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lust sans x horror sans by Wolfloverislife
lust sans x horror sansby Wolfloverislife
I was walking around and I here crying of course I think it's a human but I'm very wrong on that If you want to know what happens next read on!
The Kingdom of Vesperimane (A Sanscest Story) by helpme1m
The Kingdom of Vesperimane (A Sans...by officialLM
The kingdom of Vesperimane was a mysterious one, but no one dared to wage war upon the most powerful of them all. The Queen of this impressive Kingdom was bound to die s...
You're not what people say (Horror x Lust) by nicky1000000
You're not what people say (Horror...by Nick101
THIS IS OLD!! I have decided to NOT rewrite this nut it will be kept up for your own entertainment Stories, we've all heard stories, some might be true, some might be fa...
sanscest oneshots [on permanent hiatus] by Milk_For_Camille
sanscest oneshots [on permanent hi...by Milk 🥛🐈‍⬛
Oneshots on our favorite gay skeletons #8 crossmare on Jan. 15, 2020 #1 spire on Jan. 31, 2020 #4 sanscest on March 24, 2020 #6 dustberry on Oct. 21, 2020 #1 scifell on...
Sanscest oneshot book by FKathleen19
Sanscest oneshot bookby FKathleen
So, in this book, I am going to post about stories that I came up with but that I either gave on upon or that I can't fit in my book. You can ask request too, but give m...
Papa Nightmare? [Nightkiller] [English Version] by soyunaotaku0512
Papa Nightmare? [Nightkiller] [Eng...by soyunaotaku0512
Killer ends up in a small trouble, I said small? I don't think having a baby of the Nightmare is just a little problem. How will killer solve this? Will he be able to hi...
Ghost Stories (A Sanscest Story) by carelesscreativity
Ghost Stories (A Sanscest Story)by CarelessCreativity
Nightmare, go to school, they said. Nightmare, it will be FUN, they said. What a load of crap. Nightmare isn't buying any of it. His brother's loved and he is feared. W...
~ That One Feeling ~ Nightmare X Killer [[ NightKiller ]] (Currently On Hiatus)  by TheKawaiiShipperHB23
~ That One Feeling ~ Nightmare X K...by Faye
(Warning : 2018 Cringe written by my 12-13 year old past self from Chapters 1 up to Chapter 43) Not being able to love is the most difficult thing to resist. But what's...
My Sans AUs' Headcanons by helpme1m
My Sans AUs' Headcanonsby officialLM
Yes, do not ask. The snases are gay tho'
Spirit Animals  by chaoss24601
Spirit Animals by chaoss
An Au where each person's spirit animal matches with their soul mate's. A Chemical can help determine who's spirit animal is who's. But when an experiment goes wrong, th...
Dream And The Bad Sanes by Mr_Tiny
Dream And The Bad Sanesby Dtiny
WARNING! (This story contains 18+ graphic parts(lemon in other words)and Self harm please don't read if your not allowed to or if you don't like any of this) Thank you (...
Highschool Of Chaos (ErrorxInk) by Azieruu_
Highschool Of Chaos (ErrorxInk)by i have 383 angels do u want t...
Making a deal with the rudest man alive was never just a choice but a commitment, living in poverty made him hand his fate to someone else. Despite wanting his highschoo...
Broken dreams  by amy3223
Broken dreams by Amy.Rose
Hi sorry I'm not good at describing so... Dream always had Nightmares and cut himself but never tell it to his friends but no one know specially nightmare know that hi...
The innocent destroyer (multiship+fgod story) [COMPLETED] by thathorrorlustlover
The innocent destroyer (multiship+...by thathorrorlustlover
[COMPLETED] Error sat in his bean bag enjoying the silence of the anti-void. He was wearing his normal red glasses and was fixing up some rips in his scarf from a fight...
Worlds Collide (SANSCEST MULTISHIP) by DepravityCorner
Worlds Collide (SANSCEST MULTISHIP)by Afterdeath_14
"It's so nice here, when I grow up, I want to stay here and be like Father! I'll take care of the children!" "Yeah but... are the other kids happy? When t...
Nekos (An Undertale Sanscest story) by __Purple_Fluffball__
Nekos (An Undertale Sanscest story)by Crossmare
Dear, Nightmare, Cross, Error, Dust, Horror, Killer, Lust, Reaper, Geno, Ink, Dream, Blue Hey guys, It's me...Sci, So uh, I've just discovered something really cool. And...
In Love With The Enemy (Undertale AU Multiship Story) by CrashOfWorlds
In Love With The Enemy (Undertale...by Broccoli
After Error falls in love with his sworn enemy, Ink, his teammates also start to fall for people... SHIPS: Crossmare Kreme Errink HorrorLust Kustard Dustberry Afterdeath...
Sanscest Oneshots by cheyburger07
Sanscest Oneshotsby Cheyanne Burger
Multiship Requests are open I will do anything, fluff, angst, and I will try to write lemons. But be warned, a majority of this book is head cannons None of the art is...
Undertale AU Short Stories by x_K16_x
Undertale AU Short Storiesby Socially Incompetent
Just some short stories. Most of them are based off actually real stories I've heard before, others, are just from my mind. I'd say their pretty good. (but no promises)...