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HANYA 6 BULAN by zu_hairah
Shah Era Mazuin terngiang-ngiang dengan kata doktor... "Awak mengidap barah otak, dan kini berada di peringkat terminal" "Berapa lama anggaran jangka haya...
  • mazuin
  • sakit
  • matured
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Jenlisa Smuts One Shot (Lisa g!p) by lilowcakes
Jenlisa Smuts One Shot (Lisa g!p)by 🍒
ctto to the real writer, I just replaced the name with Jennie and Lisa, it's originated by camren oneshots.
  • content
  • matured
If l Never Love You ( NGCMLFY sequel) by grayshinpark
If l Never Love You ( NGCMLFY Gray
If l never love you ,l found myself lost and empty ; I won't be happy satisfied of my life today- Aly If l never love you , l will never felt complete like now- Den This...
  • aly
  • fanfic
  • alyden
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My possessive step Brother by mschinibombs
My possessive step Brotherby Addiah WP
Mula noong bata si Eunice ay namulat s'ya sa Kasinungalingan. akala n'ya nabubuhay s'ya ng puro masasaya at maaliwalas na buhay. Pero nagbago ang mundo n'ya dahil nahulo...
  • 18
  • possessive
  • benefitis
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My Cold Pervert Boyfriend by Binibining-A
My Cold Pervert Boyfriendby Angel May Jayona
This story contains some mature content so if you're still innocent enough better DON'T READ IT! Understood?? Im sorry for the typos and wrong grammars guys IM ONLY HUMA...
  • rated13
  • comedy
  • teenfiction
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My Possessive Professor by AintKindumb
My Possessive Professorby Tatlo Morales
#5 out of 853 #3 out of 1.68K (Warning: R-18) "R-Rion." As i keep on chanting his name, he thrust fastest, hardest, and deepest. I felt his heavy breath as h...
  • possessive
  • professor
  • cecelib
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Pilihan by dududugirl
Pilihanby dududugirl
Antara cinta atau paksaan, pilihan Adleena sendiri. Sama ada menghampakan ibubapanya atau bercinta selepas berkahwin. Haireez atau Adam cinta hatinya Yang akhirnya membu...
  • nanareez
  • nana
  • lovestory
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She suffered from unbearable pain from her past that breaks her heart ... And his just a cold Man who doesn't believe in the word Commitment .. and Business, Mone...
  • lovers
  • loverboy
  • gorgeous
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Mr Billionaire is my Boss by ParkChaeRinn
Mr Billionaire is my Bossby Anne Grey
"Keep it a secret" He whispered in her ear while she is pushed on the wall. Feeling his hard broad chest. She felt his hot breath in her ear and neck. She coul...
  • leader
  • boss
  • secretaffair
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Nang Dahil Sa Pag ibig by ace_melek
Nang Dahil Sa Pag ibigby ace_melek18
Naranasan mo na ba yong naiubos mo na ang lahat ng makakaya mo pero kulang pa din? Naranasan mo na bang masaktan hindi lang sa emosyonal na aspeto pati na rin physical...
  • romance
  • tagalog
  • fanfiction
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Illicit Affair  by eroticfictionauthor
Illicit Affair by LuvLaws
Having an affair is always exciting, but having an illicit affair, is pure adrenaline. She is my teacher yet it is me who wants to bend her to my rules. To spank her. T...
  • bdsm
  • infidelty
  • illicit
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Teaching you ? ─ taekook by Opahkauseksi
Teaching you ? ─ taekookby lion (¬‿¬)
[18+] teaching you + vkook . -by opahkauseksi . -in malay language .
  • gay
  • rated
  • vkook
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BLOOD by KuyangKano
This story was all about Immortals, Vampires, Ware wolfs. There is a man who will makes immortals react like he is a one of their enemy, There will be fights and wars go...
  • matured
  • vampires
  • warewolfs
MY MAFIA GUY by leazizi_2503
MY MAFIA GUYby taetaekookie
Adrian Fernandez > The cruel mafia met a woman. Walaupun dia telah bertekad untuk tidak bercinta lagi. Tapi apakan daya Farisya Irdina > Seorang perempuan yang dic...
  • mafia
  • killing
  • matured
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MY ONE NIGHT STAND by Arwen_Ringor
  • hate
  • romance
  • comedy
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Weiland Academy by LadyMijanixx
Weiland Academyby Pia Fernandez
(ON-GOING) Adara Milarya was the bravest woman on Weiland World. She was the best to control her Earth power. Hence, many of Weilarian was jealous of her. But what if on...
  • humor
  • magic
  • romance
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Anti-Agreste [ adrienette ] by gelatoandchoco
Anti-Agreste [ adrienette ]by avada kedavra
Meet Marinette Dupain Cheng, a girl who's absolutely a pain in the ass when it comes to Adrien Agreste. Even though Adrien is the world's Heartthrob and a hunky sweethea...
  • romance
  • matured
  • adrinette
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Slowly Falling In love With The Wrong Person by Jolan_Binamira
Slowly Falling In love With The Jolan Binamira
"Are you willing to sacrifice everything for love? Even if it means losing someone forever?" This work is divided into two. The fist one is a boyxgirl themed...
  • teen
  • romance
  • love
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[SU] Alter Husband 『K.T.H』 by baejihee
[SU] Alter Husband 『K.T.H』by bon²chocolat
Dua jiwa. Dua personaliti. Dua dunia yang berbeza. "Jangan kau sesekali tunjukkan kebencian kepada Taetae, kerana dia amat mencintaimu. Tapi Taehyung tidak. Dia tid...
  • story
  • byuntae
  • bts
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Suami Paling Sweet [K.S.J] by aestyjin-
Suami Paling Sweet [K.S.J]by Not Available
Dia sweet. Pada masa yang sama, dia psycho.
  • jungkook
  • jin
  • psycho
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