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The lost Uzumaki by NotImportant020
The lost Uzumakiby NotImportant020
Female naruto x Gaara Akina Uzumaki-Namikaze is the the pariah of konoha but what happens when she goes missing? And when her true self comes to light? Some one sided p...
Secrets of the Kitsune by Ice_Kitsune4801
Secrets of the Kitsuneby Ice_Kitsune4801
Female Naruto Naruto has many secrets that she'd rather no one ever know (including her gender as many bad things have happened) because she knew that if they found out...
Rival's ~NarukoxSasuke by Thatoneakwardfella
Rival's ~NarukoxSasukeby Your Cringey Author-Chan
"Yours?" "Yes. You're mine. Not kiba's. Not Shikamru's. Not Chojis. Mine. --------------- This is a story where Sasuke turns to like Naruko a bit faster t...
Recovery(KakafemNaru) by XAnime_HamasakiX
Recovery(KakafemNaru)by AnimeLover
He became heartbroken and wallowed in his pasts, letting himself go. But on the return of a certain un predictable kunoichi, everybody believes she will be the one to be...
Everybody's Fool by Babywolf-Lover
Everybody's Foolby E.O Wolf
Summary: Naru struggled with the fact that no one believed in her, and that no matter what she did it didn't matter and wasn't worth it. One day she meets Ibiki Moreno;...
The Gift of the Moon [Naruto] by kurenohikari
The Gift of the Moon [Naruto]by kurenohikari
The Fourth Shinobi War is over, but was it worth it? All the pain, destruction and death. Friendships and families lost for ever. What will Naruto do when he has a chanc...
Your Mine! by SasuNaru555
Your Mine!by Connected Sounds
10 years ago Sasuke unofficially made Naruko HIS. But she doesn't know. Many obstacles stand in his way. Gaara Neji Sai. Oh, and did he mention Naruko has been hunted by...
Uchiha Change by BrittanyWilton
Uchiha Changeby Brittany Wilton
Naruto wasn't born in the hidden leaf, he was born into the waring era in the Uchiha, to non other than Madara. But he and his younger sister, Kushina, was sealed away...
Daddy Naruto - A NaruSasu Fanfic (Part 2) by Anniartist39
Daddy Naruto - A NaruSasu Fanfic (...by Artiste
"Um, Hun, there's no time for joking around, hurry up and change back already" "Huh?" I looked at my hands, they were still feminine, I still had the...
Fixin' Stuff by LonelyOnlySingleOnii
Fixin' Stuffby yes
The Sixth and Seventh Hokages are saving the future with style. FEMALE Naruto x Kakashi I don't own Naruto. #10 kakanaru Let's go!
Why Must It Be Like This by KHH502020
Why Must It Be Like Thisby KHH502020
You know who Naruto Uzumaki is, a boy with a big heart (and mouth), who only wants to become a ninja and Hokage. But he has strict orders from the Hokage. Naruto is not...
Careless  by Luz_ann_lavender6789
Careless by Author-chan
What if... Naruko Uzumaki wasn't a ball of sunshine, and not the so called Knuckled head unpredictable Ninja!?! What if... The Naruko Uzumaki was a Mature teen that eve...
Naruko x HxH (Slow update) by YuTingFang
Naruko x HxH (Slow update)by Dead/Jojo
Naruko got transported into the hunter x hunter world. Is this her real birth place? Will she find the reason as to why she was transported into this world. Why did the...
The Angel and the Killer [COMPLETE] by AlwaysKagomeFan4Evr
The Angel and the Killer [COMPLETE]by AlwaysKagomeFan4Evr
[Watty2019 - My 17th Birthday Project] When Naruko comes home from the mission with her friends and Tsunande, she catches her boyfriend Sasuke cheating on her with Sakur...
A New Life: Kuchiki Hikari (Fem!Naruto and Bleach Crossover) by Kurosaki_Yukia
A New Life: Kuchiki Hikari (Fem!Na...by Kurosaki_Yukia
A story in which Sasuke accidentally killed Naruto in The Valley of the End, Sasuke didn't leave because of that. And Naruto live a new life as the adopted daughter of S...
Golden Time's [HIATUS] by Shyuki-Nyan_Lovix
Golden Time's [HIATUS]by Ace
"Eh..? YOU'RE A GIRL?!" Why the heck are you all so shocked?! Just because I'm a girl doesn't mean that you have to be so dramatic about it! Damn you sexist ba...
Naruko, My Love by Oh-taku
Naruko, My Loveby Otaku Chicks
SasuNaru fan-fic. (Fem Naruto- Naruko in the story) I wont say anymore. Read to find out
The Hope to The Lost by NievaLeah
The Hope to The Lostby Seleah💕💕
!!Disclaimer!! Naruto belongs to Masashi Kishimoto. I own the plot and the changes made in the story. I also do not own any of the photos or videos used in the story. Cr...
Reacting to female naruto by Chtwyla
Reacting to female narutoby Chtwyla
Naruto friends will be reacting to her parents and the secrets she is keeping they are all teens and it is while they are in the war
Yuki Uzumaki Senju Uchiha: The Imperial Dragon Princess Of The Sage Of Six Paths by Rhodes2
Yuki Uzumaki Senju Uchiha: The Imp...by Rhodes2
Must read to see what happens What if Kushina was the great great granddaughter of Madara Uchiha What if Minato was the great great grandson of Hashirama Senju and Princ...