The motto of my life is too many story ideas, too little time to write.
(Seriously, just look at my book Chapter One(s) and you will understand how true this is.)

I'm a sucker for romance movies and Shane West crying!
A Walk to Remember is my favorite movie. You will see it make an appearance in my story.

I have a toy poodle who I love and is smarter then most people I know though she doesn't look it. Its genius!

Another thing, I have found true love and its name is ice cream! Like all true love, it's love/hate. My hips love it, my self-esteem hates it just kidding it's all love. And this might trickle down into my story.

Some people say I smile too much but I think this is the main reason me and Grant Gustin will get together! Lets face it, he is the cutest crier I've ever seen. I just wanna give him a hug. I also love The Flash.

Jesus is my all and the reason for living! ☺️❤️✝️

My books are about the rating of PG. Though I do have at times a couple cuss words when is absolutely necessary for the book or would be out of character to not have them say it. 😄

Dearest chum, I wish I had the time to read all your lovely works of fiction, but sadly the days and hours are fleeting and I can't. So sorry, I don't take reading requests. 😕

Also! To see some behind the scenes of Joymoment go check out my Instagram!
My username is joymoment Surprise, surprise. 😉
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The teacher drones on as I tap my pencil against my desk, keeping up a constant beat. Seconds crawl by as life and happiness drain from the occupants of the classroom. I turn my head back, looking a...
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