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Next Level Player by evryday_imstumblin
Next Level Playerby evryday_imstumblin
COMPLETED Attention Ladies... Want to play a game? Leon Stone "The Legendary Player" who toyed with girls hearts, played...
  • played
  • competition
  • heart
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The Flawed Test by ThWallNeededAHug
The Flawed Testby Uplifted Bagel
In a distopian world, far from the likes of ours, you are tested for your aptitudes. You are graded on a scale, Level zero to five. Based on your level, you are given a...
  • distopian
  • school
  • setting
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The Next Level *SEQUEL TO LPAG* by DjBunny
The Next Level *SEQUEL TO LPAG*by Sᴄᴀʀʟᴇᴛᴛ ǝsoᴚ ❋
"Game over...thank you for playing." I whispered softly as his forehead rested on mine gently. "But maybe I want to play more...maybe the next level is st...
  • love
  • couple
  • cute
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bummed by gravesgang
bummedby heartbreak hotel
  • level
  • sasuki
  • saiyan
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Treat Me Like a Game, and Ill Show You How Its Played by xX_kara_Xx
Treat Me Like a Game, and Ill Show...by kara v.c
The athlete superstar, Luke Rivers, gets girls right and left because of his looks and charm. But, he's an asshole and a player who treats his "girlfriends" li...
  • player
  • luke
  • girlfriend
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My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha (Book 1) by guitarfreak8810
My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha (Book...by Emma
Aimee Voltaire thinks she's an average teenager when the truth is... well, she's just not! Her parents put her up for adoption when she was a baby, and as she's grown up...
  • awkward
  • destroyed
  • end
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Parallel by AxeLeonhart
Parallelby AxeLeonhart
~Parallel~ "Something equal or similar in all essential particulars: COUNTERPART" Equality implies individuality, yet how come the rich exceeds the weak? ~Rain...
  • romance
  • friendship
  • skills
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An Introvert Reincarnated As A Demon... What Could Go Wrong?! by JustAshadowHermit
An Introvert Reincarnated As A Dem...by DetectiveSherlockHermit
No smut, only fluff (When I get to it) Samuel Greene is just your average introvert, then he gets hit by Truck-San. What will he do in this new world?
  • bl
  • reincarnated
  • reincarnation
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Falling {unOrdinary fanfic} by basichoney
Falling {unOrdinary fanfic}by Ash♥ 【可愛い】
+ Alia Carpenter has a dark past, and when transferred to a new high school, her life makes an unexpected turn. Secrets will be uncovered, and lies will be told, but wha...
  • johndoe
  • highschool
  • seraphina
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The Rosen Vampire Knight Series by Lucykins26
The Rosen Vampire Knight Seriesby Emily
The Rosen Vampire Knight Series: is divided into four parts. Each which are listed bellow. 1. Rose~n~Vampire Knight: A continium of Vampire Knight Guilty (the show) wher...
  • night
  • series
  • drama
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Level 100 - Sword Art Online [OC x Kirito] by DarkWings73
Level 100 - Sword Art Online [OC x...by Däerkling 73
If Kirito hadn't figured out everything as early as he did, what would have awaited him on level 100? What would the "final boss" look like? And can he beat it...
  • kirigawa
  • art
  • ốc
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The Dungeons of Synder by Mstr_Pickles
The Dungeons of Synderby Snackimedes
-In a world of heroes and adventures is the most infamous structure in the lands. The Dungeons of Synder. No hero has gone in and come out alive, none have touched the r...
  • wizard
  • legend
  • mythical
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KOREAN 《level one》 by SnKHeart
KOREAN 《level one》by SnKHeart
°HEADS UP° The ability to read Hangul is needed before you can proceed to learn from this book. CONTENT IN KOREAN LEVEL ONE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ °numbers and ag...
  • language
  • learningkorean
  • learning
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My Little Sister And I Transferred To Another World by MonsteRage
My Little Sister And I Transferred...by MonsteRage
Our MC, a 20 years old man is a typical Otaku while also NEET. One day, there's Anime Convention which launched near his home. he wants to go to that convention really b...
  • magic
  • level
  • monsters
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Nuevo Mundo, Nueva Vida by MateoGamer4
Nuevo Mundo, Nueva Vidaby MateoGamer4
Un adolescente es asesinado por tratar de detener un robo muriendo en el acto, renaciendo de nuevo en un mundo donde existen las razas, objetos legendarios y monstruos i...
  • rpg
  • magia
  • monstruos
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I Alone Level-Up by zarag1996
I Alone Level-Upby zaragMA
وصف منذ 10 سنوات ، بعد فتح "البوابة" التي تربط العالم الحقيقي بعالم الوحش ، حصل بعض الأشخاص العاديين العاديين على القدرة على اصطياد الوحوش داخل البوابة. وهي مع...
  • god
  • alone
  • level
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Hugot, Love and Bitter Quotes  by Queen_Vassilizsa
Hugot, Love and Bitter Quotes by Ladyyyyy
Hmm.....Bitter ka ba? Then Just Read It! Highest Rank Achieve in Random: #3 Date Started: December 9 2017 Date Ended: January 13 2018 Book Cover by: @FAesthetics & @suga...
  • hugot
  • lovelife
  • poetry
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I Will Live My Life As A Slime With A Dark Elf Body As A Base! by Blake_Sakyunagi42
I Will Live My Life As A Slime Wit...by Elisia Gildemiester
Yukiyo Shinohara lived in the age where VRMMORPG was everywhere right after chatting with her best friend, she went to catch a snack in the kitchen but saw a thief who t...
  • reincarnation
  • rpg
  • beautifulfemalelead
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Gothic Short Story by Meenas_s
Gothic Short Storyby Meenas_s
This extract is a full piece, that I had written for my AS level (here in the UK, London), I received A grade for my coursework including Monologue and Commentary. This...
  • death
  • vampire
  • horror
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The World Of The Dead by God-Of-Creation
The World Of The Deadby God
Easy~ Zombies Monsters Big Monster Bigger Monsters Op Main Character
  • apocalypse
  • alotofotherthing
  • zzombies
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