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Swift as a Coursing River | Ongoing by BirtheV
Swift as a Coursing River | Ongoingby Birthe
A recently out divorcee must explore his identity and how to not be the straight-acting man he's been his whole life. Just when he has found his footing, a flamboyant tr...
Knee Pads by violadavis
Knee Padsby cate
There's nothing dramatic about roller derby. ***** Moving to Connecticut had never been in former figu...
The Art of Breathing Underwater by DavidEAnderson100
The Art of Breathing Underwaterby David Anderson
𝐖𝐀𝐓𝐓𝐘 𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐍𝐄𝐑 𝐘𝐀 𝟐𝟎𝟐𝟏 For bipolar fifteen-year-old Aaron, growing up in '90s Dublin, being gay is a choice. It is a choice between risking alienation fr...
Exit Wounds by violadavis
Exit Woundsby cate
Harley had a bright future ahead of her, but that dream died a long time ago. ***** Harley vowed she w...
The Secrets She Kept by me2you804
The Secrets She Keptby Kat
Evelyn and Rosie had always been close. They were not just mother and daughter; they were best friends. At least, they were until disease stole away the woman Evelyn had...
Gaslighter by violadavis
Gaslighterby cate
Penn Romero is a smart girl. Smart girls don't get involved with their professors. ***** It begins wit...
Of Waves and War by kullman
Of Waves and Warby kullman
Literature's most famous love story, reimagined for modern audiences. Penelope and Odysseus' relationship is the pinnacle of fictional couples. Retold primarily through...
Carry It Home by violadavis
Carry It Homeby cate
Everyone has baggage, but it's certainly not Selina's job to carry it for them. ***** Radio talk show...
See You in San Francisco by violadavis
See You in San Franciscoby cate
A group of friends tries to piece itself back together after losing its glue. ***** It's a quiet Octo...
Hana & Hanaan | ✓ by mnhlwrites
Hana & Hanaan | ✓by manahil ✨
Sisters torn apart by the fragility of the heart, how can love possibly hurt so much? Hana Junaid decided two years ago, distance would make her younger sister Hanaan mo...
Mimeomia by violadavis
Mimeomiaby cate
When Michaela Tate decided to interview her writer ex-fiancé, she expected him to be working on something good--she just never imagined his new book would be about her...
Hit Rewind by violadavis
Hit Rewindby cate
Time heals all wounds. When you have the power to rewind it, you begin to wonder whether it's too much responsibility for one person to hold. ...
Final Room by violadavis
Final Roomby cate
Wendy is the final girl. Surviving is what she does. ***** Following the tragic Incident that claimed...
The Chemistry Test by tennisfumes
The Chemistry Testby ari
Two weeks. Two awkward teens. One play. For Zoe and Zak, everything is on the line. With fourteen days to fix their stage chemistry, they've bitten off a bit more t...
Loving Damilola✔ by Evergreen_Ebony
Loving Damilola✔by Evergreen_Ebony
"Finding happiness within because that's where true joy lies." Damilola Amarachi Oyelowo is an independent doctor forging a new life for herself in the city of...
Prometheus (LGBT+) ✔ by BirtheV
Prometheus (LGBT+) ✔by Birthe
When Dante drinks the blood of a woman with AIDS, his health takes a turn for the worse. His immune system should be infallible, but here he is: every day, he wakes up h...
These Hills Called Home | ONC 2024 by Oxviola
These Hills Called Home | ONC 2024by Oxibubbles 🫧
[ONC 2024 Shortlister] When turning back isn't an option, what does it take to delve into the unknown? After a troubled upbringing in the foster care system, Gemma Haywo...
Percy Jackson - Truth or Dare by rocheal200505
Percy Jackson - Truth or Dareby Liza
Percy Jackson has finally finished defeating Gaia and with nothing else to do, how about playing a game of truth or dare? Read on to find out about the horrific dares an...
If We Exist by Yano_Ism
If We Existby yano
✨2018 Watty Winner✨ Two men in love torn apart by war. Yuri Karamov's existence is like Schrödinger's cat, simultaneously both dead and alive. In Ru Konstantin's mind, Y...
Purpose 1983 by CathRozengarten
Purpose 1983by Cath R. Rozengarten
"I'm used to getting Andrew out of trouble. For the most part of high school, we have each other's back; an unlikely tandem of a staunch misfit and a rebellious joc...