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The Martian Rose by HarryPlays2001
The Martian Roseby HarryPlays2001
Ruby Rose disappeared from the face of Remnant when she learned of the death of her mother, Summer Rose. For ten years, Ruby has been raised as a priestess of Mars, and...
Ultra Azur by Welcome1O1
Ultra Azurby Welcome1O1
The Emperor decides to send his last loyal son far away from the clutches of Chaos. Not knowing where his son will end up, the Emperor wishes his son well. Roboute Guill...
Knight of Remnant by Shadow_trooper
Knight of Remnantby Shadow_trooper
Warhammer x RWBY The Imperial Knight has landed on Remnant, by accident.
What is your duty by The_Unamed_Commissar
What is your dutyby The_Unamed_Commissar
A phrase always followed by 'To serve the Emperor's will'. Yet for these marines, the statement changes. Meet the 21st Legion of the Legiones Astartes. Created during th...
GATE:Thus the Imperium Fought there by Th3_Sl4y3r
GATE:Thus the Imperium Fought thereby ArandocalledSlayer
It's my fanfic of a Fanfic so yeah... As of Feb 1 ,2020 M2 No.1 in #Warhammer40000
Warhammer 40k: Gate by Shadow_trooper
Warhammer 40k: Gateby Shadow_trooper
I own neither Warhammer 40k or the characters of the Gate anime
The Imperiums Tale by AstartesFanboy
The Imperiums Taleby AstartesFanboy
This story is a alt universe where Horus and Magnus didn't turn traitor, and the Emperor didn't die in the heresy. It is also a Star Wars crossover
Guardsmen of Remnant by Shadow_trooper
Guardsmen of Remnantby Shadow_trooper
Warhammer 40k Rwby cross over
A Guardsman's Duty by Codmplayer2514
A Guardsman's Dutyby Codm
In the Grim Dark future, there is only one way for a soldiers duty to end. "Only In Death Does Duty End." - Astra Militarum
Tournament of the Eye by Shadow_trooper
Tournament of the Eyeby Shadow_trooper
Possible story idea The Chaos gods have issues a challenge to all races, They offer a simple challenge, bring 11 champions forth, and a tournament shall be held, for th...
Arcadia a 40k/Halo crossover  by datguy2001
Arcadia a 40k/Halo crossover by datguy2001
An original fan fiction crossover of two legendary universes. Halo and Warhammer 40k but more specifically the Death Korps Of Krieg! Watch these two sides clash, will t...
Short Stories by QuinAdams4
Short Storiesby Quin Adams
Short stories cause I'm so bored and can't be bothered doing full stories Short stories include Oneshots Lemon attempts Parent scenarios Roommate scenarios Sibling scena...
Rise of The Second (Warhammer 40k Fanfic) by ElPresidente015
Rise of The Second (Warhammer 40k...by El Presidente DeArmas
In this, the 2nd Legion was never struck from the imperial records. Now they rise to prominence in service to the Emperor of Mankind. They shall strike down his enemies...
Secret War: The Annihilation Plague (Part 2) by BenAgar
Secret War: The Annihilation Plagu...by Ben Agar
After their horrid, soul-destroying fight on the world of Sarkeath, Attelus and his comrades have earned one lead; a name: Inquisitor Soloston of the Ordo Malleus. Soon...
Isis Heresy Wiki by Shadow_trooper2
Isis Heresy Wikiby Shadow_trooper2
The Wiki to the Isis heresy book, comment if you want to help, have something to add, or see an issue. Final word on who makes something canon is Shadow_trooper2 and Evn...
Warhammer 40k: Helldiver (Tale of the Guardsman) by NihemaEXE
Warhammer 40k: Helldiver (Tale of...by Nightstar
Welcome to Warhammer 40K: Helldiver. Also known as "Tale of the Guardsmen", create your own story with the experience that would be provided to you with in-dep...
Isis Heresy Anthology by Shadow_trooper2
Isis Heresy Anthologyby Shadow_trooper2
To anyone who wants to join in, make a chapter(s) of a isis heresy AU, Message me or Evnogena, or you comment on this book. I will try my best to provide you information...
Fan Created Chapters: Warhammer 40k by Nateryan48
Fan Created Chapters: Warhammer 40kby Nathen James Ryan
these are fan made chapters that I am starting up. please read to get a better understanding
Surge - A Warhammer 40,000 Novel by walrussninja
Surge - A Warhammer 40,000 Novelby walrussninja
//--Sentience is the basest form of Intellect--// The mechanicus forbids A.I. Such is permanent doctrine. It has been this way for 10,000 years, and so it shall remain...
The logistical by Welcome1O1
The logisticalby Welcome1O1
(Cover art is not mine) Azur Lane belongs to Yostar Wh40K belongs to GamesWorkshop