You saved me. (A Dreadwing Tale) TFP

You saved me. (A Dreadwing Tale) TFP

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Shelby By Shelby77gt Completed

Megatron kills Dreadwing instead of Starscream. but what happens when someone finds his body. Shelby happens to find him. brings him back to her home and repairs him. she doesn't know what she is repairing until he wakes. Will he seek revenge on Megatron and Starscream or will he stay with Shelby?

There is some swearing and some graphic content. I don't think its bad enough to be classified as mature. And there isn't a lot of it. 

I don't own anything but Shelby. This story won't go off of TFP but obviously it starts after Megatron killed Dreadwing. And no I am not an engineer. I'm just making this up as I go along. It just sounded like a good story idea to me.

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