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Angel by Nyhterides
Angelby Mumma Vamp
* Highest ranking: #1 Vampire #1 Dracula #1 BoyxBoy #2 Cinderella * Abused terribly since he was a boy, Kylo dreams of freedom. When his wicked stepsisters get invited...
We are Guilty ✔️ by CarelessGhost
We are Guilty ✔️by June
From Best Friends to hiding bodies to lovers!! Azazel never expected that Sebastian would go to such a great height of killing people just to get his attention and affe...
To Lose or to Gain: Boiling Point (Avatar: The Last Airbender Fanfic) by yemihikari
To Lose or to Gain: Boiling Point...by Yemi Hikari
When he was sixteen, Lu Ten thought the Fire Nation would change the world. At age thirty, he realized it wasn't the world that needed changing, right at the same time s...
The Soulmate Paradox ✔ by Nicoismysenpai
The Soulmate Paradox ✔by 𝐀𝐋𝐄𝐗
🏆Wattys 2021 Shortlister 🏆Wattys 2021 || Best Cover Shortlist 🏆Featured on Wattpad || Fresh Reads 🏆Featured on Wattpad || Stories of Trailblazing Asian Characters 🏆...
Sincerely, Mysterious by slimmwrites
Sincerely, Mysteriousby Slimm💕
Adrian Gonzalez knows the painful truth about liking someone you have no chance with-they never like you back and you're left heartbroken. Ever wonder why it's called a...
Falsetto | T. Drake ✔ by ZeninaD
Falsetto | T. Drake ✔by Zenina Dawson
"Music is not the only thing that, Can touch the chords of one's heart." [Timothy Drake] [Started: 02/13/2021] [Completed: 04/17/2021] Cover made by @Purplemi...
ONC Prompts Through the Years by OpenNovellaContest
ONC Prompts Through the Yearsby Open Novella Contest | Ambass...
Are you wondering what prompts we've used in past ONCs? You can find them in this book as we gathered all the prompts used in the past installments. You may use these pr...
Down Under by AmyMarieZ
Down Underby Amy Marie Z
|WATTYS 2022 WINNER - HORROR| Shawn, a convicted criminal, never thought she'd see the sun again, let alone call another star system her home. When she's offered an out...
Son of Krypton, Daughter of Earth by JaneQuill28
Son of Krypton, Daughter of Earthby Jane
ONC 2021 Fanfiction prompt 13 and Romance Prompt 71. This novella is a non-canon version of Superman, with some of the same characters and places. Lexy Logan is sent fro...
Broken Pieces: A Tale of Romance and Necromancy by Bdicocco
Broken Pieces: A Tale of Romance a...by Bianca Di Cocco
Complete! Raizia has already died twice and she's not planning on dying again anytime soon. The 20-year-old necromancer makes ends meet by offering her resurrection serv...
Heavenly Pursuit (Princess Yue) by -hxppygirlhxdley-
Heavenly Pursuit (Princess Yue)by 𝐇𝐚𝐝𝐥𝐞𝐲
The Heavenly Pursuit. Many people don't know what it is, but to those who are lucky enough to know, they understand the meaning of unconditional love. It has been said t...
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The Road to Crosslands by MattMacBride
The Road to Crosslandsby MattMacBride
ONC 2021 Shortlister + Honorable Mention. Newly released from trad publishing agreement. Twenty years after losing touch, Flinty, Simmo and Spud meet up and set off on a...
A Special Summer (GxG)(ONC 2021) by NiaDninja
A Special Summer (GxG)(ONC 2021)by Nia
Sees a girl that will probably stab me. "Is this a wife?" Alexirae (Alex) is struggling with a mental illness that causes her to hear voices which triggers sho...
Haunted by JuliaCoffin
Hauntedby Julia L. Coffin
The dead typically want one of two things. Ghosts crave conversation. Spirits seek pain. My name is Bria, and I've been able to interact with the dead for as long as I...
Missed the Frame by WritingxNicole
Missed the Frameby Nicole
✨ONC SHORTLIST, HONORABLE MENTION, AND AMBASSADOR PICK✨ Back home in his small town after suffering an accident, U.S. Marine Hayes McAdams tries to find a new purpose in...
Hooked | ONC 2021 Shortlister, Ambassador Pick, and Honourable Mention by DelaneyBrenna
Hooked | ONC 2021 Shortlister, Amb...by Brenna
*The Wattys 2022 Shortlister* Hooked: The Untold True Story of Captain Hook His name is whispered in fear but no one knows how the pirate Captain with a hook for a hand...
Destiny Unbonded by wdhenning
Destiny Unbondedby wdhenning
Cyril defied the Gods by his very existence. In a world where the Gods' will shaped the fate of every man and woman, he had no destiny. Such defiance could not be allowe...
Space Vigilante  (ONC 2021) by Wuckster
Space Vigilante (ONC 2021)by Wuckster
Lenny Legend works for the Intergalactic Government's Anti-Vigilante Agency. He's the best in the business, but he may have bitten off more than he could chew when he g...
24 Hours by MusicalKehleigh
24 Hoursby 𝒦𝑒𝒽𝓁𝑒𝒾𝑔𝒽
He's never been one to break the rules, much less get in trouble with the law. But after receiving a mysterious message at the airport, Claude Wintsor finds himself in a...
The Perfect Silence Of The Stars (También en Español) by NodaOrtiz
The Perfect Silence Of The Stars (...by 𝐧𝗼𝐝𝐚
Life is full of regular teens going about their pretty dull, normal lives. Except Imogen is not one of them. Recently diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, her halluci...