The Lord of Blackshire (The Dark Hollow Chronicles Book 3) by exlibrisregina
The Lord of Blackshire (The Dark H...by Regina Saint Claire
Edina leaves Sebastian at the altar in Tahiti. After six months of traveling, Sebastian and Hannah return to Blackshire. Hannah decides to start a foundation to help nee...
  • suspense
  • horror
  • romance
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They call him Lucius - Part 3: Blood by Shimaira
They call him Lucius - Part 3: Blo...by L.B. Shimaira
Horror // Thriller // Novella // Trilogy (part 3) ~*~ Unsettled by what happened with Amy, Lucius is derailing. Khalida has to make a decision on how to handle his in...
  • scifi
  • trilogy
  • sadist
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Glass Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective by BenSobieck
Glass Eye: Confessions of a Fake P...by Benjamin Sobieck
Prequel to the 2016 Wattys winner, "Black Eye" (Featured by @TheGirlOnTheTrain) * Her psychic powers are fake, but the kidnapped girl she must find is real. * ...
  • wattpadstars
  • thriller
  • wisconsin
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Realistic Creepypasta by wolfbit1232
Realistic Creepypastaby wolfbit1232
This book will give you a detailed description on each creepypasta on how they are really like, based on multiple forms of the occult sciences you could think of. The fo...
  • moleology
  • occult
  • phrenology
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Ink (Book 1 of the Ink Series) by punkybookster83
Ink (Book 1 of the Ink Series)by Holly Hood
She doesn't know why bad feels so good... What seems like out of nowhere, Hope Zigler's life has transformed: the normal Georgia life of an aspiring singer and student i...
  • steamyromance
  • darkromance
  • romancegrows
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Black Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective #2 by BenSobieck
Black Eye: Confessions of a Fake P...by Benjamin Sobieck
*** 2016 Wattys Award winner (HQ Love) *** The sequel to Glass Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective picks up right where its predecessor left off. Read that...
  • scam
  • fraud
  • wattpadstars
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How to kill your writer's block with Tarot Cards by MeganKaneWrites
How to kill your writer's block wi...by Megan Kane
Nothing sucks more than wanting to write but you're empty of ideas. Especially when you know your imagination works but it's just blocked up with writers flu. Here's...
  • prompt
  • wicca
  • occult
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Oka Ruto X Female Reader by taylorfordwiorkowski
Oka Ruto X Female Readerby Tay
Sorry boys, maybe next time... You were once the president of the occult club at your old school... but now you have to switch schools. You realize there's also an occul...
  • senpai
  • xreader
  • occult
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Confessions of a Teen Age Succubus by NightTimeLovers
Confessions of a Teen Age Succubusby Night Time Lovers
Its hard to be immortal. Couple that with the trials of going to high school, having a mortal boyfriend, being a succubus and my insatiable appetite and things get co...
  • supernatural
  • action
  • girlxgirl
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Gast (Gothic Horror) (Completed)  by MrCrowley667
Gast (Gothic Horror) (Completed) by Andrew John Wood
Cover = Creative Commons. Blurb = It only takes a second to lose everything... One second of rage and Adam became a widower. People say it's natural to see the deceased...
  • gothicfiction
  • featured
  • judgement
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The Magician - Asra X Reader by showfreak19
The Magician - Asra X Readerby Ashley
Asra - The Arcana
  • juliandevorak
  • thearcana
  • amnesia
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Hell's Glitch (initial draft) by BelartWright
Hell's Glitch (initial draft)by BelartWright
A NaNoWriMo LitRPG starring a videogame QA tester named Sam Nagai. Sam thought testing videogames would be a dream job until he got saddled with a ton of...
  • vrmmorpg
  • rpg
  • darkfantasy
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Random Classic Rock Stuff I Like/Blog Thingy  by JP1944
Random Classic Rock Stuff I Like/B...by Quinn Moon
Just me talking and leaving pictures of my favorite bands like Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds (I love Jimmy Page by the way), The Rolling Stones, Cream, The Who, The Doors...
  • rollingstones
  • clapton
  • pagey
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The Other Side by YvetteRussell
The Other Sideby Yvette Russell
Lenore almost had it all. The guy of her dreams just confessed his love for her... and then went missing the next day. And he's not the only one. As more and more people...
  • magic
  • witches
  • witchcraft
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CANDYGORE: The second serving by Bruna_Neptune
CANDYGORE: The second servingby Bruna_Neptune
He is back and evil as ever! It's been a month since Candy Caedes has encountered Candygore, her malicious alter ego who she can turn into when eating his candy, in he...
  • horror
  • thriller
  • occult
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The Witches Allegory: The Vampire by jayy-bird18
The Witches Allegory: The Vampireby Jay
"Just because he's a Vampire prick, doesn't mean he's not hot..." Prophetic dreams and a psychotic Vampire, life isn't easy for 20 year old Jaime Halliwell. No...
  • prophecies
  • secrets
  • cruel
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Guide To Create Your Own Wiccan Book Of Shadows by kolithah
Guide To Create Your Own Wiccan Bo...by Brian Lucas
Easy guide to create your own Book of Shadows,In this book you can learn to bind a new book and design your Book Of Shadows
  • wicca
  • lies
  • wizard
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Dante's Inferno by ghafas
Dante's Infernoby M a d d y
Dante Averilla has known death, has known pain. But now, he intends to know vengeance. When a family torn apart by grief and magic, attempts the unspeakable. It results...
  • adult
  • demons
  • theliteracyaward
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THE BLOOD OF JEZEBEL (Book 1 In the Light Warrior series) by ElishaEnchanted
THE BLOOD OF JEZEBEL (Book 1 In th...by L. E. Glazebrook
They are coming.... Don't let them in! Rosemonde Durand unknowingly carries the blood of an ancient Phoenician queen - Jezebel.... Myrddin Thomas was initiated into a ma...
  • incubus
  • occult
  • featured
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Cosmic Confluence by marriage-iguanas
Cosmic Confluenceby marriage-iguanas
Cosmic Confluence is about a cosmic confluence in the sense that everything in 16 year old Mary's life is aligning and coming together perfectly whether she likes it or...
  • funny
  • gay
  • trauma
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