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Basically, this is a book where I will write some Star Wars The Clone Wars Texts. Brace yourselves. This is going to be crazy. I DO NOT OWN ANY ASPECT OF STAR WARS THE C...
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1 | Child Of The Force ✔ by Rebel_Route_66
1 | Child Of The Force ✔by Leesa <3
Ahsoka finally gets her little girl. Arena Tano. But little does anyone know that beyond all that cuteness, lies the Force. When Arena figures out how to use it, Will s...
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Creature Of The Darkside ( star wars clone wars x male sith reader) by Atomkiller12
Creature Of The Darkside ( star wa...by Atomkiller12
y/n was once a jedi padawan until his master left him on an unknown planet and he became a king
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( On Hold) daughter of the titan (Star Wars X Male Thanos Reader)  by Atomkiller12
( On Hold) daughter of the titan (...by Atomkiller12
ahsoka had an adoptive father who took the place of her dead one he was known in a past life of being the killer of millions
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Moon Dust (Obi-Wan x reader) by lottepage
Moon Dust (Obi-Wan x reader)by Lotte
When you were found by Master Windu, he knew you were strong. Powerful. Through luck or the force, you ended up side by side with Obi-Wan, even after training. Things...
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Standing Alone by rebel_lizzy_klostion
Standing Aloneby rebel_lizzy_klostion
When the Ghost crew goes on a supply run they bump into a street rat. They end up surrounded by the Empire. When the Rebels give up. The street rat doesn't and shows his...
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Empire Day ✓ by SapphireAlena
Empire Day ✓by S. A. McCaffrey
1st place: Star Wars Fanfiction Awards Luke Skywalker is turning 8 in just a few days on Empire Day. Unfortunately, the Empire has ordered a galaxy-wide census on Empire...
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If Ahsoka Stayed by JP30vMVP
If Ahsoka Stayedby JP30vMVP
What would happen if Ahsoka stayed? Would Anakin still fall to the dark side? Would Ahsoka become a Knight? How will she react when Barriss returns? Will the Ghost Crew...
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Beginning Again by Lexa_Skywalker
Beginning Againby Lexa_Skywalker
Alexa is fitting in with the Jedi and is happy to be Skywalker's padawan. She has found the family that she had always longed for, but things get complicated when they...
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Ahsoka: Grave Danger by AhsokaTanoJedi
Ahsoka: Grave Dangerby AhsokaTanoJedi
What would have happened if Ahsoka found out about Palpatines plan before it happened? What if Ahsoka found out about Barris' plan before she was framed? What will happe...
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Flaws Of The Jedi by Shaded_Nova
Flaws Of The Jediby Shaded_Nova
What if the Jedi won The Clone Wars early? What if Order 66 was never fulfilled because Palpatine was taken down far too early? What if Anakin didn't turn to the Dark Si...
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STARWARS / HALO Crossover by SirViper
STARWARS / HALO Crossoverby SirViper
The Portal to The Ark has collapsed and the Arbiter is the only one to make it through. Chief is somewhere out there drifting in deep...deep space. The only thing to do...
  • sci-fi
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Ahsoka: The Road to Recovery by AhsokaTanoJedi
Ahsoka: The Road to Recoveryby AhsokaTanoJedi
This is book two in the Ahsoka: Grave Danger series. It's been a year since Ahsoka Tano went missing and was declared as Dead. In her absence the Jedi have been looking...
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The Clone Wars: Power of The Chosen One by CyanGalaxy
The Clone Wars: Power of The Chose...by EuphoricDystopia
The Chosen One is what THEY seek, and The Chosen One is what THEY will get. Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka are captured, imprisoned and stripped cruelly of their Force Abili...
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It Takes Two to Tango by jedi3ravenclaw
It Takes Two to Tangoby kk
Ahsoka Tano's life has changed since the rebellion on Onderon. Her thoughts dwell on Lux Bonteri, the newly appointed Senator. She knows attachment is forbidden by the O...
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ARAMINTA ━ anakin skywalker by summerless
ARAMINTA ━ anakin skywalkerby ━𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐑.
❝And does he know that we bleed the same?❞ star wars; episodes ii & iii & the clone wars series anakin skywalker x oc ...
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  • anakinskywalker
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Dark Love by FullerK75
Dark Loveby FullerK75
What if ezra was still capture by the seventh sister and zeb, chopper, and sabine the only ones to escape. What will the seventh sister do to ezra?
  • hera
  • darkside
  • sabezra
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Signature Bonds - Star Wars TCW by FlamingStarbird
Signature Bonds - Star Wars TCWby Starbird
We all know Anakin and Ahsoka had a strong bond during the Clone Wars. But, what if they had a stronger one, keeping Anakin from falling to the Dark side, and Ahsoka fro...
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The Senator And The Jedi by shanSWfan
The Senator And The Jediby -:- [sh]anakin skywalker -:-
The year is 20 BBY. The brutal Clone Wars, pitting the droid armies of the separatist Confederacy Of Independent Systems against the clone troopers of the Galactic Repub...
  • lux
  • republic
  • ahsoka
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Star Wars: The Grey Jedi by CyanGalaxy
Star Wars: The Grey Jediby EuphoricDystopia
Ahsoka Tano. Formally a Jedi Padawan. Now the secret 'Fulcrum' for the rebellion... And most certainly, a Grey Jedi. After realising the terrible truth, that her former...
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