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I was only an EXTRA but the Villain and Male Lead tries to pursue ME?! by B_A_DG_R
I was only an EXTRA but the Villai...by Anne Rempillo
I was an ordinary college student studying nursing in a university. I love reading stories about reincarnation and isekais, my friend suddenly thought of making her own...
The Last Weapon by InsanelyMe
The Last Weaponby kasi
In the seemingly normal, always supernatural streets of Mystic Falls resides Briana, a sibling to the infamous legends, the Mikaelsons. She's burdened with a treacherous...
Unexpected Discoveries  by NahKakashi
Unexpected Discoveries by ηαηα∂αιмε нσкαgε
Due to the beatings of the villagers Naruto meets the kyuubi at the age of 4.Naruto decides to wear a mask in which he is the dead last, prankster and the kyuubi jinchuu...
Extras! by TalesOfAstria
Extras!by The Author
Tags, Art, Head Cannons, Etc. Maybe some Authors Notes and OC contests!
ExtraOrdinary by OriginallyMundane
ExtraOrdinaryby OriginallyMundane
"Awe, what's the matter, Princess? Cat got your tongue?" Sin smirked. "I am not a Princess," I declared. He smiled and stepped closer to whisper in m...
The One (OHSHC FanFiction) by 0verf1ow
The One (OHSHC FanFiction)by 0verf1ow
🌹 "Some people are like sunshine while some are like moonlight. Sunshine people can shine on their own and can even give light to others. Definitely not me,"...
The Virtual Assistant | BTS by PPOMNINI
The Virtual Assistant | BTSby g;
Bang PD-nim hires an assistant for BTS. There's only one problem though: She's a virtual assistant (VA) and that just doesn't right with the boys. Will they eventually b...
A cup of steaming love by thecluelessnibbi
A cup of steaming loveby SinChaiN
"I like it when you smile. I love it when I'm the reason!" _Anonymous Still suffering hangover from your favourite story? -Can't get your mind off those sweet...
Amethyst: A New Perspective (Dr. STONE) by jvitself
Amethyst: A New Perspective (Dr. S...by jvdepz
'Senku,' the female called, somber violets looking at the distance ahead of them. The said man hummed in recognition, feeling her earnest tone calling out to him. Hell...
EXTRA CHEESE : book # 1  | ✓ by RaghaddMurad
EXTRA CHEESE : book # 1 | ✓by رغد
"Don't tell me it's you again." "It is." "Oh my God." "Babe--" "No, stop." "I want to give you olive my love."...
The Deal Series Extras  by btwitssurina
The Deal Series Extras by ❝ SURINA ❞
A book containing edits/videos/extra scenes & q&a's of the fanfic couple 'jaria' created by @btwitssurina for the Deal Series. • All rights reserved. 2018.
Future Of Konoha | Naruto FanFiction | by Insectivemaaza
Future Of Konoha | Naruto FanFicti...by Maaza Beowulf
Konoha is the village Hidden in Leaf. Where the New generation resides. Konoha is in surprise, Konoha is about to witness the future of it and the past. Join Hagaromo (...
EXTRAS +18 by angel1810
Extras de: When she was obsessed Y novelas varias, según vaya publicando. Alerta: Contenido sexual (un poco explícito)
🏳️‍🌈FOR EVERYBODY[one shots] by GAYKEITH-
🏳️‍🌈FOR EVERYBODY[one shots]by Illiterate
I decided to hop onna train lets see how this go Basically dis shit gay my nigga
Lovers: XOXO [the guidebook] by Letalis
Lovers: XOXO [the guidebook]by Yves
"It's not just a game." _welcome! This is an official guidebook to the series, Lovers: Boarding School. Here you will encounter: ➡️ extra stories (especially...
MOON MARS by gorgeousorbs
MOON MARSby 𝐢𝐳𝐳𝐲
Basically, my book recommendations!
Connection🧡 by MixedBaby_xo
Connection🧡by BabyGirl_✨
Asia and Khalil are bestfriends. They have even since they were little kids. Asia has feelings for Khalil, but he gets a girlfriend and pushes her away and soon realises...
SKZ 10th : Gemini Summers by mononoke_stars__
SKZ 10th : Gemini Summersby suyin
Stray Kids 10th member. Stray Kids' vocalist, the Gemini Summer, Kang Tae Ha. The 4th oldest, now 3rd. Stray Kids' clean freak. Also, Stray Kids' female member. □ Publis...
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All Things My Hero Academia by IcyHotPeppermintDrop
All Things My Hero Academiaby ❄️Frenchiroki🔥
Because I am obsessed with My Hero Academia this is where I will put all of my useless spam. There will be a lot of memes and random stuff regarding the characters, so...