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My Little Pony: The Rise of a Sentry by Andymy1gamer
My Little Pony: The Rise of a Andrew Gamer GL
Flash Sentry is a hardworking and determined Stallion, always doing his best to help others, but after coming off from a particularly rough childhood, and the struggles...
𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐥 || My Little Pony : FIM by Legacy_Astral
𝐀𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐚𝐥 || My Little Pony : mlp_boi
Astral Jade's story is a long one. Filled with friendships, victories and defeats galore, but it is a worthwhile tale nevertheless. Once a Unicorn from Canterlot, now he...
Jasmine and the Elements of Harmony  by Tbtreet95
Jasmine and the Elements of Tbtreet95
Jasmine ends up in Equestira. Follow her as she goes on adventures with the mane 6 and eventually finds love. Sorry bad at summaries but please read. Fem!Harry. *The ori...
A New Kind of Magic ( A Mlp Au fanfic ) by MeryMayham
A New Kind of Magic ( A Mlp Au Mery Mayham
- disclaimer - I don't own the characters or the franchise or the cover, I only own my ocs Intro: A new kind of magic is discovered in Equestria. Twilight and her frien...
My Little Demon Slayer (MLP×KNY Crossover fic) by Random_Human77
My Little Demon Slayer (MLP×KNY Just A Harmless Human
After seeing the mirror to the human world, Starlight wonders whether she could make a spell that can also work as a portal to another universe. RD, Pinkie, and Flutters...
How I started a war in a children cartoon. (OCSI x My Little Pony) by netapel
How I started a war in a Neta Peleg
It's simple really. I get Isekai'd into the body of magical Genghis Khan moments before he begins his conquest for world domination. Universe, Say hello to the new and i...
Shadow's Love (Completed)  by moonlightstxrs_19
Shadow's Love (Completed) by Okam¡ 🐺🌃
Twilight has been taken by a mysterious being, and he wants her to be his Queen. Who will be the mysterious being? What will happen? Will she be saved? Find out in...
The Only One  by nandeulsoda
The Only One by ..
this is a soarindash story, When there's a girl named rainbow dash, a girl who is really tomboyish and didn't care about love, but someone changed her mind. and there's...
Panzer Lehr by Deutsche_Panzer_V
Panzer Lehrby Claymore Jual Agabe
A German Panzer column during World War 2 gets pulled into Equestria where they stumble upon the Crystal Empire. Meanwhile, Equestria's hostile northern neighbour, The G...
MLP x Alicorn Male Reader by LarryLegend759
MLP x Alicorn Male Readerby
An Alicorn was born which all of Equestria does not know about. He was raised without an actual family, so he has been roaming Equestria for a place to belong to. He wou...
New Moon (My Little Pony) by Azura_Keres
New Moon (My Little Pony)by Azura_Keres
For so long Luna wanted her ponies to appreciate her work, the labor she endures every night to ensure their protection. But her compliments have come hollow and the nig...
The Lost Alicorn (Shining Armor x Reader) by trash-magic
The Lost Alicorn (Shining Armor LA.
Writing this because shining armor was my childhood crush and why not lol. Soon to have a better description.
MLPEG x Male OC Draco (Harem Story) by AlecAmmerata
MLPEG x Male OC Draco (Harem Story)by Alectric25
You are known as Draco, the Half-Human Half-Dragon hero. You are capable of many dragon transformations from the HTTYD series. You have a total of 10 lives, but you are...
MLP: A New Life by archiveofourpony
MLP: A New Lifeby MLP - Reader Archive
Disclaimer: This is NOT my story. All credit belongs to LordStarX101 for this. F/N L/N is a Brony who lived an normal yet lonely life until he dies when he sacrificed hi...
My Little Pony x Two stallion readers by JustKait0
My Little Pony x Two stallion kaito
The Two Brothers named Dark Wing and Star Bright decided to visit Ponyville for no reason because they have been living in Canterlot for at least 15 years. they are a we...
Our Secret Sister (mlp fanfic) by WolfLoverS4v4ge
Our Secret Sister (mlp fanfic)by @WolfLoverS4v4ge_
WARNING ⚠️: CHAPTERS WILL BE PUBLISHED SLOWLY OVER TIME IM SORRY FOR THE WAIT ⚠️ Disclaimer: I take no credit for images taken off of Google images, although I have cha...
Appledash One shots by Love_4ever21
Appledash One shotsby Appledashian
This is just a series of one shots of appledash! I take suggestions and I do allow anything to be put in this book (Even 18+ mature scenes). Hope you guys enjoy
Rainclouds (AppleDash Story) by PrismApples
Rainclouds (AppleDash Story)by Egghead
Rainbow Dash lost something very valuable to her. She's been depressed. Applejack wants to know why.
Reunited (appledash) by imtireddd820
Reunited (appledash)by 💤💤💤
It's a few years after graduation at Canterlot College. Rainbow Dash has settled into her temporary placement on the official Canterlot soccer team whilst Applejack has...
Where Do Dreams Come From? [She/her Version] by Moonlit_Rose_Garden
Where Do Dreams Come From? [She/ Rosabel
×THIS IS A MLP X READER× ×CHECK MY OTHER STORIES FOR THE HE/HIM AND THEY/THEM VERSION× - When Twilight tries to impress Princess Celestia by befriending the princesses o...