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The One Who Makes Me Feel (ErrorFresh) by KathyTheStoryMaker
The One Who Makes Me Feel ( ErrorFresh4Lyfe
The concept of Fate, Destiny, The Balance, and Error being the forced destroyer of Au's belongs to the writer @harrish6. They have given me permission to use their idea...
  • undertaleau
  • fresh
  • errorsans
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Shinichi X Reader: Bruises and Bite-marks  by zombielover8469
Shinichi X Reader: Bruises and zombielover8469
After the disappearance of her mother. (Y/n) was forced to go to a public school by her so called 'Step father', Gotou. Since the parasite outbreak, (Y/n) was homeschool...
  • shots
  • maximum
  • one
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ErrorFresh OneShots by KathyTheStoryMaker
ErrorFresh OneShotsby ErrorFresh4Lyfe
Just a bunch of ErrorFresh and a few other Sanscest OneShots! Cover made by darkfucker on tumblr!
  • oneshot
  • dreammare
  • love
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#FNAFHS AU-Parasite by pokefubuki
#FNAFHS AU-Parasiteby Poki_Papillon
Un Universo Alterno de la serie de Youtube FNAFHS (creado por Ed00chan basado en FNAF que es de Scott Cawthon), donde los personajes son monstruos parasitados que pueden...
  • fnafhsparasite
  • fnafhsau
  • parasite
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Izuku the maxim by NozarickRin
Izuku the maximby Nozarick Rin
When izuku is sleeping, his arms start to feel weird. He looks at his arm to see a small green glow, going up his arm. (Parasite the maxim X bnha)
  • parasite
  • izukuxharem
  • femkatsuki
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ShadowTask by Senderal
ShadowTaskby Lars Light
It was supposed to be simple. Respond to the distress beacon, fix the problem. It's what we do. But we were too late, everything was wrong from the start, only proving t...
  • violence
  • scary
  • rewrite
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Empty. by JessiWolfHowl
#7 Hibernation.
Time forgot the moment when everything suffered. Darkness forgot how many souls it's consumed. Death forgot how many lives had to be taken away. Light forgot how to sh...
  • crossmare
  • parasite
  • errink
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Code 000: The FranXX of Black and White by SpectralTigger
Code 000: The FranXX of Black SpectralTigger
Sword Art Online and Darling in the FranXX Crossover. Kirito is offered to become a beta tester in a new system on the soul translator. Asuna wants to join him, but appa...
  • memories
  • code016hiro
  • parasite
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Reaching for the golden sun by MoxieRose_Kira
Reaching for the golden sunby °†°•◈ K I R A ◈•°†°
The earths changing meaning new things for scientists to learn... Year 3037 the scientists discovered the 'demi-human' making it an actual project for them. The demi hum...
  • fantasy
  • demi
  • adventure
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2132 by SinusQuell
2132by SinusQuell
Humanity discovers a planet covered with fungal growth in the alpha centauri system and a probe brings back some samples to study on earth. They start their research on...
  • scifi
  • sciencefiction
  • infected
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Lethal Protector » E. Brock by pseudonym-lux
Lethal Protector » E. Brockby Liz P.
❝Everyone's got an angel and a devil on their shoulder. What matters is which one you listen to.❞ Venom (2018) Eddie Brock × OC Started 05/03/19 Cover by @pepperron...
  • ốc
  • eddiebrock
  • dan
+12 more me!! (Boom Sonknux) by Pinkiewish33
#12 me!! (Boom Sonknux)by Alice “Pink” Wish
(I was getting bored plus it features someone from Sonic RPG) this takes place about 3 days after the shadow and catastrophic-anomaly incident...deep down Sonics friends...
  • knuxonic
  • rescue
  • murder
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𝖛𝖊𝖓𝖔𝖒 [venom] by GALAXYGGUKKIE
𝖛𝖊𝖓𝖔𝖒 [venom]by *𝖉𝖆𝖒𝖎𝖊𝖓 ♥
many people are only alive because it would be illegal to shoot them. ♕ jeongguk was involved in things he shouldn't be; and taehyung was your average student - minus th...
  • venom
  • symbiote
  • bangtan
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The First Demigod Ghoul by Psychoticpigeon
The First Demigod Ghoulby phsycoticpigeon
A very good fan fic about Tokyo ghoul and Percy Jackson involves betrayal and percy becoming a bad ass ghoul
  • gay
  • betrayal
  • sad
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I will always be an Outcast (Venom x MGE) by DraconianLover009
I will always be an Outcast ( DraconianLover009
When Venom comes to the world of MGE instead of earth, what happens when he bonds with the sickly young princess of Lescatie? What happens when Druella separates the two...
  • alien
  • venom
  • parasite
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The Parasite by Peterparker357
The Parasiteby Peterparker357
This is a story about a teenage boy who us abused by both his schoolmates and his abusive father but everything changes when someone finds him and gets him through it
  • parasite
  • hero
  • venom
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A New World by gettoman
A New Worldby gettoman
Searching for a new planet to call home, the expedition discovers so much more...
  • pantyhose
  • parasite
  • space
Best Friend, Eddie Brock (project) by lovelypaws
Best Friend, Eddie Brock (project)by robotboi stan
❝Everything about my heart is a crime scene. I drink to forget things it takes me two beers to name. I pour my breath into things only worth forgetting. (...) Two decade...
  • êt
  • marvelcinematicuniverse
  • venom
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