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Cry-Baby by braycriss
Cry-Babyby Criss
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Is smiling a crime? Tae×Bts  by army_yeribtsluv
Is smiling a crime? Tae×Bts by Kim Yeri
Top rankings 1st in #ignorance 1st in #crying 2nd in #family problems 5th in #regret 1st in #fakesmile 9th in #regret Kim Taehyung an innocent child hated by his family...
Child of a King by Anne_170399
Child of a Kingby Anne Mason
After a heartbreaking event, a family is forced to split up because of their ancestors' rivalry. The father hides in South America with their sons and the mother is on t...
OUR (NOT SO) PERFECT MARRIAGE (Completed) (Editing in Progress) by ssericajones1
"Mom, I don't know what the heck I'm doing... I'm going to marry my sister's fiancé," I said, tears streaming down my face. "We can't do anything, beta. I...
Survived (Taekook) by xabish
Survived (Taekook)by xabish
Jeon Jungkook is a True Blood with unrestrained powers. He has a mysterious life. No one actually know him, not even his parents. He is a kind person, he only hates one...
𝙰𝚗𝚗𝚊 𝙰𝚗𝚍 𝙷𝚎𝚛 𝟼 𝙱𝚛𝚘𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚜 by 1autora_secreta1
𝙰𝚗𝚗𝚊 𝙰𝚗𝚍 𝙷𝚎𝚛 𝟼 𝙱𝚛𝚘𝚝 1autora_secreta1
[Unedited] 5-year-old Annabella De' La Cruz was in an accident with her dear mother only to come out the only survivor. Anna was hospitalized for a week and was still sl...
personification of the past by user19406503
personification of the pastby roon000
cale Henituse is forced to tell his family the truth about his identity. Why? Because little Kim Rok Soo is going to move on to them. (The cover is not mine!) The tras...
Just Imagine, a Draco Malfoy Fanfiction by huffepuffer20
Just Imagine, a Draco Malfoy Hithere
You and Draco Malfoy have always despised each other. He was a Slytherin and you were a Gryffindor. But fourth year came and you had a huge glow up during the summer? Wi...
Dangerous Man 1: Edwyn Patterson by gurlxmilo
Dangerous Man 1: Edwyn Pattersonby g u r l s a b a b y
COMPLETED Dangerous Man 1: Edwyn Patterson Edwyn has a perfect family that he always wished for the rest of his life to feel peaceful and happy with the love of his life...
Stray Kids Sickfic by Nakayama_Aiko
Stray Kids Sickficby Aiko Nakayama
Just a bunch of Skz oneshots of the members sick, crying, or hurt. I take requests but I'll mostly base it off of things the members have mentioned in interviews or from...
Summer Long by Miranda_Fray
Summer Longby Miranda_Fray
It was supposed to be a pre-wedding trip for a couple: Ellie and Joe in a wonderful resort in Hawaii, for a week. Along with them, Joe's best friend and his girlfriend. ...
Will You Ever Love Me? Jikook by Snow-ko
Will You Ever Love Me? Jikookby Snowko
Jimin and Jungkook had been best friends since high school, sharing every little detail of their lives. Yet, there was one hidden secret that was never meant to unfold...
The Best For You (Jake Webber X Johnnie Guilbert) by xxTheCrazyMagicxx
The Best For You (Jake Webber X xxTheCrazyMagicxx
(Jake Webber x Johnnie Guilbert) Johnnie struggles with mental health and Jake is stuck with two people he doesn't like. Together they are the best for each other.
Secrets of the Kitsune by Ice_Kitsune4801
Secrets of the Kitsuneby Ice_Kitsune4801
Female Naruto Naruto has many secrets that she'd rather no one ever know (including her gender as many bad things have happened) because she knew that if they found out...
Strict dada of taekook  by Amiy222
Strict dada of taekook by Bangtan -For Life
this story is about a family which suffers from the sensation of mother's and wife's love and care . Taehyung and Jungkook are twins . Jimin is their appa( dad ) . Somet...
Loving My Brother #2: Who's Thrizel? by ziryanggg
Loving My Brother #2: Who's Ziryang
I LOVE YOU, KUYA [BOOK 2] Sino nga ba ang may kasalanan? Siya o ako? Kasalanan ko bang magkaroon ako ng feelings sa kaniya? O kasalanan niya dahil nag-iba ang pagtrato n...
Alien On This Earth by Nakayama_Aiko
Alien On This Earthby Aiko Nakayama
Han Jisung knew he was the ace of 4th gen. His members always reminded him, but even without their reassurance he knew. He knew so many things. But what he didn't know w...
دامـــس by luvluvae
دامـــسby پـــــشـە
ژیـــان هێــندە زاڵمە پێکەنیـــنی لە من حەرامــ کرد~'!
One last time by Ice_Kitsune4801
One last timeby Ice_Kitsune4801
Naruto was diagnosed with a rare disease that was slowly killing him but he told no one because... Because he didn't want to burden anyone with his silly problems. No on...
Sbg x reader chatfic by Br0wn1ee_
Sbg x reader chatficby 𝓐𝓚𝓘𝓣𝓐🎐
Ben x Reader VERY slow updates The school bus graveyard fandom died wtf😭 I'm crying. The authors of the sbg fanfics I'm reading stopped updating😶 also I'm adding mysel...