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Nerdy dilemma Villanous Dr Flug x MsHeed by Pikaman_Reborn
Nerdy dilemma Villanous Dr Flug Jack Napier
Black Hat University hosts the best higher education for future heroes, you got the leadership department that focuses on helping society, being the face of heroism and...
"LOVE ME" by cryflamereaper
this is a story about dr flug (fluggy) and miss heed (Cecilia amanda kelly) after miss heed was put in a mental institution, Dr flug started to visit her because a part...
Something's Off (PaperHat) by TheWinterMole
Something's Off (PaperHat)by The Pebble
Flug had changed, and there was no explanation. Well just yet.
Defending Him (Dr.FlugXreader) by SkySqui1220_writes
Defending Him (Dr.FlugXreader)by SkySqui1220
As a kid I had always gotten into trouble for doing evil things. I'd kill small animals and bring them into class, I'd trick students at school into breaking rules, and...
Understand  by DabaDee6
Understand by Daba Dee
Flug and Demencia have a complicated relationship with each other. Despite them living with each other for as long as they can remember, they always tend to work togethe...
His Demons (PaperHat Mpreg) by GingerSnapSwiss
His Demons (PaperHat Mpreg)by GingerSnapSwiss
BlackHat and Dr.Flug have been a couple for quite awhile now. The lived happily with rarely ever any problems except BlackHats jealousy here and there, even Demencia sup...
Not-So Vile Villains by CoriMarieTMNT
Not-So Vile Villainsby CoriMarieTMNT
Rose 'Rosie' Flugslys has known her husband, Dr. Kenning 'Flug' Flugslys, since they first met at the Black Hat Institute. Now, they work for Black Hat as his inventors...
I'm a villainous guy.  by DJjammer
I'm a villainous guy. by DJjammer
Soul was a lone wolf, a solo villain, making his own in the world, that is, until he gets caught up with the black hat gang. Join soul as he joins the ranks of the great...
Welcome to the family! Blackhat X M!reader by teddyteddy_pie
Welcome to the family! Blackhat MʸˢᵗᵉʳⁱᵒᵘˢEʳʳᵒʳ
Lost, alone, hungry and afraid. But all of that will change from one person. And Three more. MALE reader book. Book cover Artwork is by MushroomMoon on DevaintArt.
Villainous x Reader (Multi Ship) by ChickenStripping
Villainous x Reader (Multi Ship)by Blank Error
I dont really know what's gonna happen lel Just read if you'd like I guess This is a reader x Flug/ BlackHat / Demencia
Good Guys Are Just Bad Boys Who Haven't Been Caught- by Hurricane_Tortil by Revturn_Red_Light
Good Guys Are Just Bad Boys Who Broken Smile
Black Hat is at it again with his restricted deadlines. Flug is forced to work hard, and just when he thinks he can take it easy, Demencia decides to work her magic once...
Villainous Oneshots by -OfficialDemencia-
Villainous Oneshotsby ~Demencia~
A collection of random Oneshots that happen to pop into my crazy mind. Most of the Oneshots will be ships but I might make a few x readers who knows. Anyway hope you lik...
I need a monster to love me~♡PAPERHAT♡ by Dr_Sweetie_
I need a monster to love me~♡ Doctor Sweetie♡
Black Hat loved Dr.Flug. But he wasn't sure if Flug was strong enough to love him too. He thought a perfect, genius and gorgeous scientist will never love such a monster...
A New Kink or Two by ihavedaddyissues
A New Kink or Twoby ihavedaddyissues
Paperhat - Warning for heavy smut (18+) Flug ends up getting more of his boss than he ever thought
New companions by Echotale_Sans02
New companionsby Echo
after Rick lost his companions. On an attack. *Ahem* Bird person's bride. That bitch killed him *Coughing intensifies* anyway. Rick then went to different timelines to...
Asylum Paperhat (Villainous AU) by SchwarzerHut
Asylum Paperhat (Villainous AU)by SchwarzerHut
A new patient arrives at the asylum where Flug works. The doctor is offered to take care of him, but refuses. Except when his coworker, who was assigned to watch over th...
The cure for one is the cure for the other (PaperHat Fic) [Ongoing] by MiloEatsMoss
The cure for one is the cure for Milo Pines
Flug is no stranger to sleep deprivation, but when his body grows too weak for him to simply push through it anymore, what will he do? After an incident in the lab Black...
You're Mistaken, Your Highness! (TK) by bbytaeddyguk
You're Mistaken, Your Highness! ( boongerine 🍊
Kim Taehyung is just your average student living his life as a fudanshi. But after dying in his world, his body was suddenly transmigrated in the character inside his fa...
Villainous: His Right Hand Ghoul by Geo-devourer
Villainous: His Right Hand Ghoulby Hellfire dragon king
He is smart, cunning, and dangerous, so dangerous that blackhat himself arrive to his place to talk. He was impressed by his skills. The alchemist brought more than just...
There is No Cure for Love -- PaperHat -- Hanahaki -- by Lemon-Skin
There is No Cure for Love -- LilithsGarden
Dr.Flug had been working at BlackHat Corp. for 8 years and somewhere in the middle of that he ended up falling in love with his boss. After some time Flug began to have...