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Soulmates Don't Exist.. Right? by Keith-Kogane-17
Soulmates Don't Exist.. Right?by Kirishima_Eijrou
This is a book about prince Todoroki. He is a very handsome prince (Duh 😂) I'll put this book in a nutshell, everyone wants to fuck Todoroki. He's a loner boy prince wh...
  • kiribaku
  • bakudeku
  • uraraka
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Shivers: Extras (bxb)  by isthisagoodname
Shivers: Extras (bxb) by isthisagoodname
I will be putting up some extra after stories and such from shivers here.
  • mafia
  • kidnapping
  • mpreg
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The Last Weapon by InsanelyMe
The Last Weaponby Kayse
In the seemingly normal, always supernatural streets of Mystic Falls resides Briana, a sibling to the infamous legends, the Mikaelsons. She's burdened with a treacherous...
  • family
  • evil
  • damon
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》|Bat Boys • Reader|《 by Mrs_Washyton
》|Bat Boys • Reader|《by She’s Gone
How do I describe something so obvious? LMAO!!! Yeah, oneshots, mini-series, headcanons, preferences, and basically whatever you want for the Bat clan. I should've said...
  • batman
  • angst
  • nightwing
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Agent Lovato (Action Ageplay Lesbian Stories Bonus Book)  by FireStarterXx
Agent Lovato (Action Ageplay Lesbi...by FireStarterXx
Bonus content to go along with the book Agent Lovato.
  • babygirl
  • little
  • bonus
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Unexpected Discoveries  by NahTobirama
Unexpected Discoveries by Dяαgøи
Due to the beatings of the villagers Naruto meets the kyuubi at the age of 4.Naruto decides to wear a mask in which he is the dead last, prankster and the kyuubi jinchuu...
  • kurama
  • hurt
  • death
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Free Covers by BC_Club
Free Coversby Covers
Hello this is Amber!!! or @LoveVIXX90!! So I'll be making free cover for people. Most of them will have no tittle but if someone requests than I'll put it in this book...
  • bcckub
  • free
  • covers
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Saltwater Bonus Features  by tabithekhaleesi
Saltwater Bonus Features by The Khaleesi
In this book will be all things to do with my novel Saltwater! I will be posting Q&A's, scenes that didn't make the final cut, outfits that the characters have worn, pla...
  • extras
  • love
  • kingsman
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Funny things by vampire_diaries_love
Funny thingsby Andrea
Just funny things i've seen, heard or just made up and i want to share with you guys:)
  • fun
  • winning
  • finished
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Mark, jack, anti, and dark text!  by fluttershyiskiller
Mark, jack, anti, and dark text! by Abandoned account
they all text... septiplier and danti might happen...lol
  • extra
  • markiplier
  • humor
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Short Stories and Fan Fictions EXCEPTING REQUESTS by _Sapphire_Stars_
Short Stories and Fan Fictions EXC...by Sapphire
I'm excepting requests for prompts. Now taking fanfic prompts as well
  • random
  • musicals
  • romance
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