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Ballsy [Experimental] by txtbxtch
Ballsy [Experimental]by Duckie
NSFW One of what will soon be many extremely experimental and kinky short stories. Read at your own risk, they will only get more extreme.
Chubby Avengers One-Shorts 18+ by Falloutlife32
Chubby Avengers One-Shorts 18+by Falloutlife32
Since there isn't any chubby Avengers stories on here I though,Why Not Make one,I also might do the actors along with probably a few other Marvel movie characters,so hop...
Inflation stories by inflation_scenarios
Inflation storiesby ✨Frosty✨
Stories about inflation, expansion, forced feeding and other stuff of this content, so If you don't like this kind of stuff, I think you shouldn't read this. -Also some...
The Forced Belly Expansion by TheoneEstaticWriter
The Forced Belly Expansionby TheoneEstaticWriter
Your boyfriend gets extremely jealous, taking his revenge to extreme measures.
Subliminals fake scenarios by inflation_scenarios
Subliminals fake scenariosby ✨Frosty✨
I'll be posting here stories I made. They are not real, but I think those subliminals will work like this I guess. Anyways enjoy. Also sorry if I made any spelling error...
Zelda BOTW fanfic- SLIME (Lemon) by tsukitsukitoons
Zelda BOTW fanfic- SLIME (Lemon)by Slaughter Bottle
Zelda loves Link, but never has the will or the reason to tell him. When all the girls around Hyrule begin to crush on Link, he gives in to temptation, and leaves Zelda...
Equestria High: Friendship by Weight  by Gogoup123
Equestria High: Friendship by Weig...by gogo
Sunstone was newly transferred students loser with no friends to call his own. But just before starting the new school year he comes across a strange stone and was told...
From Mark Baker to Mary BoBerry by LexaFangirl
From Mark Baker to Mary BoBerryby The Lexa Fangirl
A horny young adult decides to get some videos of his favorite BBW. But little does he know, that he will become his favorite BBW. This story contains transformation, we...
Christmas Candy Cane Expansion  by bigtitbitch69
Christmas Candy Cane Expansion by bigtitbitch69
A couple get a very special gift from Santa and mess around
Kalos League Rematch: Ash vs Astrid by SalexanderWorkshop
Kalos League Rematch: Ash vs Astridby SalexanderWorkshop
The Kalos League started strong, and after Alain and Ash's sweeps, the rest of the Pokemon Trainers have had the drive to reach the finals and eliminate them on their wa...
Anomalous Growth by NightafterMid
Anomalous Growthby NightafterMid
I've inserted a strange fetish into the backstory of a scp character (not the actual backstory) his name is David and I'm gonna make him have a horrible experience
feminization of Clyde to Cynthia  by WaitressAlice
feminization of Clyde to Cynthia by WaitressAlice
Clyde enters a taxi, and the driver takes him to a warehouse across the city. Inside it, his life changes for the better or worse. A highly experimental gambit transform...
Homestuck inflation  by feal24
Homestuck inflation by feal24
Story one: Sollux encounters eridan in the halls of the meteor and gets a surprise from her
The Fate of Ten (How It Should Be) by that_nerd_ashley
The Fate of Ten (How It Should Be)by Ashley
The whole world is going to shit and the only people who can stop it are a ragtag group of alien teenagers. The Mogadorians have invaded Earth and in order to save the p...
Brothers in Arms by bluebellwren
Brothers in Armsby Bella
It had been ten years since the United States had been left in ruins. The military was the only family that the Walker boys had besides each other, and the war against t...
The North Western Expansion by Hnorris16
The North Western Expansionby Hnorris16
The year is 2015, and the North Western Railway has decided to expand its operations... BEYOND Sodor!!! Will Sir Topham Hatt's new plan work out? Or will it be a total f...
So Much Milk by G0lden_Muggy
So Much Milkby -Really kinky shit-
Another story with MT but the tables get turned around on him ÒwÓ These MT stories are sorta becoming a series now that I think about it.