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Fire gets Dampened by Yukihug
Fire gets Dampenedby 🎧 MarShall_2🎶
Marshall had been super clumsy lately, more than usual. Then he accidentally heard the other Pups talking behind his back. And now he thinks it was time to change...
Marshall adopts puppies. by RonanFinlay
Marshall adopts Ronan Finlay
Ryder bring new born puppies to the look out and the puppies want Marshall to be their Dad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paw Patrol, A Rocky Chase by ImEsmerelda_Sowhat
Paw Patrol, A Rocky Chaseby ImEsmerelda_Sowhat
An accident has left Rocky depressed (by this time Everest moved into the lookout) Skye chose it was time to try and lift Rocky's spirt. But when Chase sees Skye hanging...
Pawers by FritsAlone
Pawersby CallMeOllie
A Storm hit Adventure bay, their town's rescue group- The Paw Patrol, helped people get to safer ground for the storm to hit. But two in specific couldn't really get bac...
Swapping bet | Zuma x Skye by VladMIX87
Swapping bet | Zuma x Skyeby VladMIX0204
WARNING!! This is NOT a love story... well, maybe a bit. After one mission, Zuma and Skye were comparing their jobs once again, and to finish this arguement, they made a...
Paw Patrol: Vacancy by Insomni-act
Paw Patrol: Vacancyby Kojiseito
Marshall is turned down by Chase and broken. Now he has a vacancy in his heart. He meets a new pup and they seem to have a lot in common. When Chase becomes jealous know...
the new Marshall  by RonanFinlay
the new Marshall by Ronan Finlay
on a mission Marshall meets some nes pups and start to grow up put the pups are worried for him.
Paw Patrol: Texting by ChaseYourDreamsWSkye
Paw Patrol: Textingby A Cute Cockapoo
Read how Ryder and the pups enjoy their new texting devices and have fun in their group chat. Some of the occasional characters will be shown in the other chapters. I ho...
Everything has a beginning by stickykey
Everything has a beginningby StickyKey
This story about the PAW Patrol takes place shortly after PAW Patrol: The movie. With Chase's fears of the city resolved the PAW patrol appears to be as best as can be...
Scary wolf by RonanFinlay
Scary wolfby Ronan Finlay
Read to see what happens. :)
Pups and Marshall's Bully by BlueGhostFriend
Pups and Marshall's Bullyby BlueGhostFriend
When Marshall encounters a bully from his past, he will have to face him to set things right.
Love Struck and Curious (ChaseXMarshall) by Wufwuf12
Love Struck and Curious ( Bio
Two best friends, Team members in the Paw Patrol, A Police and Fire pup. However, One starts to feel a certain way for the other. These new feelings trouble him and he g...
Marshall Runs Away by SamanthaQuarrie
Marshall Runs Awayby Monster High fan
Marshall is really clumsy and is always tripping on something or someone. well this time he tripped and almost ruined a mission that caused Chase to finally snap at him...
Ain't Nobody Like You by MrsKatieMathers
Ain't Nobody Like Youby MrsKatieMathers
It's 1998 and Katherine Arden, an internationally known singer, grows close to new up and coming rap artist, Eminem. The story describes their relationship from 1998 to...
Finding A New Life by SpiritofWolfPatrol
Finding A New Lifeby Skye Fletcher
Marshall is the fun-loving Dalmatian firefighter/EMT pup of the PAW Patrol in Adventure Bay. But what if he was blamed for something that was a complete accident? How mu...
dragon marshall  by RonanFinlay
dragon marshall by Ronan Finlay
marshall slowly becomes a dragon.
Eminem Oneshots by realkenkaniff
Eminem Oneshotsby realkenkaniff
I think its very self-explanatory ‼️Please comment your requests and ideas for scenarios‼️
Shattered by boys_love_stories
Shatteredby Marshallthedal
Truths, clumsiness, and a Risk that's worth taking... One certain pup feels this way. Feeling clumsiness and make things even worse for the dally. A story that is about...
RIVER (An Eminem FanFiction) by the_angry_blonde
RIVER (An Eminem FanFiction)by the_angry_blonde
*Loosely based on the 2017 song 'River' by Eminem and Ed Sheeran* After being with Marshall for a little over a year, Sophia found out she was pregnant in March of 2018...
From underdogs to top dogs by PawPerson101
From underdogs to top dogsby PawPerson101
The paw Patrol reimagined as humans in high school. Each one facing their own emotional and physical problems not to mention the bullies. By meeting and befriending each...