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My Book Of Dreams by MemoriesOfTheFlame
My Book Of Dreamsby Heather Moczydlowski
This is a collection of all of my more recent poems. I will upload them gradually. I liked the idea of having a poem book please. So I made one please. It saves a lot of...
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All These Colors |BoyxBoy| by InfiniteTeal
All These Colors |BoyxBoy|by Senpai
A light hearted story about two artists and the meaning of colors on emotions.
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Lost Colors by Maujerie
Lost Colorsby MAU
When I was young, my mom bought me coloring books matched with crayons of every color; gold, aqua, blue, red. My dad is a painter and he taught me how to paint. Colors d...
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What Must Be Read : Random Facts! by lilac_ocean
What Must Be Read : Random Facts!by lilac_ocean
Just a list of Random facts. They're useful as ice breakers in a conversation and also can be used to impress someone ;) Have fun ;)
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Iridescent {A Glee/Klaine One-Shot} by boxed-klaine
Iridescent {A Glee/Klaine One-Shot}by Catherine Warbler
IRIDESCENT: (adj.) producing a display of rainbowlike colours. kurt hummel • blaine anderson
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Changing Colors by Itsjustjake
Changing Colorsby Jake
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Pictures Iv Drawn by EyelessJadePurple
Pictures Iv Drawnby EyelessJadePurple
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Skin Color Doesn't Matter by uncommonwriter
Skin Color Doesn't Matterby Jordyn :)
*WARNING, NOT EDITED* Ashley was in her Senior year of High school. She is 17. She has had a wonderful high school experience and is ready to finish strong for her last...
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Spectrum by xtinek
Spectrumby -christine-
There are so many facets of a color. Every perspective is a unique viewpoint. It adds a certain flair, a glinting sparkle. Every color is special in its own way.
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'Twas Brillig by chiralphenomena
'Twas Brilligby Lin Tarczynski
Poems from the public domain. Favorite pieces of our shared intellectual property. This land is your land, this land is my land.
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Colorless Color by Rabacca022
Colorless Colorby Lynn Drake
One is blind. But he sees in the most color. In a world full of blackness in One's perception and in the ones who can see, One is the only one who can bring back color t...
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In Streaming Color (Clexa story) by greyisthenewblack01
In Streaming Color (Clexa story)by Lost and Insecure
Clexa AU Imagine living in a world where for your entire life you've only seen in black and white until you receive the first touch from your soulmate and color blooms...
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Character help? Here's some :3 by PotatoGirl556
Character help? Here's some :3by PotatoGirl556
Characters, names, traits, tips & stuff like that.
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The Tint Of Tears by DannyAnn14
The Tint Of Tearsby DannyAnn14
Sadness of Satins Rage of Crimson Reds Happiness of Hollow Yellows Panic of Perfect Purples Weariness of Washed Out Whites Gleeful Greens Emerald Tight Ominous Orange J...
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The Mate at the Wedding (sequel to "The Werewolf in my English Class") by PainterOfTheStarsXx
The Mate at the Wedding (sequel PainterOfTheStarsXx
~This is the sequel to The Werewolf in my English Class, if you haven’t read that this story might be confusing, you can read it but be prepared for slight confusion in...
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Trendy To Know <3 by TessGyan
Trendy To Know <3by Tomagyanxo
Yelloo Trendy always Stylish World! So I have read a lot of books here on our beloved Wattpad about life hacks, beauty tips, DIY and etc., and, believe e, that stuff is...
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Poetry (Active) by darkprincess8520
Poetry (Active)by darkprincess8520
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Demon Butterflies by obliviongirl14
Demon Butterfliesby Lights L.
Roxi lives with her grandmother after her mother died when she was little and her father went to jail for abuse. She can see butterflies. Each person has a different col...
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The Tetrachromatic Fourth Primary Color by aoiaruto
The Tetrachromatic Fourth Aoi
The fourth primary color is a mystery, who has the words to describe it?
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