasuno's Mini Manager Haikyuu x...by Iwaizumi’s Spouse ❤️
Your older brother forgot the lunch you made for him, so you go and hand it to him. Only to find a bunch of hot guys, that fall for your feminine charms. Can Daichi pro...
spiderman: I won't lose anything by God_and_demon_lord
spiderman: I won't lose anythingby god_and_demon_lord
I get reincarnated in the MCU world as a spiderman. this time Peter won't lose anything because I am Peter Parker and I don't have a habit of losing. so follow my advent...
A Racer in a Complicated World (Male Reader x Harem) by Elytra_gaming
A Racer in a Complicated World (Ma...by Elytra Knispel
So uh... Here is my take on big crossovers and I uh... Hope it goes well! I'll see you in the following prologue and chapters! Anyways! You are Y/N Terenado, and you hav...