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Hi! I'm Marco.

Apart from having an overactive imagination, I have a deep love for the funnier B-horror movies, computer games, and especially all sorts of fantastic books.

I'm most fond of writing the darker tales of fantasy and science fiction but usually, I spice the gore with humor and the stories with wisdom. After all, enlightenment and evisceration work perfectly together, right?

I have over ten years of professional experience in the computer game industry-most of that time at Blizzard Entertainment. I have lived and worked in Germany, France, Ireland, and the USA. Past occupations include banker, bouncer, trainer, translator, manager, and even a couple of years in the German Special Forces. Yes, I like change and challenges... and perhaps have a low boredom threshold 😉. After I have completed my own version of a "Hero's Journey", I have returned to my home country and now live in rural Bavaria. Apart from writing and reading, I enjoy philosophical discussions, good games, Pen & Paper RPGs (I have been refining my very own system for years on end now), and baking.

Yes, baking.

It relaxes the soul and if done right, the outcome makes people happy, just like writing, really.

Feel free to check out my webpage MarcoBaier.com for more stuff, or just hang around here and read what is on offer.

You won't regret it. I promise.


Hi! Ich bin Marco.

Abgesehen davon, dass ich eine überaktive Phantasie habe, habe ich eine tiefe Liebe zu den lustigeren B-Horrorfilmen, Computerspielen und vor allem zu allen möglichen fantastischen Büchern. Ich schreibe gerne die dunkleren Geschichten der Fantasie und Science Fiction, aber normalerweise würze ich das Blut mit Humor und die Geschichten mit Weisheit. Schließlich funktionieren Erleuchtung und Ausweidung perfekt zusammen, oder?
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MarcoBaier MarcoBaier Jun 17, 2021 01:46PM
Jesus. I totally forgot to tell you, that ToR - Homecoming is finished, even better, I managed to get into the Longlist for the Open Novella Contest and also the Shorlist. Which means I have a shot...
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