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Riddle Me This by Argent-Wolf
Riddle Me Thisby .
《《《 SLOW UPDATES 》》》 Harry Potter was just him until he was 10, when you go through an inheritance if you have creature blood pumping through your veins. Harry soon lear...
YOUTH ━━ s. black by rosyclarissa
YOUTH ━━ s. blackby ━ 𝖈.
𝒐. love's never lost when perspective is earned! the fatal flaw series ╱ sirius black ©rosyclarissa, 2023
Melting a Heart of Ice: A Severus Snape Fanfic by AConstantFriend
Melting a Heart of Ice: A Severus...by AConstantFriend
The Dark Lord has been defeated but not without the loss of Harry Potter. Harry's secret sister Ivy is found to of been kept captive by Voldemort for the last 18 years...
Forbidden Obsession by iceygirl200510
Forbidden Obsessionby Slytherins Bride💚
"It started with a dream in a mirror" Voldemort has been obsessed with Harry Potter as long as he can remember.. So when Harry Potter shows up on his doorstep...
Darkness Breeds Darkness  by iceygirl200510
Darkness Breeds Darkness by Slytherins Bride💚
'Darkness breeds darkness. Darkness is drawn to other darkness. Like a moth to a flame and those for madness and murder of the world are those with the pain of their pas...
Noir Evans by cosmos178
Noir Evansby Alysha
This Plot belongs to @cescawriter Same plot, different writing ‼️Currently have Writer's Block so please DM or comment ideas. Thx ‼️ What if the so called 'Golden Boy' i...
Desire | Tom Riddle by giasuckspunani
Desire | Tom Riddleby Gia
Athena Decoris was a recent transfer from Germany, she wasn't ready to what her new life at Hogwarts was about to bring her.
GENESIS | TMR by athwint
GENESIS | TMRby alyth
what's the difference between the beginning and end? - ☯︎ - in which her life was a p...
Raven's School of Magic: Year Two by xxHoneyFernxx
Raven's School of Magic: Year Twoby xxHoneyFernxx
(This is a series!!! Read Year One first!) Daily Updates! The truth is out. Ariel is the missing firstborn twin born to the Rose's and the Dark One knows who he is. To s...
The descend of a god (BNHA x God M!reader)  by Darkness_Ahead
The descend of a god (BNHA x God M...by Darkness_Ahead
Gods. Great beings, that cannot be compared to a human is what he is. The gods, currently hostile towards each other, is trying their best to not involve other dimension...
Just a little bent by FanficDrarry01
Just a little bentby FanficDrarry01
Your just gonna have to read Just a little hint: Dumbledore bashing Hermione bashing Ron bashing and more. Ps. I dont own Harry Potter
Shattered Images by darkkslytherin
Shattered Imagesby darkkslytherin
Death Eaters instead of Voldemort come to Godric's Hallow that fateful night. The Potters make a choice that will change the fate of the wizarding world, but will it be...
Wicked. by Dragh0n5
Wicked.by Dragh0n5
1942. Fear, anger, hatred, and suspicion is spreading through the muggle and wizarding worlds. With the death toll ever mounting and no end to either war in sight, Headm...
The School for Good and Evil | Beatrix by CottoncandyWP
The School for Good and Evil | Bea...by CottoncandyWP
What happens when the supposed rival of Tedros is smitten by the very girl who's head over heels for Tedros? Better yet, it's a Never who's after an Ever. male!oc x Beat...
Bloodlines and Betrayal by JustinHier
Bloodlines and Betrayalby Justin Hier
This is crazy, this is a fanfiction made by AI: In a world torn between light and darkness, Andromeda Lestrange must navigate the perilous legacy of her infamous mother...
Hogwarts Legacy A Through Time by anasteele12
Hogwarts Legacy A Through Timeby Heleri Paltre
The true time-turner was slammed savagely into Lauren's throat during the battle of the death eaters in 2020. The last thing she saw before blackness consumed her was a...
He Was An Angel by Alicechanson
He Was An Angelby Alice Jeune Chanson
Herielle (FEM POTTER -DARK) by 1over-gir1
Herielle (FEM POTTER -DARK)by lovergirl
THIS IS FEM HARRY POTTER !! SHE WILL BE A "DARK" WITCH !! Herielle has always lived with her aunt and uncle, ever since her parents died at least. She learns t...
Raven's School of Magic: Year One by xxHoneyFernxx
Raven's School of Magic: Year Oneby xxHoneyFernxx
(Completed: 5/9/2024) The Dark One is on the move. Never seen, but always there. No one knows their name. No one knows if they're even a person. Some say they have been...