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The Laxative Fic (A Gross Dan and Phil Fanfic) by TrashyBoy101
The Laxative Fic (A Gross Dan Lukas
After one of their recent videos on the gaming channel, which was: 'Dan and Phil Play: Bucket Of Doom', Phil decides he'd test out the laxative answer that he chose wit...
  • thelaxativefic
  • danhowell
  • diarrhoea
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Wedgie school by Bruh107
Wedgie schoolby Bruh107
My name is Taylor and my parents are sending me to an unusual school.........
  • baby
  • punishment
  • laxatives
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jungkook shits himself by bubblecamo
jungkook shits himselfby addison baddison
jungkook shits himself
  • fanfiction
  • jimin
  • bts
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soon-to-be on every granola bar wrapper in existence. by Charl1n
soon-to-be on every granola bar Westin Boyd
I wrote this originally for a health class project months ago, as it is a letter to someone who is suffering an eating disorder. However, when I rediscovered it recently...
  • donthesitate
  • bulimia
  • skinnyjeans
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Anorexic by The_Love_Storys
Anorexicby kaitlyn
  • skinny
  • weight
  • laxatives
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being 'fat' by stayinghome
being 'fat'by .
"she liked to puke up everything she ate." *trigger warning* if you are a recovering bullimic/anorexic or have any sort of issues related to abnormal eating ha...
  • restricting
  • purging
  • laxatives
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Wai x Mei: Dark Side by smexumemesXD
Wai x Mei: Dark Sideby smexumemesXD
  • laxatives
  • relaxing
  • smexu
Diary of a Meth Baby by dezziestar1998
Diary of a Meth Babyby Shatter
  • hospital
  • cutting
  • emo
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{questions left unanswered} by lifeinverse
{questions left unanswered}by lydia clarice
{short story; fiction} her funereal is bleak, and still, it's amazing. what her mother and I had planned for "two hundred – tops", ended up being just a scratc...
  • anorexia
  • years
  • february
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Woomanhood in The Alps! by fazaracer
Woomanhood in The Alps!by loke
When karen met karol she felt.........complete. This is a true stor reenactment. *READ AT OWN RISK*
  • yurionice
  • linea
  • rampant
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Random Creepypasta Stories!!! by Guettopig
Random Creepypasta Stories!!!by Guettopig, obviously ;D
I seriously donnu what I've just written XD just read it and see, enjoy and post comments of your reaction to it bye~ ^-^
  • laxatives
  • fun
  • masky
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Far From The World Of You And I (Student/teacher) by AvengedSevenfoldGirl
Far From The World Of You And I ( Randy Meeks
Subsequent to the events of the last school day, Charlotte and Vicki are on permanent detention for the first semester. Things are no better as Vicki becomes romanticall...
  • pranks
  • student
  • legal
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Geromio and Dogriet by gracesavannahc
Geromio and Dogrietby gracesavannahc
dogs who are from totally different families (geromio and dogriet)
  • love
  • poetry
  • beastiality
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Roommate. by takenbymagcon
#14 takenbymagcon
He's my brothers best friend and my first love. He's broken my heart once, completely ruined my life after that. Now he's back, and ready for round two. Is he really rea...
  • apartment
  • bullies
  • bestfriends
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