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Tank system - Book 1 by zad1333
Tank system - Book 1by Marcus Vinston Thuesen
Join Merlin as he is thrown into a brand new world where he is given the purpose of killing magic beast by a mysterious entity that also grants him a system, a system of...
Walking On A Different World As I Make My Own Path. by 11Kaneki11
Walking On A Different World As I...by Devon Carter
I met god and the devil fighting as soon as i woke up and they asked me where do you want to go heaven or hell. On the spar of the moment i said nethier. Due to that ans...
Next Level Player by everyday_imstumblin
Next Level Playerby everyday_imstumblin
COMPLETED Attention Ladies... Want to play a game? Leon Stone "The Legendary Player" who toyed with girls hearts, played...
A Goblin's Leveling System by ShadowKatake
A Goblin's Leveling Systemby Katake Kage Zenchi
"Being a goblin isn't so bad. After all, I have a system for leveling!", Axel Everheart Axel Everheart is a top student at a famous high school with good looks...
It Started with Slime by KevalShahAudio
It Started with Slimeby Keval Shah
An alchemical experiment gone wrong results in our MC - It does have a name now but that would be a spoiler... This story follows a Slime that surprisingly has some leve...
UNDERLEVELED by masterdavid250
ARCADIA is the VRMMORPG that became humanity's beacon of hope to escape the harsh reality. In 2070, Arcadia was being played by almost 5 billion people. Whoever rules th...
[Welcome, Argonaut!] by SenjuUzamaki
[Welcome, Argonaut!]by Dragoon 0720
During the battle against the Red Minotaur, Bell hears an unknown voice telling him to allow the monster to kill him. Bell was hesitant, but decided to try it. Allowing...
Rebirth of an Idle Noble Women (200-end) by Aversh321
Rebirth of an Idle Noble Women (20...by Scian Zchen
Original Author: Road of Flowers She was the illegitimate daughter of the Gu family from N City, and a gloomy coward in everyone's eyes. She was an unparalleled genius i...
My Hero Academia X Male Gamer Reader by Webster754
My Hero Academia X Male Gamer Read...by Webster754
Who shall remember me? A soldier, dying in another man's war. Another son to join the fields of bodies. Who shall remember? My commanders...see me as a pawn. My comrade...
Sword art online: Solo Guardian [Fan-fiction] by FakhruraziHashim
Sword art online: Solo Guardian [F...by Fakhrurazi Hashim
Kuruhashi Minato an average male 17 years old high school student woke up to a robotic-like voice that say [ Welcome to Sword Art Online ] and find himself in an empty w...
Rebirth of the thief who roamed around the world (BOOK 2) by were_wolfs_638
Rebirth of the thief who roamed ar...by Dhanshree_Jessy
Disclaimer: It's not my story, all credits goes to author and translator. For offline reading purpose. Author- Mad Snail Translator- littleshanks Source:-https://www.wux...
Medium Meld (Naruto/Gamer, Male OC) by Elbowsnapper
Medium Meld (Naruto/Gamer, Male OC)by Elbowsnapper
After waking up on a beach, abandoned so very far from home, Sora sets out on a mission to save himself and the rest of the world in the process. The only problem is, in...
Transmigrating into an endless Death Cycle by LunaCampari
Transmigrating into an endless Dea...by LunaCampari
The feeling of running far faster than my body could handle was the first impression I had of this world. Unimaginable fear and pain was the second. When our Main Charac...
Treat Me Like a Game, and Ill Show You How Its Played by xX_kara_Xx
Treat Me Like a Game, and Ill Show...by kara v.c
The athlete superstar, Luke Rivers, gets girls right and left because of his looks and charm. But, he's an asshole and a player who treats his "girlfriends" li...
Monarch Izuku Midoriya REBOOT by SungRainWoo
Monarch Izuku Midoriya REBOOTby Rain
Izuku at a young age was forced to follow everyone around him... Izuku was subjected to bullying and harassment from others when he was just five years old. Izuku decid...
I Level Up To Fight The Gods by KJVZeanso01
I Level Up To Fight The Godsby KJV. ZEANSO
Ragna Kent, the Grandfather of the Divine Hero Carla Kent from the 12th Timeline tries to escape the "Universal Reboot" in order to stop the constant repetitio...
Liradaire by itsemilyross
Liradaireby emily
In the Realm of Destiny, status means everything. Naturally, Amira wants the best she can have. For an outsider like Preston, just stepping foot onto the prized realm is...
AESPA LYRICS by Leah_Lyrics
aespa lyrics all media used belongs to the respected owners
Vampire Knight- Shiki Senri Love Story by roorooroopie
Vampire Knight- Shiki Senri Love S...by roo
A young, 16 year old girl called Yuna, now finally takes control of her own life. Her mother sad about her leaving home to go to the private, mysterious school, Cross Ac...
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An Introvert Reincarnated As A Demon... What Could Go Wrong?! by JustAshadowHermit
An Introvert Reincarnated As A Dem...by DetectiveSherlockHermit
No smut, only fluff (When I get to it) Samuel Greene is just your average introvert, then he gets hit by Truck-San. What will he do in this new world?