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TF2 Imagines 🗿 by Not_a_writerTM
TF2 Imagines 🗿by Abby’s flowers
NO ART IN THIS BOOK IS MINE :) Hello everyone! I'm writing this book because I have nothing else to do and I've become obsessed with TF2 I've never really written a book...
TeamFortress2's New Addition by JessapphireBrownie
TeamFortress2's New Additionby Jessapphire
Ms. Pauling took you into another room and gave you a serious look. "Are you sure you want to do this? You won't see many people anytime soon. You will have minimal...
Team Fortress 2 Oneshots,Preferences,and Head Canons  by GhostlessGuardian
Team Fortress 2 Oneshots, Ghost
A book for everyone who is also in love with the mercs from TF2! * Type of Chapters: Oneshots which will be Angst Platonic Fluff or just casual stories. * Characters Inc...
The fate I'd fear you'd have. by drakfreddy1012
The fate I'd fear you'd ✨Curtisson is life✨
(imma do this story because this ship is underrated) though, had you ever wanted to protect someone? love them? do anything to prevent death? that's how he felt. since...
*+=Tf2 X Reader 2!=+* by Screwychoas
*+=Tf2 X Reader 2!=+*by Sapphire Valentine
I will be making a series of one shots based on the mercenaries, and you! Request anything but smut, please. I write that on my own accord. ;) There will always be warni...
Sniper's Instagram by Sugar_Toast
Sniper's Instagramby Sugar
"Ello there mates! Or Sheilas! this is gonna be moi Instagram! 'ope ya enjoy!" ~Sniper All credit for the art goes to the original artist!
Team Fortress 2 Preferences   by Zenyatta_Lore_Needed
Team Fortress 2 Preferences by •Curly Carly•
Hey there! Ever wanted to date the Tf2 guys? Well then you've come to read the write books! Starring, Scout, Demo, Heavy, Medic, Sniper, Soldier, Pyro, Engineer, and Spy...
Meet the Kid (TF2 and Child!Reader Fanfic) || by PennNamedQuill
Meet the Kid (TF2 and Child! JustAWriter
The red mercenaries are a little more than surprised to find a stowaway in the back of their bread truck, Looks like they're going to have a new person on the team. HIAT...
RESERVE ( Go Go Squid Wu Bai ) by INinthehouse
RESERVE ( Go Go Squid Wu Bai )by rae☼
[ ON HOLD ] Wang Mi Xue has been a reserve all her life. But when it comes to love will she still be reserve ?
Crazy Love (TF2 x Reader/Oneshots)  by sea-xelle
Crazy Love (TF2 x Reader/Oneshots) by ડꫝꫀꪶꪶ
You have a lot of choices here, 9 men with various types of personalities and nationalities. Maybe even a purple-wearing lady. As you spend your time in the lives of the...
The X-Ecutioner: Lyrics by Ridoriya2009
The X-Ecutioner: Lyricsby Robert The Ultimate Warrior
This Will Be a Slowly Updated Book Of My Songs That I'll Make For The Future, Cause I Want To Be A Singer,a Rapper,And a Alternative Rock and Roller! (Later On It Can Be...
TF2 Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenarios by Miss_Scrub
TF2 Boyfriend/Girlfriend Scenariosby Miss_Scrub
I'm officially unoriginal. (I don't own any of the photos in this book)
Kidnapped by A Mafia Boss (Under Editing) by Ariahjem
Kidnapped by A Mafia Boss (Under AriahJem
Kidnapped by A Mafia Boss
Engie's Instagram by Sugar_Toast
Engie's Instagramby Sugar
~Howdy! Pyro suggested I do this trend gonna!~
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Tf2 x reader by twomanytacos
Tf2 x readerby twomanytacos
Simple book of cuteness for the cast of TF2, enjoy!
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Date a Merc || TF2 Oneshots by AdminCock
Date a Merc || TF2 Oneshotsby Admin Cock Creations
Based on the lovely submissions at and, dear Admin Cock is here to give you fics of your favorite mercenaries!
Hanafuda 花札 by Circaoaks
Hanafuda 花札by Circaoaks
[[Demon slayer x Bnha x Oc]] [[cover art done by Me]] Since demons were eradicated from Japan and Quirks had taken over the entire planet, there is no need for the demon...
(nalu)nashis story by potatocut3
(nalu)nashis storyby potato cut 5
yha this is bad i am a lazy wrighter so dont expect much it is super bad nashi had an horrible past she escaped and later saved storm when she found him nearly dead lat...
Team Fortress 2 HIGH SCHOOL by SugarSprinkles732
Team Fortress 2 HIGH SCHOOLby SugarTales
Enter the world of high school in this AU where the mercenaries are just teenagers attending Mann Academy, with their school nurse Miss Pauling, The Principal Saxton Hal...