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Maybe I Care- Horror x Dust by NachoCheeseOfRed
Maybe I Care- Horror x Dustby Nacho Cheese
(Cover by 12Keanna) So I was browsing Wattpad as usual, messing around reading bootiful fanfics when a certain pair of delinquents popped into my brain. I searched 'Horr...
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✔️Quest for love (Afterdeath)  by 12Keanna
✔️Quest for love (Afterdeath) by Positive Mental Attitude
[✔️] Completed 1st book 📖 This is a story about Geno, Error and Fresh who are new to under high. Error and Fresh becomes the school's jocks but Geno is a nerd. He hate...
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AU Sans Seven Kisses From Heaven by FaeMytho
AU Sans Seven Kisses From Heavenby faemytho
I did a prompt challenge. A kissing prompt challenge. Expect some fluff And angst Aka my personal rarepair hell lol
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My NightKiller book by CreatorKurei
My NightKiller bookby I love Killer :3
the place i used to talk, to write Oneshot, make some Headcanon about NightKiller there maybe a few more ship like Cream or HorrorDust (not much because i know everbody...
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Video Game world (MultiShip) by Nightmare_Shade12
Video Game world (MultiShip)by -Shade_2.0-
Characters --------------------- Ink Error Geno Reaper Dream Cross Blueberry Red/Fell Dust Horror Nightmare Killer Outer Sci --------------------- Places ...
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When Nightmares Die (A Nightkiller story) by FiveNightsFangirl
When Nightmares Die (A Nightkiller...by Luna Moona
Now that the Star Sanses and the Bad Sanses no longer fight Nightmare sees no purpose for him to be alive. After all, it's not like anyone ever actually liked him. &qu...
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Misjudged and Mistreated(a sanscest multiship story) by LuckyLightFury30
Misjudged and Mistreated(a sansces...by LuckyLightFury30
Error has always been misjudged as a destroyer who likes to kill for fun. But he is just as pained as anyone else to see the AUs be destroyed Nightmare was mistreated by...
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Magic glasses by KKirathekiller
Magic glassesby Kiki
Dust was the most gentle, mature and serious person. At least compared to his allies who he fought with being in one gang. But even tho Dust was the most responsible he...
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Rehabilitation (Sans FanFic)  by TechThePotato
Rehabilitation (Sans FanFic) by TechThePotato
After the war, King Multiverse and The Star sanses decided to try and heal those who were twisted minded and tried to kill people or just abuse others. They sent them aw...
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Dragon Love by OuterDreamStar
Dragon Loveby OuterDreamStar
These 7 Hunters have been on a journey sent by their home kingdom and have found each other due to their journey. They soon found love from a sudden event..... What wil...
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Imagenes i comics de Horror x Dust by MashaKosyuk
Imagenes i comics de Horror x Dustby Mashima
Fotos de esta pareja.
My judgement on Under tale ships by MurderSansss
My judgement on Under tale shipsby I exist
I will judge your favorite ships. Ask in the comments. I will rate them 1-10.
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You Don't  Have To Be Alone Anymore (horrordust) by Dofred
You Don't Have To Be Alone Anymor...by dofred1545
You'll just have to read to find out. Art and characters not mine unless I say so. As always, please no hate. For my story or other readers. Thank you and enjoy!😃
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Økse by Chicachu14911
Økseby Chicachu14911
Økse is a thirteen-year-old child with high hopes of a fresh start and a quest to find the father he never knew. He meets his new best friends who share similar goals, a...
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everything's lovely with you. (sequel to EHWY) by absolutelYin-Sane
everything's lovely with you. (seq...by Hi im Tami
please go read "Everything hurts without you" first, this is the sequel to that book! after many years of living happily, Radier and Gradient are teens. their...
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A Scary Love [Horror x Dust] by Horrortalesans888
A Scary Love [Horror x Dust]by The Third Roach
Maybe some lemons 😁also first story, so sorry if it's bad. There may be a few curse words here and there. Horror=Sub Dust=Dom. Ships= HorrorDust (main ship), Nightkill...
Sanscest One-shots 2 (Requests are Open) by Honeysucklegames
Sanscest One-shots 2 (Requests are...by Honey_the _sinner
Hello!!! 2nd book on this since my last book is filled!!! You know the rules: Request what you like, and I'll tell you if i'm making it or not!! I will only do lemons if...
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The torn soul by Superkitty360
The torn soulby Superkitty 360
Dust and Blueberry are dating but dust is cheating on blueberry with horror. Soon Blueberry finds out and breaks up with dust and run to error for help. Soon error start...
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Criminal | Fell x Blueberry x Dust x Horror by TheLuxuriousRhythm
Criminal | Fell x Blueberry x Dust...by H A T R E D
I drew the pic- Maybe most of the pics on the chapters will be drawn by me uwu This is a cops vs criminals, so please don't ask why the hell are they called "Nightm...
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Sanscest oneshots (Discontinued) by SpoopySnoopy13
Sanscest oneshots (Discontinued)by OoF
ok ligit one shot book! you should know the rules (LEMONS ALLOWED) ships I will do cuz the others are sin: ErrorInk Cream NightKill OuterSci CherryBerry HorrorDust Blood...
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