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The Key to Anchor Lake ✓ by lydiahephzibah
The Key to Anchor Lake ✓by Lydia
DOUBLE WATTY AWARD WINNER - mystery/thriller AND biggest twist! After her mother's death, Blaire Bloxham moves in with an aunt she never knew she had, and discovers the...
Fur by Silverless
Furby Silverless
Leila Ardeneux was born into a family of werewolves. By every principle of biology and logic, she should be one. But something is wrong with her, something that has caus...
House on the Hill by evil_panda22
House on the Hillby Kawaii Witch
I screamed at the top of my lungs when he slashed the boy's neck with his claw. The boy next to the dead body stood frozen while he visibly squeezed the boy's head into...
~Ouija~ (A Dip Story) by KyeThorn
~Ouija~ (A Dip Story)by Philip_Pirrup
When Pip Pirrup discovers a Ouija board while playing in his older sisters room, he decides to use it as a joke. Of course, he never believed that it might work. After h...
The Mirror by Taekmykook
The Mirrorby taekmykook
I see a face in the mirror. It's not mine. {Short Story} Fanart artist(insta): @Wooman95 ⚠️May contain triggering topics, read with caution. - The writing style for t...
Outcast | Rown Laslow × Reader by scxrleth3r
Outcast | Rown Laslow × Readerby scarlet hacker
|| DISCONTINUED || A girl transferring into a new school, thinking it would be the worst year of her life, until a boy got in her way.
stay, Inez  ~ xavier thorpe by b3mym1stak3
stay, Inez ~ xavier thorpeby ★
xavier thorpe x fem!oc (wednesday) Inez Fallon never could have imagined the events this semester would hold. Being hunted, haunted, and the target of an attempte...
Have You Heard The Broadcast? by mgrandizioauthor
Have You Heard The Broadcast?by mgrandizioauthor
In November of 1991, seven University students commit suicide leaving the same cryptic message behind "Have you heard the broadcast?" Due to the geographic sep...
Thorns of a Rose #1 (Howl's Moving Castle fanfiction) by lilmisswriter17
Thorns of a Rose #1 (Howl's KitKat
🌹 Book 1 Howl's Moving Castle trilogy 🌹 It has been almost a year since Howl and Sophie first met and since Madame Suliman put an end to the war, yet their lives have...
The Fallen Star #3 (Howl's Moving Castle fanfiction) by lilmisswriter17
The Fallen Star #3 (Howl's KitKat
💫 Book 3 Howl's Moving Castle trilogy 💫 Calcifer was a man who had been gifted his entire life with everything he desired - yet he was never satisfied. Markl was a bo...
In Love With A Stalker by 90sp00kyn3w
In Love With A Stalkerby 90sp00ky 🇬🇧
Perth, Australia Loneliness could drive people crazy as a matter of fact. That described Kimberly McGrath at best, Since she found herself in love with her Own stalker a...
PURE HORROR STORY  by 90sp00kyn3w
PURE HORROR STORY by 90sp00ky 🇬🇧
⚠️ This story it's not just a 'Horror' for entertainment purposes, it is more than that, it dives deep into the Realm of terror and human's deepest fear. A tale of terro...
2 Sentence Terrifying Horror Stories  by goddessRhoda
2 Sentence Terrifying Horror Rowda
These 2-Sentence Horror Stories Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine Bigger doesn't always mean better, especially when it comes to scary stuff. Sometimes it's the small th...
COTE: Lurking Psychopath  by Sora_Akiko
COTE: Lurking Psychopath by Sora Akiko
Ayanokouji Kiyotaka is a seemingly Kind and caring student loved by many of his peers but nobody knows he is the person responsible for the several deaths and major inci...
Need Your Love [cashton] ✔️ by Applezzz21
Need Your Love [cashton] ✔️by Apryle ♡
Ashton is the gang leader of a very very dangerous gang, one of many dangerous gangs in the world. He smokes, drinks, kills people, sells and does drugs, and stays loyal...
We Have Always Lived in the Castle by ShirleyHJackson
We Have Always Lived in the Castleby Shirley Jackson
My name is Mary Katherine Blackwood. I am eighteen years old, and I live with my sister Constance. I have often thought that with any luck at all I could have been born...
A Legacy for Katherine by Nikkireadw
A Legacy for Katherineby Nicole
If you inherit something so malevolent it haunts you from beyond the grave. Katherine is an heiress who inherited more than just worldly possessions. Elias is her broody...
Stockholm Syndrome  by immonsx
Stockholm Syndrome by Sunny~
A 20 year old receptionist works at a secluded hotel in the middle of a forest One man catches her eye in more than one way He doesn't seem to mean any harm But she do...
Qiza's Soul by NISHATRONAK
Qiza's Soulby Nishatronak
Droopy eyes, dead inside. Maybe I should really die. Letting it slide, cursing my mind, Pretending to be nice, all the damn time. Can I really say I tried?
untitled/ Disentitled by miserablemermaid
untitled/ Disentitledby ‎‏‏‎
stripped of meaning, I am just conscious enough