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Rebirth of a Dynasty by VonLeporace
Rebirth of a Dynastyby VonLeporace
I woke up in a galaxy at war in a body that doesn't belong to me, I don't understand how it happened, but I'm in the body of a Necron Overlord in a crumbling tomb, with...
 🍋 RANDOM ART 🎨; Formerly NSFW Art by RavenQueenOfMourning
🍋 RANDOM ART 🎨; Formerly NSFW RavenQueenOfMourning
Random art/ crafts Some could be considered nsfw so, ye, view at own risk Also, reddit stuff!
The Orkalorian by VonLeporace
The Orkalorianby VonLeporace
Have you ever been in a bad situation? Yes? Well, it sure doesn't compare to the situation I'm in! Imagine, Trapped in the body of an ork, I wake up in the middle of an...
Burning Night: A Tale of the Everburning City by Arveliot
Burning Night: A Tale of the Arveliot
There is no night in the Everburning City. There can never be. Malice hides behind tragedy, as a conspiracy begins to gather steam. Natalia Casper, reporter for the Tr...
[DISCONTINUED - REWRITING] •Silenced Desperation• by Olinerq
¡[WARNING]! This Story contains Violence, Derealization, act of self harm/Suicide, Heavy imaginary Gore, and more. If you can't handle any of these then i suggest you le...
Battlestar Invictus by Ghost9315
Battlestar Invictusby Ghost9315
What would happen if the most powerful battlestar the Twelve Colonies of Man could create escaped the cylon extermination and instead ended up in a new universe? To esca...
Espresso's Deadly Brew[Cookie Run AU] by PegagatorGal_LPS
Espresso's Deadly Brew[Cookie PegagatorGal_lpS4
This story is Grimdark!! If you read the title, you know it's not gonna be a happy story. "Does one really need to work until dawn...?" - Madeleine Cookie &quo...
Tales of the Vangen: The Black Ministry's Betrayal (Book 1) by FritztheGrim
Tales of the Vangen: The Black J. J. Fritz
[Completed] The Royal Guard of the Empire has faithfully served Byzantia for nearly three centuries now. Hand picked from foreign lands, these guardsmen hold no politica...
Hell's Glitch (initial draft) by BelartWright
Hell's Glitch (initial draft)by BelartWright
A NaNoWriMo LitRPG starring a videogame QA tester named Sam Nagai. Sam thought testing videogames would be a dream job until he got saddled with a ton of...
Cold Blood or Remnant by the_commissar13
Cold Blood or Remnantby High Inquisitor
The end of the world is the best thing that could have happened. It allowed all sorts of fun things to happen. Like the beginnings of a Cult in the name of Khorne. BLOOD...
Sleepless - A BFB Grimdark by cym-k1125
Sleepless - A BFB Grimdarkby CYM-K
[WARNING" Contains descriptions and illustrations of violence, unreality, death, and body horror. Viewer's discretion is advised.] -- After a party prank gone wrong...
A Custodian's Duty (Male Custodes Reader X Fem Primarchs)  by Theoddspacemarine
A Custodian's Duty (Male Theoddspacemarine
Its what the story says, I don't own any of the art or fanart in this book
Tales of the Vangen: The Dead King of Danic (Book 3) by FritztheGrim
Tales of the Vangen: The Dead J. J. Fritz
A year has passed since the fall of Middengard. With the conspiracy against the Empress crushed under the Vangen's heel, an unlikely peace has fallen over the Empire. Bu...
Awakening: Prodigy by AmberDalcourt
Awakening: Prodigyby A. V. Dalcourt
The Awakening changed the face of reality itself. A cataclysm of dimensional proportions, the event unleashed all manner of demonic beasts upon the world of man and left...
Warriors: A Reign of Thunder and Lightning by TytoNoctua
Warriors: A Reign of Thunder and Tyto
(BOOK 1, DYING STARS) The senior warrior Littlescent is eager to calm the region's sparring urban clans and return to them the voice of StarClan. But all soon learn war...
Rise of The Second (Warhammer 40k Fanfic) by ElPresidente015
Rise of The Second (Warhammer El Presidente DeArmas
In this, the 2nd Legion was never struck from the imperial records. Now they rise to prominence in service to the Emperor of Mankind. They shall strike down his enemies...
Twilight Aftermath: Kingdom ( Twiath: I ) by ZodiacSonata
Twilight Aftermath: Kingdom ( ZSonata
In this world, the universe is divided into four realms, and one of those realms is called the Avatar Realm. In this realm, the inhabitants are called Avatars. They appe...
The Path of Magic by Parttimesunbro
The Path of Magicby Parttimesunbro
It has been five-hundred years since the Betrayal and the fall of the Human Imperium. An Empire of thousands of years, one that stretched across Nebulas and systems, sha...
Rimworld: Surviving as a Commander Of The Death Korps (Discontinued) by JNistheone
Rimworld: Surviving as a JNWAShere
I remember the day that I lost my life. blood in my hands, the car speeding away. it was a cliché death so to speak. I wish that I could just bash that drunk bastard's h...
Celestia's Game (A MLP Grimdark) by creepypie_14
Celestia's Game (A MLP Grimdark)by creepypie_14
500, was the number of years since Princess Celestia had engaged in such a twisted act, or in her words had held of hers. Who would have known she'd carry ou...