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That won't happen to you by Leyscha
That won't happen to youby Leyscha
Anakin Skywalker knows what it is like to be a slave. When this dark fate threatens his student Ahsoka Tano, he mobilizes all his powers to save her. But then the Tusk...
Shattered Mind: Ahsoka by Chopper457
Shattered Mind: Ahsokaby Chopper457
What if Ahsoka was struggling to accept herself. She feels that she can't live up to hers or anyone else's expectations. One night she decides she's had enough. ( I fo...
'Soka - Ahsoka x Reader by CommanderSnips
'Soka - Ahsoka x Readerby General Snips
You are a padawan around the middle of the clone wars (season 3) (Age:15) All rights go to Lucasfilm and Star Wars. I own nothing but the story. PG-13 (some profanity) I...
We'll Get Though This Together (A Rexsoka Fanfic) by Capser76570
We'll Get Though This Together (A...by Capser76570
Disclaimer: I do not own anything except for the plot, I'm writing for fun so if things are inaccurate I apologize, and this is a fanfic about Rexsoka and for story purp...
Forbidden | Ahsoka x Reader by Aheptanon
Forbidden | Ahsoka x Readerby Aheptanon
(Updating on Alternate Days) The tale of you and Ahsoka. A great love story with the background of the destructive clone wars. Every challenge and fight you face will ta...
Little' un by LittleUnTano66
Little' unby Little’un Tano
What if Anakin and Obi wan were the ones to find Ahsoka but it was at a later time? And what if they kept her? How would this change everything? Her trial? What happens...
Clone wars x female reader  by marydiva17
Clone wars x female reader by marydiva17
This book will be based on Star Wars the clone wars series and some characters might be gender swap based on their story. I will also take request if anyone has any and...
We both know, What we know by ROTSforlife
We both know, What we knowby alderaan_went_boom
Ahsoka Tano had left the Jedi Order 3 years ago, and Anakin Skywalker has discovered that his wife, Padmè Amidala of Naboo, is pregnant. After giving birth to twins, he...
Clone wars quarantine text by Ahsokafan45
Clone wars quarantine textby Ahsoka and Cassius forever!!
This is just your average clone wars chat but they are in quarantine. Disclaimer I own nothing
Afterglow | The Clone Wars by WritingAvengerA113
Afterglow | The Clone Warsby Writing Avenger
" my only order to you is to not follow orders " Dakota Ky. Jedi of the Republic, General of the 501st, and a withholder of secrets. ~ With t...
The Hunt  by TheShipMaster1
The Hunt by Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka, Plo, and Shakk travel to Shili so that Ahsoka can get her Akul teeth and prove to herself and the council that she's ready to be Anakin's padawan but what will...
My Clone Wars: Season 9 - Back in the Game by Sparkplug02
My Clone Wars: Season 9 - Back in...by Sparkplug02
The Clone War has resumed after its brief pause due to the fall of Chancellor Palpatine, who has been revealed to be Darth Sideous. Chancellor Kayla Kanai leads the Repu...
rexsoka high school AU by irod___
rexsoka high school AUby irodocyclitys
I KNOWN THIS GONA SUCK BUT IDC the cover art is made by ano555 on tumblr
One Shots by ROTSforlife
One Shotsby alderaan_went_boom
One shots that I just decided to do now, Some will have my oc, but not a lot. Some angst. Some fluff.
Shaak Ti's Secret by Tragic_Shadow
Shaak Ti's Secretby Tragic_Shadow
After Ahsoka Tano leaves the Jedi Order, no one is surprised when Anakin Skywalker falls to pieces. However, everyone is surprised when Shaak Ti's reaction is even worse...
Game of Survival  by Rotten_Slytherin
Game of Survival by RottenSlytherin
After Padmè receives a distress call form Duchess Satine Kryze she, Anakin, and Ahsoka go to Mandalore to save Obi-Wan Kenobi and Satine. The question is well they all m...
Anisoka(Anakin and Ahsoka's baby) by StarWarsgal101
Anisoka(Anakin and Ahsoka's baby)by Ahsoka Skywalker
Anakin is not in love, nor married to Padme. He's married to Ahsoka. They still keep their a relationship a secret, except from Obi Wan. Padme is just a friend. Book 1
The Tiny Commander by AFallenAngel121
The Tiny Commanderby Rachel
During a siege of a separatist planet, the seppies unleash a new weapon on Ahsoka and her troops. The Clones manage to duck and cover in time, but of course Ahsoka was t...
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The strongest by IzzyBizzyjean
The strongestby IzzyBizzyjean
When the council is pulled into another realm and talked to by the force. They must find the last grey Jedi. They will help the grey Jedi to discover and prevent the fut...
¹ Violet     ( ahsoka tano ) by ahsoka-stark
¹ Violet ( ahsoka tano )by emily
VIOLET | where a padawan falls in love in the middle of a war between the light and the dark in the galaxy... hope is the only thing...