The Forgotten Ones by cutiepiegeorgia100
The Forgotten Onesby GeorgiaBlaise
No one wants to lose the people that they love the most. No one should ever have to. But when it comes down to family vs friends, Lola Martin has to make a decision on w...
  • romance
  • fiction
  • faerie
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The Destruction of Faerie by _AbiF_
The Destruction of Faerieby Midnight_23
The boy's eyes flickered towards my face. "I am someone who you don't want to mess with." And he walked away from me blending with the shadows. "Wait!&qu...
  • faerie
  • adventure
  • romance
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The Changeling's Fate by RayVanDay
The Changeling's Fateby RayVanDay
Percy Jackson Meets the The Iron Fey in this Clash of Greek and Irish Mythologies ----------- Alexandra is a foster-child turned graduate student whose only passion in l...
  • robingoodfellow
  • bbc2017
  • faerie
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A Flower Folk by Nymeria_Sedai
A Flower Folkby Luna_Sedai
Following the deaths of his Kien, a lonely Gibberellin finds himself losing his magic, and embarks upon a journey to regain it.
  • flowers
  • creature
  • gibberellin
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Hidden Away by Wildlife4vr
Hidden Awayby Alicia B
Raised by a Dragon. Raised by a Siren. Raised by a Phoenix. Raised by a Griffin. Raised by a Basilisk. Raised by a Sirin. Raised by a Pixie. Raised by a Faerie. Raised b...
  • mythology
  • basalisk
  • dragon
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Royal Blood by UnicornLover_225
Royal Bloodby UnicornLover_225
Think you know the truth about your beloved fairy tale? Think you know what is good and what is evil? Think you know everything from your so-called "Once upon a t...
  • magic
  • kingdom
  • faerie
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The 5 Rules Of World Walking by XSugarCookie_GirlX
The 5 Rules Of World Walkingby XSugarCookie_GirlX
The 5 Rules were set in place for both human and fae alike, in order to maintain peace and ensure that the two worlds worked side by side but never influenced by each ot...
  • girl
  • murder
  • rule
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The Twisted Tree by notyoursenpai5
The Twisted Treeby 0ɛʋǟʀɛռ0
Two hearts, two minds,one tree In the land of Celrin the races collided. The faeries* from the forest and the humans from a nearby village, but that was ages ago my chil...
  • faerie
  • magic
  • vilages
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When Night Comes by kinkyhearts
When Night Comesby rєnє
When Emma finds herself walking home alone one night she is almost murdered by an unknown person. After that event, she is always in a state of paranoia. But when Braedo...
  • demons
  • werewolves
  • supernatural
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into the faerie world by eternal_scout607
into the faerie worldby bro-scout
A young witch named Alex has run out of Wild rosemary, so she must travel into the woods to gather some. Join Alex and her owl familiar David on an adventure into the wo...
  • alex
  • faerie
  • fae
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Faërie and Associations by Daniel2016789
Faërie and Associationsby jwestlock
natural and supernatural; imaginary and factual
  • imagination
  • faerie
  • fantasy
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One Week Forever by WindCalls
One Week Foreverby Ashlyn
With two weeks of her summer vacation in New York left, Fiona is desperate for some sort of escape from her overbearing mother and father, who want her to spend her last...
  • oneweekforever
  • faerie
  • romance
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Darklight by feathertailxstormfur
Darklightby feather(not my real name)
Faerie can't lie... so they say Despite the allure of the Faerie Magick now coursing through her veins, Kelley Winslow's just trying to get her New York City life back t...
  • faerie
  • magic
  • romance
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bad blood: the immortality curse by thatbisexualemolili
bad blood: the immortality curseby lili-kate martyn
leila marlene daniela simpson: the average gothic teenage psychopath. leila hasn't had an easy life, probably because of her inability to feel anything. not for the peop...
  • supernatural
  • tvdfanfic
  • goth
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Piano Man by Sakuraflowers445
Piano Manby Sakuraflowers
Who is behind the masked musical prodigy who haunts the audience with the way his hands fly over the the piano keys? Children lured into rushing rivers. Unable to stop...
  • folklore
  • faerie
  • romantic
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Goode Fellows, Bad Blood, and Fair Folk by c_strive
Goode Fellows, Bad Blood, and Fair...by Colin Strivelli
The courts of Faerie have been dismantled, leaving the world of magic a wild and lawless frontier. Most of what remains of the Fae folk has moves westward, whether it be...
  • magic
  • cowboy
  • faerie
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Praying For Love and Paying in Naivety by Haybae_Lynne
Praying For Love and Paying in Nai...by Haybae
An ambitious prodigy is bored with his life and his mysterious girlfriend. When it seems that she's finally grown bored with him, he comes across something he never trie...
  • club
  • fantasy
  • life
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Her Wings by Beautiful_Nothings
Her Wingsby Beautiful_Nothings
She can't be restrained, or held down, or tamed. She is not like the rest of us. She wasn't born; she was made.
  • romance
  • faerie
  • love
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