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Regency Masquerade by VeraLoy
Regency Masqueradeby Vera Loy
As a gambler's daughter, Frances was resigned to spending her life masquerading as a boy, learning how to shoot a pistol and fight with a sword. Constantly moving from...
  • historicalromance
  • historicalfiction
  • disguise
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Astronomicon: Behemoth by Astronomicon
Astronomicon: Behemothby Paul Vincent
The crew of interstellar colonisation vessel Arcadian awake from over a decade of hibernation to discover that they are lost in darkness, their ship's propulsion system...
  • horror
  • exploration
  • grownupreads
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Loving in Heaven and Earth by eacomiskey
Loving in Heaven and Earthby Elizabeth Comiskey
Born deaf, with the power to control the will of those around her, Jax is raised to be a killer. When her village is destroyed and she is spared, she's given a second ch...
  • adultfiction
  • mythology
  • signlanguage
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Protected by artkavanagh
Protectedby Art Kavanagh
Twelve years ago, the narrator gave evidence against his friend and employer, a prominent VAT fraudster. Immediately afterwards, he went into witness protection. Now, he...
  • grownupreads
  • fraud
  • ireland
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Star Wars:  Of Sith and Smugglers by SoelleKhiss
Star Wars: Of Sith and Smugglersby SoelleKhiss
Short stories of men and women who dwell in shadow and sin...mischief and and dying by the cut of a saber or the blast of a gun. [DISCLAIMER: A few of...
  • starwarsfanfiction
  • sith
  • adultfiction
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The Bourne Indeterminacy by artkavanagh
The Bourne Indeterminacyby Art Kavanagh
The narrator sits alone in a coffee shop at 10.42 on a Thursday and asks himself what would Liam Neeson do.
  • amnesiac-assassin
  • family
  • grownupreads
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Calvary by LeoWalsh4
Calvaryby Leo Walsh
Frank O'Brien lives and breaths Rust Belt steel. Well, until cancer makes breathing a struggle. And the dying nixes living. But when he wakes up in Calvary and downs the...
  • underworld
  • literary
  • contemporary
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Infinite Monkeys, Infinite Typewriters by PickItOutLandreau
Infinite Monkeys, Infinite Neil C
You lose the ability to dissociate the world wide web from the world of flesh and blood. You're lost in theories of multi-universes, of infinite monkeys on infinite typ...
  • humor
  • general
  • random
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Diseased Jottings From A Random Mind by johnnedwill
Diseased Jottings From A Random John Nedwill
A collection of short stories and random thoughts, covering various genres and tropes. Expect the unusual.
  • grownupreads
  • omp
  • randomcruelty
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Love is in the Air #CupidStrikesonNewYear by Ahhnajoliecopley
Love is in the Air Ahhnajoliecopley
Cupid strikes again in this hilarious short tale of miscommunication, a couple of missed flights and two adults forced to share a single bed. Will chemistries fly or fr...
  • cupidstrikesonnewyear
  • grownupreads
  • romance
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An ANGEL Came Calling  by penielic
An ANGEL Came Calling by Peniel C
Stabbed, prodded and wounded, he was enclosed in a deep pit. But an angel came calling that night. Will she be able to save him? Image used was gotten from u...
  • poetry
  • demons
  • supernatural
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Needle In A Haystack by Kristiekc
Needle In A Haystackby Kristie
A satire . Roger is dead, murdered, and the suspects are piling up like leaves in Autumn fall. With his troubles on this earth over, and the Irish version of Police Acad...
  • love
  • good
  • sattire
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Revenge by elveloy
Revengeby L.V. Lloyd
8. Time Management - a time travel dilemma 7. Forgetmenot - Steampunk war 6. The Dead Hitchhiker 5. Tok vs Terra - space war! 4. Dream Funk Inc - dreams or nightmares? 3...
  • grownupreads
  • militarysci-fi
  • sciencefiction
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The Winner Maker [SAMPLE] by jeff_bond
The Winner Maker [SAMPLE]by jeff_bond
" exhilarating and emotionally astute mystery." - Kirkus Reviews "Chilling moments, well-drawn action, believable motivation, expert pacing...
  • suspense
  • teacher
  • thriller
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.human. by AEPennymaker
#15 A. E. Pennymaker
This started as a one shot for a prompt on the @_Steampunk page. Then it grew legs and ran away with me. Here's the description so far: An escaped military-grade human...
  • clockwork
  • grownupreads
  • monster
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Poetry by Terese_Marie_
Poetryby Terese Marie
⭐☁ My poems flow from an intuitive instinct. I honestly don't know what defines proper poetry.What matters to me is the simple joy of being creativity.☁⭐ Cover by Terese...
  • heartbreak
  • litreads
  • litfic
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My Confession by WorldsInsideMyHead
My Confessionby Kat
This was written for a 2015 Wattpad romance contest. The theme was 'love letters' and the challenge was 600 words or less. Enjoy.
  • story
  • short
  • cleanreads
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Brain Sparks by Countstex
Brain Sparksby Steven Thomsen-Jones
A collection of micro stories, snippets of ideas that come to me collected together.
  • grownupreads
  • shortstories
  • adultfic
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Daddy in Love by chocfudgeO
Daddy in Loveby c r y b a b y
James Crowne hasn't been in love for a long time. Since the tragic death of his girlfriend, his one priority has been in looking after his baby daughter, Keira. At the e...
  • daddy
  • girlfriend
  • steamy
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