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the star sanses on crack by naamacross
the star sanses on crackby NGQueen
crack. just crack. (Swearing warning)
Broken star by ChrisAftowon
Broken starby Blueberry_Swapboiii
Hi this is my first fic on here. I probably won't update it often. I'm sorry if it's really bad.
The One Thing That They Care About (Sans AU x Reader x Papyrus AU) by TheiChronos
The One Thing That They Care 𝐜𝐡𝐫𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐬, 𝐭. 𝐯.
Y/n L/n. A special human with a special SOUL. Yes, her Soul Trait is something new. But other than her SOUL trait she has another secret. One day, while she was at the...
Inflation stories by inflation_scenarios
Inflation storiesby ✨Frosty✨
Stories about inflation, expansion, forced feeding and other stuff of this content, so If you don't like this kind of stuff, I think you shouldn't read this. -Also some...
It's A Beautiful Day || Undertale AUs by Firestorm174ga
It's A Beautiful Day || Firestorm174ga
It was a beautiful day, a Friday, and two writers with too much time and way too much energy plunked down Error and Blue into a new Multiverse. Dreamswap, to be precise...
Short VoreStories by DarkSkele
Short VoreStoriesby Osteo Vulpis
A collection of original or inspire short stories. Read the tags. Some of the characters do not belong to me, those belong to their respected creator's. Undertale > T...
A Runaway (A sorta yandere drinkberry) by Just_aweirdo666
A Runaway (A sorta yandere random weirdo
Blue soon got fed up of being treated like a child by his own teamates Ink and Dream. Without knowing why he ran away then he shortly gets kidnapped again. they love him...
Unwanted protection by lisetta888
Unwanted protectionby lisetta888
Everyone knows the Star Sanses: they're the Guardians of the Multiverse, and protect it from Nightmare and his minions, who only want to spread chaos and destruction. Th...
Son of a Hero and a Villain (My Hero Academia x Undertale AUs) by TangledHeadphoneWire
Son of a Hero and a Villain (My THEW
Dream is obsessed with My hero academia and Ink creates a non-cannon copy of the original for them to settle join Ink, Error, Dream, Nightmare, Blueberry, Blueprint, Pal...
Neko Blueberry by dreamystars67
Neko Blueberryby 🌟💙blueberry💙🌟
don't have a description in this story blueberry is a baby kitten so yeah hope you enjoy
shining like a shooting star by dreamystars67
shining like a shooting starby 🌟💙blueberry💙🌟
hello there this is my first book so go easy on me but any ways this is about blueberries secrete hobby, blue really likes to sing but no one knows about it. one day he...
AU Sans Oneshots by SiameseGeneral55
AU Sans Oneshotsby SiameseGeneral55
Just a heads up not the greatest at creating stories. Anyway you'll be a different reader each time but with a different Sans. I won't upload much but I'll try to upload...
Black and White     (Nightmare x reader????)  by xAnonymousweeb
Black and White (Nightmare x Jean’stililbeany
Y/N lives in a world of 2 brothers. Long ago, they were protectors of a tree, one that held both positive and negative energies. Dream, and Nightmare. Dream protected t...
Void [Nightmare X Reader] by LotusdeCeniza
Void [Nightmare X Reader]by Cenitos
Y/N is the Guardian of nothingness. The shrub with flowers that she protects is home to all things that are considered to be nothing. When a walk in the woods allows her...
Papa Nightmare? [Nightkiller] [English Version] by soyunaotaku0512
Papa Nightmare? [Nightkiller] [ soyunaotaku0512
Killer ends up in a small trouble, I said small? I don't think having a baby of the Nightmare is just a little problem. How will killer solve this? Will he be able to hi...
Tales of Tails by xAnonymousweeb
Tales of Tailsby Jean’stililbeany
I don't know what I'm doing with this one. It originally was a one shot, but now I'm having second thoughts. Well, enjoy! You've seen the infamous pirates, who roam...
an unexpected love~ (classic sans x AU sanses)  by Jola-chan
an unexpected love~ (classic wHaT's mY nAmE aGaIn????
!!SMUT!!! 13++ WARNING: SWEARING AND CRINGE LOAD!! (Edited im 2022 May 4th: STOP READING THIS HOW DO YALL LIKE READING THIS BS AAAAAAAA) (Edited in 2021): I regret mak...
AU High (Sans Au's x Badass! Reader) by IOUnot123
AU High (Sans Au's x Badass! I want to be NEENJA
Y/n has a quick wit, a sharp tongue, and a short fuse. She's the second eldest of four siblings who are all elementalists. Due to violent reasons in her other school, Y...
|| Catching Feelings || AU Sanses x Reader! || by sydneysayshello
|| Catching Feelings || AU im going to cough on you
You kind of zoned out for a bit, trying to piece together what they said, when the door opened suddenly. You let out a small shriek as your head slipped and you hit the...
Hey guys! I'm opening a new oneshots book! Come on in and feel free to send requests and I'll try to get your requests done as soon as possible.