The coyote boss by bellspop38
The coyote bossby bellspop38
Luna Riggs was your everyday 17 year old in 1998 with her bff single mom hot crush and annoying older sister and older brother but one thing is out of the ordinary. She'...
  • coyote
  • beaconhills
  • scottmccall
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Peter And Derek Hale Imagines X Reader (Teen Wolf) by Maria_Mars_Traveller
Peter And Derek Hale Imagines X Mars Girl
Just a bunch of imagines of Peter and Derek Hale. I accept requests and will be happy to do what you want for an imagine. Hope you enjoy reading!
  • hunter
  • teenwolf
  • stiles
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Natural Affinity by CrowR1
Natural Affinityby Crow Rider
Fredrick Jones is an ordinary teenager. He doesn't go outside much, but when he does it's usually to relieve stress. However, what would happen if he were to find someth...
  • bear
  • fluff
  • human-in-furry-world
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Across Worlds - A Coyote Starrk Love Story by Midnight_Lilac
Across Worlds - A Coyote Starrk Midnight_Lilac
That fateful day. That fateful meeting. He saw her but he didn't think she would be able to see him. The invisible red strings of fate unexpectedly bring two strikingly...
  • lilynette
  • gingerback
  • kurosaki
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A New Beginning € Legacies  by Bee9018
A New Beginning € Legacies by Tribrid ❦
The next generation of supernatural creatures has a place at the Salvatore Boarding School For The Young and Gifted to be free and learn how to be themselves as supernat...
  • freyamikaelson
  • elijahmikaelson
  • werecoyote
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Two Against The World (Hope Mikaelson) by 400_flawless
Two Against The World (Hope
Bella Forbes-Salvatore is the daughter of Caroline and Stefan Salvatore. The soulmate to the Trbrid. They call her the Messenger of death.
  • dovecameron
  • josiesaltzman
  • coyote
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Tattoos • Teen Wolf [complete] by writer-liz
Tattoos • Teen Wolf [complete]by writer-liz
"She's the terror in your nightmares, but also the blessing in your dreams." Serena Elah Michelson has always been different. Since the moment she was born, th...
  • killer
  • stilesstilinski
  • tatelangdon
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DIRTY PAWS • STEFAN SALVATORE  by -braveprincess
savage ˈsavɪdʒ/ adjective 1. (of an animal or force of nature) fierce, violent, and uncontrolled. "packs of savage dogs roamed the streets" synonym "What...
  • damonsalvatore
  • carolineforbes
  • elenagilbert
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Pine Grove || A Therians Journal by the_lonley_fox
Pine Grove || A Therians Journalby The Ultimate Fuck Up
Hello, I'm not a wolfaboo before you freak out. I am a Coyote Therian and Wolf Therian. I know, a lot of canines, but after researching and stuff that was the conclusion...
  • phantom
  • explore
  • bear
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Untamed by Storm-Shadows7
Untamedby Captain Kiri Storm
Part One of a Trilogy Alpha shifter Tate Wood has a problem. Namely, she's starting to get some unwanted visitors in her little Alabama valley. Visitors that would happi...
  • witches
  • leopard
  • werewolves
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Purple Lightning by Kairi-The-Siren
Purple Lightningby BlossomCherrie
A black panther was left alone by her parents on the streets of Acmetropolis as the age of 5, she grew u to be a timid but brave panther until the meteorite hits. Than s...
  • bunny
  • anthropomorphic
  • ocxcanon
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The Outcast (Newt Scamander)  by Phasergal999
The Outcast (Newt Scamander) by Phasergal999
I was never supposed to let loose. I was never even supposed to be born or so they say. It was like something like straight out of a horror movie. Despite their attempts...
  • newt
  • werecoyote
  • scammander
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Liam Dunbar Sister by teenwolf_Rachet
Liam Dunbar Sisterby teenwolf_Rachet
What happens when liam dunbars big sister finds out he's a werewolf
  • coyote
  • dylanobrien
  • werewolf
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You Fall In Love More Than Once by ScaliaRising
You Fall In Love More Than Onceby ScaliaPheonix
Malia brought Scott back after a random bolt of lightening hit him and he lay dying. Now his Wolf won't let him stop having sex dreams about her.
  • mccall
  • mates
  • scott
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Teen Wolf |Jungkook FF by skylar3452
Teen Wolf |Jungkook FFby 스카일러 ~Skylar
"Why the fuck are your eyes Turing purple" he said examining my face while simultaneously turning his head like a curious cat. "I-I eat a lot of carrots...
  • comedy
  • btsjimin
  • namjoon
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This Woman Of Mine (Grace x Frankie) by qxeenmonaababes
This Woman Of Mine (Grace x 💞Mona💞
The way she does things are unique, her voice is low but beautiful. Her gray-brown long locks of hair must feel so soft, I wish I had the courage to tell her how I reall...
  • netflix
  • lgbtpride
  • coyote
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The Mermaid Hybrid Is Mated To The Alpha King by MisaAnimalLover
The Mermaid Hybrid Is Mated To Morgan
Lilac is a princess, but isn't the only one in he family. Being a royal family means threats when threats hit her family. Her parents send their children to land. Being...
  • angel
  • vampire
  • alpha
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Hi. I'm Jade. by DustTheCoyote
Hi. I'm Dust the Coyote
Hi. I'm Jade Dawson. Welcome to my profile!!! This is all about me...
  • coyote
  • dust
  • life
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The City of Archaeos by Emmer19
The City of Archaeosby Emmer19
In Archaeos, no one is safe. It was once the most beloved city in all of the Kingdom of Animalia, until Coyote seized control and ruled through fear. Her twenty-year rei...
  • bobcat
  • city
  • mark
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West's Misfortune  by RavensStory
West's Misfortune by RavensStory
The birth-to-death story of a brilliant Yellowstone coyote called West. She thought she'd never find anyone to love. She fell for a strong wolf male, but that was the bi...
  • drama
  • coyote
  • romance
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