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Moments by willowmoonblood
Momentsby Willowmoonblood
Kat Preston is one of the most famous women in the world and considered "America's Sweetheart". What happens when she meets the bad boy of rap and begins , on...
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From underdogs to top dogs by PawPerson101
From underdogs to top dogsby PawPerson101
The paw Patrol reimagined as humans in high school. Each one facing their own emotional and physical problems not to mention the bullies. By meeting and befriending each...
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whirlwind || klaus mikaelson by feministic
whirlwind || klaus mikaelsonby feministic
it rained last night. who would have thought; that the sky, so pristine, so magnificent, could capture my whirlwind emotions so perfectly. it rained last night. klau...
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Gumlee (smut) by evaowo
Gumlee (smut)by evaowo
A fanfiction about Marshall Lee and Gumball relationship. Like how they got together, will people try and split them up , and the most important part all the kinky sex t...
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Alternate Moments by willowmoonblood
Alternate Momentsby Willowmoonblood
Katie Preston, daughter of Rock Legend John Preston had devoted her life to taking care of her father after his near-fatal drug overdose. While running late to a meeting...
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Christmas shorts ~ Paw Patrol by PawPerson101
Christmas shorts ~ Paw Patrolby PawPerson101
Starting on December 1st 2019. A book of Christmas oneshots starring the Paw Patrol! Set in a human AU, containing many different ships 😆. Hope you enjoy - merry Christ...
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[Completed-Finished Editing]Do You Trust Me? by Shuichi_Kurama
[Completed-Finished Editing]Do Kurama(On hiatus)
◼️Paw Patrol : Do You Trust Me?◼️ ||A Fan-Fiction made by Shuichi_Kurama|| Can you really love if you can't trust someone? Love is like any other structure You need the...
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Paw Patrol: The New Chase by EricS8
Paw Patrol: The New Chaseby Keegan S.
When Chase gets Injured very baddly on a job, he starts to have outbursts at everyone, which is not excepted. Chase starts to ferl left out making him even angrier. Can...
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Adventure Time x Reader Oneshots by binjinmin
Adventure Time x Reader Oneshotsby jonah <3
Adventure Time x Reader Oneshots! In here you can find feelsy oneshots filled to the brim with angst or maybe a fluffy little oneshot to ease off some stress. You can fi...
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Seer ||Kol Mikaelson|| by spaceloves
Seer ||Kol Mikaelson||by spaceloves
In which a vampire spends thousands of years believing he's a monster and a girl convinces him that he's not. [season 4] [the originals] [book 1]
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Characters/Appearances  by PawPerson101
Characters/Appearances by PawPerson101
Just something I put together to show you my interpretation of characters and some OCs. More images will be added as time goes on. Images made using ZEPETO. Each charac...
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Ain't Nobody Like You by MrsKatieMathers
Ain't Nobody Like Youby MrsKatieMathers
It's 1998 and Katherine Arden, an internationally known singer, grows close to new up and coming rap artist, Eminem. The story describes their relationship from 1998 to...
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Paw Patrol 1 Shots by EricS8
Paw Patrol 1 Shotsby Keegan S.
A book of 1 shots, I got this idea from a lot of people.
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All On Contract by SavedByShady313
All On Contractby SavedByShady313
Tessa Sanchez Black is an singer from California. She's worked with many talanted people like Jay z, Beyoncé, Nas, LL cool J, Janet Jackson, Lil Kim and many other top a...
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Paw Patrol: The Future (ON HOLD) by EricS8
Paw Patrol: The Future (ON HOLD)by Keegan S.
This is pretty much a story that takes place 50 years into the future. It should be a fun one so just sit back relax and read! Disclaimer I don't own the Paw Patrol
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Luna Skye by PawPerson101
Luna Skyeby PawPerson101
"Look into her eyes," he said "and you shall see how much she wants it." "Who's eyes?" Chase looked at the elder. "That my boy, is for...
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Marshall X Everest: True Love by ArcticWolf48
Marshall X Everest: True Loveby ||EverestForever||
Everest Has Been Acting Weird Around Marshall Lately And Marshall Doesnt Even Notice That She Is Acting Weird Around him and It Is Up To Ryder,Chase,Rocky,Zuma,Skye, And...
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Adventure time x reader  by Zhiilaan
Adventure time x reader by Zhiilaan
You are in the middle of a forest in the land of ooo you try to get up but your left leg is hurting you then you see a boy with a dog... will they help you??? read for m...
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The Unexpected Encounter (An Eminem Fan Fiction) by mayg_418
The Unexpected Encounter (An mayg_418
"I felt a hand swiftly make reach for my arm. I jumped badly as soon as it grasped me, me fixing my attention on who had just done that. 'Yo, who the f*ck is that g...
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The Originals » Preferences by KissesE
The Originals » Preferencesby KissesE
A preference book of The Originals characters. The Mikaelsons, Vincent Griffith, Marcel Gerard, Davina Claire, Camille O'Connell and Hayley Marshall, Josh Rosza, Jackson...
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