He was MINE ✔️ by rdritwika
He was MINE ✔️by Ritwika Das
"Marrying you was pure business . You were nothing but a pawn to me".He said , without any tress of emotion on his face. "...... Leaving you is my decisi...
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Two of a Kind by countryreb020
Two of a Kindby Country Writer
Desiree loves riding her horses. After an accident she stopped doing what she really loved. Now she does reining and team roping with her best friend. Her dad and two ot...
  • riding
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Patrick Hockstetter Imagines by Harley---Quinn
Patrick Hockstetter Imaginesby Heathen Harley
//my friends aren't far In the back of my car... Lay their bodies//
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She Was His First by Pixee_Styx
She Was His Firstby Sam Smith
Jack wants to try something. He's heard his dad talk about it before and he thinks he can do it, too. He's been thinking about it for a while. All he needs is the right...
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Trick and Treat: Tutorials and Resources by Beauxif
Trick and Treat: Tutorials and hiatusss•°
❝Tutorials and Resources (Trick and Treat)❞ ~트리 나❣ cover by: -euluxuria (hi nai!)
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The Luck of the Draw by VoileSurLaMer
The Luck of the Drawby The Wordsmith
BEING EDITED, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM READING UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Five magicians, spread across the US, are each given a tarot card with a location and time written on the...
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Twdg Ship Fanart  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Ship Fanart by ♡
Here are some Pictures/Fanart of Twdg Ships 😊💕
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blind ; owen teague | ✔️ by sweet-dove
blind ; owen teague | ✔️by Laci
❝cut out my eyes and leave me blind❞ - owen teague x reader (lowercase intended)
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| owen teauge| character | imagines | by xwaterfalll
| owen teauge| character | Love
Owen Teauge Patrick Hockstetter Ryan (trick) Trebecki Nolan Rayburn Alexander (every day movie ) Imagines
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✔️ Educate Yourself: Plagiarism Edition by winterlunium
✔️ Educate Yourself: Plagiarism ᴛᴀɪʏɪɴ
An UNOFFICIAL book where through a very true story of plagiarism and lies, you will discover the dangers of Wattpad and the Internet, and how you cannot trust everyone y...
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Confessions of an ex-Convict by tranquil_tea
Confessions of an ex-Convictby tranquil_tea
Jeffrey Holden is every policeman's nightmare; he's devious, extremely intelligent and devilishly handsome. And it's because of these three characteristics that Jeff has...
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Trick Behind The Glasses ¦¦ myg ff (Complete√) by MyShittyStory
Trick Behind The Glasses ¦¦ myg ✩kat✩
You are just his assistant. An assistant of the student council president, Min Yoongi. He always hate you for some reason. He would yell or tease you whenever you are a...
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Halloween: Bring me back to you by FluffysLove
Halloween: Bring me back to youby FluffysLove
Second part to Halloween: a new patient, our Audrey only remembering fragments of what she was. With Carter DeWitt watching over her for 10 years. Occasionally having se...
  • boogeyman
  • 1988
  • intense
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Living After: Book Two by trickedyou
Living After: Book Twoby trickedyou
Fear The Walking Dead and The 1OO crossover follow up for Survival. (You may want to read that first, you can find it on my profile.) Following the fight for Nick and th...
  • crossoverfanfiction
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Twdg Ships One-Shots  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Ships One-Shots by ♡
A few One-Shots with a few ships :D
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Survival: Book One by trickedyou
Survival: Book Oneby trickedyou
This story is a fan fiction of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead, crossed over with a few characters from CW's The 1OO. We see a group trying to survive in a harsh territory c...
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Reunited by WildArtemis
Reunitedby WildArtemis
Many centuries ago, Dyson had fallen madly in love with a fae named Juliet. She went to see the Norn, an ancient fae who is able to grant ones greatest desire in exchang...
  • adventure
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ISLA ( Book 2: ABSII) (Horror Series #2) by Katsumi_Kana
ISLA ( Book 2: ABSII) (Horror Limario🐹
Halaman. Kayamanan. Pinahahalagahan. Likas. Kamatayan. Isang ISLA na tatapos sa BUHAY ng isang tao. ISLA na Sinumpa, dahil sa isang dahilan. Unang tapak mo palang sa IS...
  • ghost
  • death
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Twdg Rare Ships One-Shots  by InsanityLover828
Twdg Rare Ships One-Shots by ♡
One-Shots with a few rare ships :) [No Requests/Closed For Now]
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UrieCity {Book 1}//B.U by FaeleciaUrie
UrieCity {Book 1}//B.Uby Faelecia
Brendon Urie. Lead singer of Panic! At the disco. To me, he's the man who ruined my life.
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