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Titans little by Littlebeansminx
Titans littleby Littlebeansminx
In a world run by titans Edith gets chosen to be send to littles academy. *Inspired by "The kings little princess" I can't find the book anymore or who wrote...
Draco's Little girl by skullmoonshine
Draco's Little girlby skullmoonshine
DISCLAIMER: this book is being edited! I'm also changing the name of the main character. Her previous name was Temperance but it is now going to be Lily. So some chapter...
let us love you by DreamySecrets
let us love youby Jesse :)
Rework of @Jerriesgirl Grow with me book. (without Jesy obvs) When Jade gets a new case at work, she struggles majorly to find a home for Perrie. Perrie has been abused...
Child regressors inc - baby punishments by DiaperStories122
Child regressors inc - baby punish...by DIAPER STORIES
Child Regressors Inc is a new company which gives parents a new harsh way of punishing teens.
Avengers X Reader ageplay one-shots by BakerStreetPrincess
Avengers X Reader ageplay one-shotsby BakerStreetPrincess
One shots with you and a member of the avengers. Suggestions are appreciated.
The Trouble Toddler by PSophieB98
The Trouble Toddlerby LittleRose
Lexi is a girl who gets in trouble a lot. Both her parents and herself see this behaviour can't last any longer. But both parties don't know what to do anymore to fix Le...
caught by pawpatrolpullups
caughtby sammy diapered
This is about a girl named Sammy who ends up getting caught wearing one of her little sisters pull-ups. Then her sister decides her life now.
Matheo's love by thelittlestbrat
Matheo's loveby thelittlestbrat
In this world there are categories that people are sorted into when they come of age. The categories are: Submissive and Master's Pet's and Owners Littles and Caregiver...
Undercover Baby by qwertydiaps
Undercover Babyby QwertyDiaps
Naomi is an FBI agent that specializes in exposing human trafficking organizations. But what happens when one of her missions does not go according to plan?
Back to 3 by Deckgandowjjjj
Back to 3by Abdl star
Abdl/tbdl Oneshots/short Stories by heyloves1324
Abdl/tbdl Oneshots/short Storiesby heyloves1324
Stories on abdl/tbdl's I own none of the pics all from Google and stuff
My Little "Friend" by axolotlluver
My Little "Friend"by axolotl luver
Lilly was a normal 13 year old girl until she had an accident...
Summer Time, Diaper Time. 100k reboot by LittleLizcat02
Summer Time, Diaper Time. 100k reb...by Littleone
When Faith Dean has an accident on the first day of summer, little did she know it would start a life-changing chain of events. First official book in the Littleone Watt...
The Borialis Triplets and there wonderful adventures by kiaratiger
The Borialis Triplets and there wo...by Gaz
Since we all have so much more time now i thought i would fill some of it with more writing. So here it is . This book is going to be a series of shorts or one shots fol...
Jess the big baby by thediaperduckstory
Jess the big babyby Cj
The story of how jess became a big baby
Humiliation One Shots by HappilyHaplo
Humiliation One Shotsby Katja Sommer
One shots including humiliation like wedgies and diapers and the like.
Diapered Vacation by Samueldddef
Diapered Vacationby Samueldddef
Patrick gets jealous after seeing his cousins in pull-ups
Little Princess by AgeregressionKitten
Little Princessby Kitten is little
Princess Nymeria is well aware that her kingdom is in decline. It has been for hundreds of years after all. Unlike her ancestors, she's willing to reach out to try and g...
Through The Eyes of Regression by DrPepperCreamSoda
Through The Eyes of Regressionby DrPepperCreamSoda
This is an age regression POV story where you (the reader) are regressing. This story contains talk about diapers, diaper changes, breast feeding, and physical and menta...