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Death's Kiss by XXrogueXlucyXX
Death's Kissby A.L. Rogue
Isaac grew up knowing he had the power of Death. With Death not playing an active role he learned with his sister-in-law Isabella. And he was thankful he got a wolf as w...
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7 Minutes in Heaven - Hetalia Style! by gentle_traveller
7 Minutes in Heaven - Hetalia Styl...by Skye
When you head over to America's Christmas party, you can't help but be surprised when someone suggests the idea of '7 Minutes in Heaven', a game you are sadly familiar w...
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Hourglass | Kim Taehyung by cityhearts
Hourglass | Kim Taehyungby KATY
[COMPLETED] ❝Our relationship is bound by an hourglass.❞ Kim Taehyung only dated girls for one month, then, that was it. No one was complaining though. ...
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Chronograph | Kim Taehyung by cityhearts
Chronograph | Kim Taehyungby KATY
[COMPLETED] short sequel to Hourglass. [ #494 in fanfiction - October 05, 2017 ]  cityhearts | 2017
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The Princess & The Lost Boy (Completed) by IndigoSpell3
The Princess & The Lost Boy (Compl...by Nicole Anderson
Ashlyn Pendragon has had a perfect life since the day she was born. She's been schooled in her Princess duties as the future queen of Camelot. However, her whole world...
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Hack Your Life by WriteStoriesForever
Hack Your Lifeby WriteStoriesForever
Do you want a smaller waist? What about better grades and smooth lips? Or even healthier skin or gorgeous hair? If you want any of these things then this book is for yo...
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Shoes in the Sand by carcaro97
Shoes in the Sandby Cassie Arcaro
Four friends Nicole, Elaina, Marianna, and Alexis grew up in Nantucket, Massachusetts. They all attend the University of Massachusetts where they realize they can't alwa...
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Wishes In The Hourglass - Gravity Falls by SarcasticGFFan
Wishes In The Hourglass - Gravity...by Gravity Falls Fan
(Book 1) After a long week of adventures, Dipper and Mabel needed a break. Once they got rid of the government agents, they found a small hourglass at the museum and Sta...
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Peter Pan's Curse by IndigoSpell3
Peter Pan's Curseby Nicole Anderson
Peter Pan has died...twice. So when he gets the chance to live and become an all-powerful immortal, he leaps at the chance, escaping the Underworld and returning to Neve...
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::Sands Of An Hourglass:: {Declan Donnelly} by oOxXMcIntyreXxOo
::Sands Of An Hourglass:: {Declan...by Jess
With her cousin's wedding in Las Vegas, Daveigh Montague is stressing majorly. After she meets a handsome British man in her hotel casino she's phased by his charm.
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Time Runner: Hourglass Society by DarcyDaemone
Time Runner: Hourglass Societyby Andrew Marks
Hi my name is Xander Grey. I'm twenty-one. I'm about average in height. A tad bit overweight according to my doctor. I've got black hair and brown eyes. I like long walk...
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Don't Fear the Reaper by annatubby
Don't Fear the Reaperby Anna
Claire was an ordinary girl with an ordinary life…scheduled to die. But when a stranger at a diner decides to save her life, she realizes that he isn’t all that he seems...
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모래 시계 (HOURGLASS) by 101148503Y
모래 시계 (HOURGLASS)by Yuna
GENRE: Romance Created by: Unknown :[A FANFICTION STORY]: 모래 시계 (HOURGLASS) It's about the two(2) Childhood Friends who make promises to each other. A Boy named "Pa...
The Hourglass by jumble_of_thoughts
The Hourglassby jumble_of_thoughts
"What defines you?" she asked, her eyes holding a glint of mischief, "what makes you who you are?" A group of classmates meet together for a group p...
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Hour Glass by GracefulButterflies
Hour Glassby Niamh
It's only a couple minutes until your time comes, when everything ends
Time Keeper by Lily_Y333
Time Keeperby Hiya!
Merlot was dreaming. She had to be dreaming. She was in a timeless, twilight world, a golden glow from everywhere and nowhere. A shape formed before her, an hour glass...
Creative Writing Stories by DragonRiddler
Creative Writing Storiesby DragonRiddler
Stories written for my creative writing class, most of which are theme writes.
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In the Crowd (Tye) by lonelysheep
In the Crowd (Tye)by Anh Dao
Tye Huynh, the leader of Hourglass- a popular boy band, tells the media that if he were to crush on a fan of his, he'd just have to turn away and ignore his feelings. He...
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Arachnophobia \\ Homecoming [Peter Parker] [1] #Wattys2019 by cat_bostick
Arachnophobia \\ Homecoming [Peter...by - Leo -
~ SECOND PLACE WINNER OF THE HEAVENLY AWARDS; 1-9-19 ~ *** "You're afraid of spiders, are you afraid of me?" "Well, save me one day, and you'll see."...
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Hilarious, Stupid, Crappy Stories, all in one!! by Metallic
Hilarious, Stupid, Crappy Stories...by Luna Lovegood
these hilarious short stories (one story per part) r really stupid and something to read!! lol, ranging from harry potter to dora the explorer, this is a whole crap of h...
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