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AfterDeath by Emo_daw_ako
AfterDeathby Introvert_Kid
Geno is sick and Death comes and takes care of him. Cover picture belongs to me. Geno belongs to loverofpiggies. Death/Reaper!Sans belongs to renrink.
Geno in My Hero Academia by Blue_Violet06
Geno in My Hero Academiaby Blue Violet
Geno is sent to the anime. What more is there? Also I'm bored of just seeing Classic as a human in there and it's getting annoying now to see that that's all there is. O...
I Told Him One Lie (An AfterDeath story) by TheBrokenAshes
I Told Him One Lie (An DustBrokenBerry
An AfterDeath fanfic about how Geno and Death met and how there relationship developed. It is kinda sad and will be a short-ish story I think.
CPAU (If Goth was there to annoy Geno) HIATUS by GleaeMC
CPAU (If Goth was there to annoy Gleae
The fuckin title says it all. This is pretty much just well written crack and damn if it wasn't fun to write. Pretty much, every random, stupid idea that came to me dur...
A trip to the muitiverse by Story1X5
A trip to the muitiverseby Story1x5
Undertale, Classics AU, meets alternate versions of Sans, but things take a turn between scercts and trust between them.
To Hell and Back - Afterdeath [UNDER EDITING] by ruby-rxse
To Hell and Back - Afterdeath [ rose
Geno, a normal civilian trying to get through life. He's been lonely ever since the deaths of his siblings. Being lonely and not well known he's the perfect target for...
Inked strings┆Error x Ink┆✓ by InksHideaway
Inked strings┆Error x Ink┆✓by ︴Ink​╎IRL✦
Error and Ink don't talk that much, but they don't fight either. Ink kept Paperjam a secret from everyone, and revealed it to his most trusted friends first. After that...
Repent by Firehedgehog
Repentby Firehedgehog
He was punished for a crime he did not commit, and in the end, he lost it all. His name, his godhood, his own body, unless he repented. Thrown into the reincarnation cyc...
AfterDeath (Fluff(?)/Lemon) by -smolcrabbean-
AfterDeath (Fluff(?)/Lemon)by -smolcrabbean-
Congrats You found the moved book! so welcome to this lil account! and here are the moved chapters i promised to get y'all...
The Highschool Prince in goopy armor (ft. his dumbass friends) by Abomination_X
The Highschool Prince in goopy Cross irl actually
There are many things Nightmare hates. People who use him or his brother, people who think they're better than him, Cross's father- the list goes on. School surprisingly...
Au Group Chat     Bad sans/Star sans/Others by DahRadSkeleDude
Au Group Chat Bad sans/Star JJ_loves_Ruru
Kinda like discord but with the Undertale Aus this will be very stupid
Wistfully by Kiwi_Berry01
Wistfullyby Kiwi_Berry01
After so many years of wishing for a happy ending were he could be at peace, he gives up. His brother hates him so he would happier. Ink would stop leeching off of his p...
Old Mansion (a Sanscest story) by Lazy_alien_cat
Old Mansion (a Sanscest story)by Lil Mushy
Looking for a creepy place to play games, Nightmare brought his friends to an abandoned mansion, ignoring the rumors about it being haunted. It didn't take long before w...
Crime (A multiship story) by DThepurplesoul
Crime (A multiship story)by DThepurplesoul
Cross, Reaper, Horror, Killer, Error and Dust are criminals, constantly on the run. They stay on one city then are forced to run to another city once the police find out...
The Debonair Delinquent (AfterDeath) by do__not__follow
The Debonair Delinquent ( INACTIVE ACCOUNT
A criminal dubbed The Debonair Delinquent is terrorizing Geno's town. His crimes range from petty theif to outright murder but that doesn't stop him from being courteous...
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Soulmate or Enemy? DISCONTINUED  by XxsomeoneigxX
Soulmate or Enemy? DISCONTINUED by someone :v
The words that are written at your wrist shows the first words of your soulmate or your worst enemy. Will everyone find their soulmates or deal with enemies for the rest...
Grim Reaper's Handmaiden [Grim Books:1] by Kuppuruchi
Grim Reaper's Handmaiden [Grim Kuppuru
As a human, I've always wondered what's life after death. It's always there at the back of my mind. Will I ascend to heaven or will I get burnt in hell? I'm so immersed...
Evolution of a Reincarnation  by Lunazul3000
Evolution of a Reincarnation by Aster
I survived, then lost.* I lived and loved.* I lost, but won.* I survived and loved.* I lost, but survived.* I lived, but was lost.* Can I find myself again? I was reborn...
Showtime (A Sanscest Story) HIATUS by carelesscreativity
Showtime (A Sanscest Story) HIATUSby CarelessCreativity
Cross has had it. There is only one place left for him to go and he just HAS to find it. Escaping an abusive father, he seeks the Circus. A spectacle of performers and a...
The Story of a Reaper [COMPLETE ✔] by Undertale_tRaSh_4U
The Story of a Reaper [COMPLETE ✔]by tRaSh
When made by his father, the god of death, he didn't know his purpose. All he could do was kill things on accident...he didn't mean to kill them, he just wanted a friend...