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Hana & Hanaan | ✓ by mnhlwrites
Hana & Hanaan | ✓by manahil ✨
Sisters torn apart by the fragility of the heart, how can love possibly hurt so much? Hana Junaid decided two years ago, distance would make her younger sister Hanaan mo...
Mind the Gap | ✔️ by EvelynHail
Mind the Gap | ✔️by Evelyn Hail
[Open Novella Contest 2020 Winner] Two strangers on separate trains, divided by uncaring glass. A bond forms between them. But will it hold when their trains are bound f...
Minor Key (Wynter Wild #8) by SaraCreasy
Minor Key (Wynter Wild #8)by Sara Creasy
*1 in familysaga (Feb 2020) Three years ago, Xay Morant left Wynter to face the nightmare alone. She's been searching for him ever since--and now he's found her first. ...
Rhythm & Rhyme (Wynter Wild #3) by SaraCreasy
Rhythm & Rhyme (Wynter Wild #3)by Sara Creasy
*2 in familydrama (Mar 2019) Wynter has lived on the outside for eight months and she's growing stronger. She begins to open up to her brothers about her childhood and g...
The Painted Altar by bigimp
The Painted Altarby Mick Smith
Two interconnected murders, 64 years apart. One woman's search for truth and identity. Readers' comments: 'impeccably written', 'amazing', 'one of a kind', 'fantastic s...
another life. by NicholasNicoBrown
another Nicholas Brown
After spending one year apart, two lovers reunite for a weekend in which the past spills into the present, suspends the future, and defies both time and space. ©2020 NI...
Red wine .... Jungkook ff 21+ by ficflesh
Red wine .... Jungkook ff 21+by ficflesh
" jungkook! what are you doing ?" Y/n stepped back. "I just wanna play with a playgirl" jungkook licked his lips. Jungkook approach her. He put his h...
If We Exist by Yano_Ism
If We Existby Yano Ism
✨2018 Watty Winner✨ Two men in love torn apart by war. Yuri Karamov's existence is like Schrödinger's cat, simultaneously both dead and alive. In Ru Konstantin's mind, Y...
That of a Nostalgic Future by immatrytoread
That of a Nostalgic Futureby Justy
A barista by day, a writer by night. That is the life of Chester Downs - someone who pours coffee for the locals and offers beer to the drunken. And when no one was wat...
Kill Who You Want (completed) by bigimp
Kill Who You Want (completed)by Mick Smith
What if it came to the starkest of all choices: kill, or else suffer the loss of a loved one? This is a re-edited version of a novel originally posted over the winter of...
Espresso Love (A Dystopian Japan Novel) #Wattys2014 by takatsu
Espresso Love (A Dystopian Japan S. Takatsu
In Tokyo, where the System siphons thought, emotions & memories, a literature student meets a strange psychic girl and they embark on an escape from mindless agents, dre...
Silver by rowena_wiseman
Silverby Rowena Wiseman
#3 Literary Fiction - Everyone says that things are much better now than they were in the past, but Sylvie is not so sure. Teenagers are forced into arranged marriages...
GG | ✔️ by EvelynHail
GG | ✔️by Evelyn Hail
[Winter Rose Awards - 3rd place/Adventure] Una Morales's week is not going so well. To begin with, her twin sister, Paz Morales, has disappeared. To top it all off, Una...
Dorothy's Rage (Book 4 of Elise & Dorothy) by MissMysteryGame
Dorothy's Rage (Book 4 of Mysty
In Book 4, Dorothy's hopes have seemingly burned to bitter ashes, but she is not dead. What will come from those ashes? Is it just hate and rage, or is it something more...
Limerence ¦ WEEKLY UPDATES by abbyklake
Limerence ¦ WEEKLY UPDATESby abby k lake
In which seventeen-year-old Laleh Danvers has dreams about this boy she's never met before and then a new boy moves to town who looks exactly like him. ********** Laleh'...
Elise Was But Dorothy Remembers (Book 2 of Elise & Dorothy) by MissMysteryGame
Elise Was But Dorothy Remembers ( Mysty
⭐️#1 in LitFic - Five years older but not five years wiser, Dorothy emerges from isolation with a stronger physique, better magic, but also a bigger ego. However, in thi...
BuriedButterfly by BeatsOfABrokenHeart
BuriedButterflyby BeatsOfABrokenHeart
Haijah is a problem, and it's one you do not want. A smart, sassy beautiful girl growing up in the ugliest parts of Philly. At a young age, she's been exposed. From havi...
Percy Jackson - Truth or Dare by rocheal200505
Percy Jackson - Truth or Dareby Rocheal
Percy Jackson has finally finished defeating Gaia and with nothing else to do, how about playing a game of truth or dare? Read on to find out about the horrific dares an...
The Myth of Wile E by wednesdaymccool
The Myth of Wile Eby Colleen Cooper
Highest Ranking: #1 in Humor [FEATURED, SEPT-OCT] An idealistic poet refuses to budge from the last parcel of land a developer needs to acquire in order to build a sho...
The Third Shadow by bigimp
The Third Shadowby Mick Smith
Sometimes the truth is just too terrible to ever be guessed... ##TWICE-WEEKLY POSTS## When two British brothers are reported missing whilst on holiday in southern Italy...