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Mister Villain by fluffysugarsock
Mister Villainby mai
What if the villain in the story you wrote is YOUR hero? Maine Mendoza, author of best selling novel "Two Wrongs Make a Right", finds herself face to face wi...
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Seven Powered Princes by Pearlshadow
Seven Powered Princesby Pearlshadow
Seven siblings in a royal family, all seven with elemental powers. Their mother passed shortly after giving birth to the youngest sibling, their father got ill and passe...
  • gopal
  • fang
  • boboiboygalaxy
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Boboiboy: Sons and Daughters by BuRocks17
Boboiboy: Sons and Daughtersby ||Jolyn||
Superhero girl named GirGirlGirl, daughter of Boboiboy, with her friends Gina, Fenix, Kaizi, Yin and Yang, together to protect Earth from evil aliens.
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Aku Abang, Kau Adik (Season 4) by LiyanaKz
Aku Abang, Kau Adik (Season 4)by Liyana Kz
Season 4 sudah bermula! YEAHHH! Kali ini dengan kisah-kisah lebih menarik dari Fang dan Kaizo (dan juga rakan-rakan mereka) di bumi! Full of brotherly love/madness and f...
  • lily
  • family
  • lynna
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Innocent Love [Boboiboy x Reader] (Wattys2018) by Draculaura8
Innocent Love [Boboiboy x Reader] Draculaura08
In Rintis Island, a part of Malaysia where superhero kids rule to save the earth from alien invaders. A place where a foreign individual had to live like normal kids, wh...
  • gopal
  • fang
  • thorn
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Seven Students, One Gift by Pearlshadow
Seven Students, One Giftby Pearlshadow
Rintis University, a school in Rintis, though has many students, seven stood out from them all. The seven of them, who don't know each other at all, but had the same sec...
  • solar
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  • ying
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Falling In Love With My Bodyguard by Mebana16
Falling In Love With My Bodyguardby Mebana🌺
What happens when you fall inlove with your bodyguard? Yaya Yah, a normal fangirl of the famous hero Boboiboy. But one day her life changes when she realizes that her pa...
  • fanfiction
  • yaya
  • romance
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BoBoiBoy Scenarios And Randomness by bebzkie_twinnierose
BoBoiBoy Scenarios And Randomnessby dramatic bitch
HeLlU pEoPlE, how about a book with the derpy and misbehaving siblings? Of course with their friends some random stuff/moments with the siblings with their friends ( ͡°...
  • solar
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KAIZO X READER(💑My Princess💑) by JhanSa
KAIZO X READER(💑My Princess💑)by JhanSa
Y/N is the second daughter of the most powerful family in the whole galaxy. She lives in the planet "Wan" and she had a mission to protect the five warriors l...
  • gopal
  • love
  • ratedspg
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A Forbidden Love by cyiah224
A Forbidden Loveby ☆MooN_ sTar☆
It was the story about 4 separated kingdoms, many years ago.....King Arthur ruled the Kingdom of " Elementinia " together with Queen Layla, Queen Layla is th...
  • fantasy
  • fang
  • boya
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Boboiboy/Galaxy x Reader: One shots [Will be Republished] by Joyjammer03
Boboiboy/Galaxy x Reader: One ☾☆^ Kega ^☆☽
This book is a collection of various character x readers from the Boboiboy Galaxy. You can request for a story with any of the casts, and it can be as fictional as you w...
  • anygenre
  • thriller
  • comedy
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Still with you, Bro!  [2]  SELESAI by Seiryu_28
Still with you, Bro! [2] SELESAIby Seiryu
Keluarga adalah segalanya, tidak ada yang dapat menandingi betapa penting nya keluarga bagi seseorang, tidak ada yang mampu hidup tanpa keluarga, tidak seorang pun, term...
  • fang
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  • halilintar
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Nadech and Yaya's Fantasy Love by CrustDust
Nadech and Yaya's Fantasy Loveby Crust Dust
The constant pairing and acting of Nadech (Kugimiya) and Yaya (Urassaya Sperbund) has made them Koojin, a Fantasy Couple, admired and loved by many teenagers in Thailand...
  • urassaya
  • thailand
  • projectsphere
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My Shadow Spirit Guide (FangBoy Fanfic) by Yonnani
My Shadow Spirit Guide (FangBoy Sock from Space
My 2nd best friend hasn't shown up for a year... but now I met him but he's different... While missing him, my feelings kept on growing. I don't know why but I like thos...
  • yaya
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Boboiboy Chat! [with or without the elementals] by FangTASTIC_Shadow
Boboiboy Chat! [with or without "í cαn вє σnlч sєєn ín thє dα...
just made this thing because im so bored This is my first book so uh no hate pwease :3 i was somehow inspired too XD Boboiboy and its characters belongs to Monsta WARNI...
  • imsosorrythorn
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All I Need Is You (yes!you Reader!)-A BoBoiBoy x Reader story by Mayor_Fuzzy_Pants
All I Need Is You (yes!you Li'l Miss Panget
He deserves better than those posters behind him.Those posters that praise his heroic adventure.It all looks fine for him and his friends.But aren't all of these enough...
  • probe
  • lunaris
  • gopal
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Boboiboy's ancestor by CrystalHearts968
Boboiboy's ancestorby ✨Cj✨
you thought boboiboy and his friend's powers came from their power bands. But you were wrong. It came from something even greater Age BBB:17, 18 at birthday party Fang...
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SOAP FAMILY ᵒᵖᵉⁿby 🖾🖾🖾🖾
ㅡ 69 na mga gagong mahilig sa sabon ay nagtipon-tipon para magawa ang soap family. ( 62118 - #10 in spiritual ) ( 62218 - #8 in spiritual )
  • yaya
  • asoap
  • ninang
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Fangboi/Fangboy Oneshots by SmolishAya
Fangboi/Fangboy Oneshotsby Aya [アヤ]ψ(`∇´)ψ
Welcome,to my shitty fangirl book. It's quite good i would say,but not really. It's a oneshot,feel free to leave in requests whenever you desire. A couple of oneshots wi...
  • ying
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Our Mistake Together (a BoBoiBoy fanfic) (COMPLETED) by KittyWhiteCat
Our Mistake Together (a BoBoiBoy KittyWhiteCat
Fang knew he couldn't hide this forever. Sooner or later, he'll have to tell BoBoiBoy. But, will he ever? (Note this takes place AFTER the fight with Bora Ra. Also if yo...
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