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A Turtle's Life by jim654
A Turtle's Lifeby jim654
Leonardo had lost his family when he was young. His best friend Fluttershy and her family took him in, and Leo ended up having a new family. Both Leo and Fluttershy saw...
Spunset: Spider-Man Male Reader In MLP Equestria Girls by EliTheTechnique
Spunset: Spider-Man Male Reader EliTheTechnique
Get ready to be taken for... THE ULTIMATE SPIN! Y/N L/N is bitten by a radioactive spider when his family moves from Manhattan to Canterlot City where Y/N becomes a stud...
Twilight's Revenge by limelighthaven
Twilight's Revengeby Limelighthaven
A new dawn has now risen in Equestria, Princess Twilight Sparkle is to be crowned the new ruler of Equestria. All seems to go well until a terrifying vision of the futur...
My Unordinary School Life by Eccentr1c
My Unordinary School Lifeby Eccentr1c
Follow an introvert, that's oddly not as introverted as he says he is, as he enters the strangely hidden city known as Canterlot. Still being young, he is to attend a sc...
Sonic The hedgehog &Equestria girls :Rainbow Rocks Adventure  by Sonicfan5799
Sonic The hedgehog &Equestria Klobhshadicthompson
Dr.Eggman has big threats coming from left to right with the Dazzling, Chaos the god of destruction and E-100 robots. Sonic the hedgehog and his girlfriends are in for o...
The Mastermind Of CHS by ZephyrO1_
The Mastermind Of CHSby Zephyr
Equestria Girls Harem X Male Reader One day, A Laboratory exploded, everybody thought no one survived, however only One Person remained. Creating the Perfect Being. Join...
Equestria Girls: New Frontiers by WozWriter
Equestria Girls: New Frontiersby Woz
Y/n "Sonic" L/n on the surface is an average teen, but he holds a power that is just too fast for anyone to believe. Y/n is secretly the fastest thing alive, r...
Equestria Girls Watch Friendship Is Magic by IdeaFan128
Equestria Girls Watch Friendship
Set after the events of Rainbow Rocks. After two encounters with Equestrian magic, the girls (except Sunset) and the rest of Canterlot High's students and teachers are c...
The Optimist of CHS by Speedyfella756
The Optimist of CHSby SpeedyFella756
Y/N L/N is simply a fun-loving, optimistic, and comedic student who just moved into a city called Canterlot and transferred schools from Manehatten with his parents. Yo...
Equestria High: Friendship by Weight  by Gogoup123
Equestria High: Friendship by gogo
Sunstone was newly transferred students loser with no friends to call his own. But just before starting the new school year he comes across a strange stone and was told...
Animus (The Midnight Series) | My Little Pony: Equestria Girls by Note2Wa
Animus (The Midnight Series) | Notowa
After Twilight Sparkle's experiment with magic caused so much mayhem, she decided to put it all behind her and move on. However, there were some who kept a close eye on...
The God of Canterlot High & His Princesses by ChaosYoshi
The God of Canterlot High & His Lord of Chaos
Equestria Girls Harem X OC Reader. Xero Xavier may seem like your average teen but he has a secret, he can use magic and is a Keyblade bearer ! Xero has been able to use...
My Little High School Harem Is Anime(Male reader x MLP Harem) by MEMEmasterr420
My Little High School Harem Is .
You were the new guy at Canterlot Highschool.Just wanting to get the days over with you started to attract the attention of a few people.The next thing you knew you got...
MLP Equestria Girls: The Hero of Canterlot High (MLP EG x Male Reader) by TheNintegaGuy
MLP Equestria Girls: The Hero of The Nintega Guy
Knowing that there is a parallel universe to Equestria, Twilight Sparkle discovers a world similar to (Y/N)'s home world Earth and meets his dimensional counterpart. The...
The Savior Of CHS by Jordanwolfboy9743
The Savior Of CHSby Jordanwolfboy
(EG Harem x Magical Male Reader) Since day one, you were gifted with magical abilities. You weren't sure where they came from or how you got them, but they've been a par...
G o d S l a y e r || MLP EG [ON-GOING] by KxxkieTea
G o d S l a y e r || MLP EG [ ㋛
My Little Pony Reincarnation (MLP FiM x Male Reader) Cancel  by Lol101101lol
My Little Pony Reincarnation (
A boy named Y/N L/N is a particular one because he never found his purpose in this world so one day he save a girl from a truck out of control in doing so he died but go...
The Savior of CHS: Reimagicked by Jordanwolfboy9743
The Savior of CHS: Reimagickedby Jordanwolfboy
(EG Harem X Magical Male Reader) You've been alone for a very... very long time. No friends, no colleagues, not even any family to turn to. It all just... didn't seem to...
Our Freak duo |Appledash Fanfic| Book 1 by MTWdays
Our Freak duo |Appledash Fanfic| Boscha's Footstool
Its basically mlp equestria girls with a little bit of Haikyuu~ "Rainbow nice kill!" My teammate yelled as I spiked the ball mid air, hitting the side of the...
A magical minus by MCPELuisTuican
A magical minusby MCPELuis Tuican
Kumagawa Misogi has been through many places in his life. Unfortunately, none of them lasted. But he happened to transfer to a school with friendship, magic, pararel dim...