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Let me Love you!  by bookfriend17
Let me Love you! by bookfriend17
#50 in General fiction on 13-01-2019 #38 in General fiction on 20-01-2019 #36 in General fiction on 21-01-2019 #35 in General fiction on 22-01-2019 #28 in General fictio...
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 The Differences (The children and their dangerous powers) by CathleneEmbalzado
The Differences (The children Cathlene Embalzado
This is a work of fiction. The names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the product of the authors imagination or used in fictious manner...
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Try Not To Mistake (coming soon) by Angelaparth
Try Not To Mistake (coming soon)by Parth's Pixie
Ayan Malhotra. A typical teenager, a flirty charmer, an innocent prankster. Was living his simple life with his small 'crazy' family. Until one day, his life turned upsi...
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Azure Dragon Book Club [Open] by ImperialSun
Azure Dragon Book Club [Open]by Gustavo J.
This is a book club meant for readers and writers of works influenced by Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, and Korean literature, animation, games, and drama. ...
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Obscured Perception by cassieltemperance
Obscured Perceptionby cassieltemperance
The world has gone through a crisis that caused all normal humans to die out, leaving only those with newfound supernatural abilities alive. Eden is trying to stay alive...
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Day Dreams by Cmorey123
Day Dreamsby C.Morey
. ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~ Day Dreams ~ Description ~ ~ Drama ~ Fiction ~ Romance ~ ...
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"The Prince Needs a Bride" by carolynannaish
"The Prince Needs a Bride"by Carolyn Ann Aish
A 'Rebel Prince' of a modern Monarchy must choose a bride! This is the last thing he wants to do and fears he will lose his freedom. A kingdom law has been invoked and...
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Seven Weeks to Forever (A Love Story) by JenniferFarwell
Seven Weeks to Forever (A Love Jennifer Farwell
☆ NOMINATED IN THE FICTION AWARDS 2019, BEST TEEN FICTION STORY ☆ FEATURED BY WATTPAD ☆ Eighteen-year-old Cassidy Jordan won't open her heart to anyone, and with good re...
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PREPOSTEROUS (slow updates) by Angelaparth
PREPOSTEROUS (slow updates)by Parth's Pixie
He was accused for the murder of the girl he loved, who mysteriously just vanished in the thin air. Now, he needs to solve the mysteries in order to find her before the...
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How to Catch a Kitsune by Rimxez
How to Catch a Kitsuneby Rimxez
The Egyptians, the Norse, the Greeks. Everywhere in the world, there is belief in some form of the supernatural. Gods, Mythical creatures, Superstitious beings, that o...
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BEAUTIFULLY DAMAGED (Arielle Brooke Hinsley Story Where It All Began) by LilFilly_Philly_
(SLOW UPATES) There would be no Aurora, Aurellia, or Orianna without the existence of Arielle Brooke Hinsley. This story is where The Hinsley Sister's begin. Walk with A...
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Darkness Of Fire - Knights Of The Shadows Book lll by GinoongKaito
Darkness Of Fire - Knights Of GinoongKaito
Will it be the end? Will the shadow knights and timeline jumpers alone be able to stop Acero? The most powerful demon yet? The person whom protected the land once is now...
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Short Stories by Fantasy_Story_Teller
Short Storiesby Jhaydun Dinan
A collection of short stories, completely separate from each other. Top Rankings: #1 Slimes, #8 MultiGenre, #250 Collection #743 Stories I Need a Dollar - A homeless man...
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Beyond The Darkest Gates by JuicyPlayZ
Beyond The Darkest Gatesby Juicy PlayZ
Two brothers enter a forest through a gate. The brothers get lost in the forest and begin to experience strange people, creatures, and places. An old lady tells them tha...
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Broken Promises by LeighCahill
Broken Promisesby Leigh Cahill
Claire Walsh's life changes when Noah Sanders moves into her neighborhood. Claire Walsh has always had troubles at home. Even though she is crazy, rebellious and wild...
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UN-NAMED by NewWarner
UN-NAMEDby NewWarner
Something i've been working on. It's incomplete, and there's A LOT of errors. This may or may not be fan fiction. I'm not even sure if i'm ever going to finish it.
Ice Coffee (On-Going) (Boys'Love) by OppaLai
Ice Coffee (On-Going) (Boys'Love)by Hamano-kun`🌸
Title : Ice Coffee (On-Going) (BL/Yaoi) Ivester Colt Elliot Oxford..... 'He is the one of my desire but it ended, him as one of my worst enemy' - Frost Daxe Nefferso...
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Elephant In The Room by CriticScripter
Elephant In The Roomby Author
Know When You Hear Elephant In The Room The Main Thing You First Will Think Of Is What This Story Is About. This Story Talks About The People In A Society That Doesn't W...
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Ash Tearaways by EngineerHeart
Ash Tearawaysby Jeff Pereira
A short snippet of writing I wrote when I was feeling particularly inspired. While not mentioned in the text, this work is set in a civilization that has achieved near m...
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YOUR MINE- Vince Meñosa by Grimrepress
YOUR MINE- Vince Meñosaby Grimrepres
Not all you see is what you'll believe. Vince is a broken man. A man that has a special condition that only he himself know. What if he will also meet a woman that is al...
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