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RWBY: The Child of Grimm. Volume 2 (complete) by bentleygt500
RWBY: The Child of Grimm. Volume bentleygt500
Volume 2 of Rwby: Child of Grimm. After Ryu's search for Blake ends in him being on the receiving end of his own blade, his mind is filled with nothing but thoughts of...
The Grimm Rose by Zap3000
The Grimm Roseby Zap3000
Meet Stygian Rose, Ruby Rose's older twin brother. A mute boy with unusual capabilities. For this young rose can control the Creatures of Grimm.
Beast Mode (RWBY harem X grimm male reader) by Username19870o
Beast Mode (RWBY harem X grimm THE AWESOME PYRO
After being abandoned by his parents left to be torn to shreds by grimm he is instead treated as one of there own and will grow up to be one of the toughest monsters eve...
The Grimm Slayer(Rwby x Male reader) by arkham_zer0_6579
The Grimm Slayer(Rwby x Male arkham_zer0_6579
He is no huntsman,he is no hero,he is no saviour. He has a singular focus,he has one purpose,he cares for nothing but his objective. People call him The Grimm Slayer and...
My Own Beowolf! (RWBY Fanfic) by Kureiji_otaku
My Own Beowolf! (RWBY Fanfic)by Psychotic Lover
You never expected Ruby Rose to have a twin sister. Meet Lily Rose. She's 15, and stays at home with her father in Patch. Unlike her family, Lily doesn't pursue the drea...
The Infection (RWBY x Abused Male Reader) by Space-Surgeon
The Infection (RWBY x Abused Space-Surgeon
Y/n has spent all of his life being treated like worthless trash, barely worth the oxygen he breathes. But after escaping an abusive home Y/n finds himself with a desire...
Adam's Redemption  by ASSASSINCONNER4
Adam's Redemption by ASSASSINCONNER4
Adam had always done whatever he needed to do for the Faunus but he did so in a way that was unlike any other that we know of. This led to him going down a rabbit hole s...
Reaper Of Remnant Volume 2 (A RWBY Fanfic) by Technodude168
Reaper Of Remnant Volume 2 (A Technodude168
Disclaimer! I do not own RWBY! Have a great day. The last Reaper is dead. Killed trying to fight Cinder, Reaper died after he took Pyrrha's place in fighting the new Fal...
Dark guard by Doormore5
Dark guardby Moredoor5
Ruby Rose finds her self under the protection of a dark and twisted armoured beast sent along side her by her mother to beacon to ensure her safety unfortunately for her...
Night Walker: Rwby Harem x Male Wendigo Grimm Reader by MasterofBeasts
Night Walker: Rwby Harem x Male MasterofBeasts
All across Remnant were monstrous beasts called Grimm. Although they were big and tough, there was one that they all feared; the Wendigo Grimm. It was Salem's most loyal...
RWBY: Last of the Titans by TimmyShadowKing
RWBY: Last of the Titansby Tim Gibbons
(Be sure to read the description) The great Titans were Kaiju that were thought to be legends and worshipped by both humans and faunus's. When the Brother God's left the...
Grimm Overlord (Male Reader x Overlord) by Kowalski12
Grimm Overlord (Male Reader x Kowalski12
We all know about Ainz aka Momonga, Ruler of The Great Tomb of Nazarick the Undead overlord, was the last of the 41 Supreme beings got transported to The New World, howe...
An Alpha's Rage (Completed) by shadowisprimewolf
An Alpha's Rage (Completed)by shadowisprimewolf
Y/N is the son of Arceus and Giratina found in a forest by Summer Rose. The first few years went well for him until the sudden disappearance of Summer when he was six ye...
A Hero in Remnant? (RWBY x Izuku Midoriya) by Russelkier
A Hero in Remnant? (RWBY x Izuku ᴬ ⁿᶦᶜᵉ ˢᵐᵒˡ ᵇᵒᶦ
Grimms,Huntsmen or Huntresses,Semblance,Aura and Maidens exists in this planet called Remnant...but have you ever heard of Heroes? Suddenly a green light dropped from th...
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The Forbidden Semblance: Male Reader Insert RWBY by blazekatana
The Forbidden Semblance: Male blazekatana
Team WYLD, one of the 1st year teams assigned at the prestigious academy of Beacon are thrown into turmoil. With team RWBY and JNPR in a similar situation, all three tea...
The Storm is Rising || Johnny Storm by X-Lisa-Anne-X
The Storm is Rising || Johnny Stormby Lisa Anne
June Richards, sister to Reed Richards, went to help out her brother as he tried to get a business proposal from Victor Von Doom. Her reward would be to go on a life-cha...
RWBY: The Savant of the Darkness by UbelOrias
RWBY: The Savant of the Darknessby Madera Pedro
Ozma, the servant of the God of Light Salem the betrayed And Y/n, servant of the God of Darkness
Sirius Black x reader Oneshots by the_stressed_fan
Sirius Black x reader Oneshotsby Elizabeth
(slow as heck updates) This story is all about everyone's favorite drama queen Sirius Black! I need requests! You can PM me or comment your request!
A Wolf's Tail (RWBY Fanfic) by CrimsonRouge
A Wolf's Tail (RWBY Fanfic)by CrimsonRouge
Within the ranks of The Branwen Tribe, is a woman. Few words are spoken by her, but her actions are quite clear. She never had the happy childhood many got to experience...
❖ Hollow Knight Boyfriend / Girlfriend Scenarios ❖ by ____LEXI____
❖ Hollow Knight Boyfriend / ~~Lil Lexi~~
✩ Requests Are Open ✩Reader Is Female ✩ Maybe Memes Ahead ✩ I'm Bored-