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Male Primarch Reader X Genderbent Primarchs/Emperor by Theoddspacemarine
Male Primarch Reader X Theoddspacemarine
it's what the title says, I'm bored as fuck and also this is heresy, I don't own warhammer 40k or any of the art or fanart in this book
Ruthless Rivers | Oceana Book II by CeeMTaylor
Ruthless Rivers | Oceana Book IIby CeeMTaylor
The fight to save Oceana has only just begun. Valory, Arden, and the mercenary crew of Windjammer return to the capital to learn that the alliance marching against them...
Tales of the Vangen: The Siege of Middengard (Book 2) by FritztheGrim
Tales of the Vangen: The Siege J. J. Fritz
Five years have passed since the Black Ministry's betrayal against The Empress, their rebellion quashed at the hands of the Vangen Royal Guard. But the roots of treacher...
Sleepless - A BFB Grimdark by cym-k1125
Sleepless - A BFB Grimdarkby CYM-K
[WARNING" Contains descriptions and illustrations of violence, unreality, death, and body horror. Viewer's discretion is advised.] -- After a party prank gone wrong...
•Silenced Desperation• [BFDI - IDFB Fanfic] by RatSoupYummy
•Silenced Desperation• [BFDI - RatSoupYummy
Story of a silent little Droplet. And perhaps everybody else will get their own point of views.
¡Ⱡ₳ ⱠØ₵ɄⱤ₳ ₥Ɇ ₵Ø₦₴Ʉ₥Ɇ![Yo en grimdark Mlp]  by GENERAL_BLANK
¡Ⱡ₳ ⱠØ₵ɄⱤ₳ ₥Ɇ ₵Ø₦₴Ʉ₥Ɇ![Yo en Blank the gizoid
Eres un adolescente que ah vivido mucho tiempo en el bosque everfree. No sabes como llegaste al mundo de Grimdark de mlp. Sólo sabes que tienes que sobrevivir.
Awakening: Prodigy by AmberDalcourt
Awakening: Prodigyby A. V. Dalcourt
The Awakening changed the face of reality itself. A cataclysm of dimensional proportions, the event unleashed all manner of demonic beasts upon the world of man and left...
Tales of the Vangen: The Black Ministry's Betrayal (Book 1) by FritztheGrim
Tales of the Vangen: The Black J. J. Fritz
[Completed] The Royal Guard of the Empire has faithfully served Byzantia for nearly three centuries now. Hand picked from foreign lands, these guardsmen hold no politica...
Rise of The Second (Warhammer 40k Fanfic) by ElPresidente015
Rise of The Second (Warhammer El Presidente DeArmas
In this, the 2nd Legion was never struck from the imperial records. Now they rise to prominence in service to the Emperor of Mankind. They shall strike down his enemies...
Nights of The Anyrion [ UNEDITED ] by CallMeMrsSparrow
Nights of The Anyrion [ UNEDITED ]by Cante Edine
"Peace only come to those who dare seek darkness." ─Stone of Anyrion; Scripture of Myreth. Igrette Farwell, and his friends goes on a quest to return the Aminé...
"Hunger Pains" by DaringDoombringer
"Hunger Pains"by DaringDoombringer
(This takes place in a universe separate from the canon) Inspired by the MLP Grimdarks "Natural Selection" and "Scent" It was never uncommon for stra...
Hellmarine by SawyerKing
Hellmarineby Sawyer King
When an emergency mission to investigate a research facility goes to hell, the young marines of Red Platoon soon find themselves fighting Hell itself.
Kill Every Bastard That Summoned Me Into This Grimdark World by WaddoBreado
Kill Every Bastard That Summoned WaddoBreado
Inspired by Berserk, Rising of the Shield Hero, Goblin Slayer, and Warhammer. What happens when the hero wasn't reincarnated into a romanticized fantasy world, but into...
Fanfic where I cripple fictional children to create charatcer developement by Flowerpower1826
Fanfic where I cripple fictional Ronielle Bazhan
Since the accident Marinette always felt as if everyone in her life would slip away. Its why when an akuma came to relieve her, she gladly accepted any offer hawkmoth de...
Raven Throne by xDesideriumx
Raven Throneby Peachy
Raven hissed as dark green ooze was coming from her cracked skin and a slender man like tongue slipped out from between her lips her green eyes turning into a sickly bla...
Random Stories I Write by DearDarkie
Random Stories I Writeby Aloy / Ames ! ★
Most of these are gonna be MLP related because I do a little fixating. Stories that are collecting dust or stories I just made because I was bored. (My writing is a litt...
Battlestar Invictus by Ghost9315
Battlestar Invictusby Ghost9315
What would happen if the most powerful battlestar the Twelve Colonies of Man could create escaped the cylon extermination and instead ended up in a new universe? To esca...
Steel Will by SawyerKing
Steel Willby Sawyer King
On the world of Trepandaur, the Kaneron Rifles Astra Militarum Regiment prepares to launch an invasion of the planet after the Imperium has discovered that an invaluable...
Celestia's Game (A MLP Grimdark) by creepypie_14
Celestia's Game (A MLP Grimdark)by creepypie_14
500, was the number of years since Princess Celestia had engaged in such a twisted act, or in her words had held of hers. Who would have known she'd carry ou...