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Clementine by innocentlyafloat
Clementineby ✨
Doonswater, a small town filled with gossip and rumours. A town where nothing seems to change. In the town a girl named Clementine Hunter finally takes a chance in mak...
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Mr. President by romance-101
Mr. Presidentby Liz
"You are not a victim, you are making it seem like I forced you to be in this relationship. We are in this together, you and me against the world. No one tied your...
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Muslim Tomboy?...Impossible  by silent_ninja_dfc
Muslim Tomboy?...Impossible by Bond. James Bond
"She made broken look healed, And strong look invincible, She carried the Universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings." What if you wake...
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Alacris's Revenge by paloorosy
Alacris's Revengeby paloorosy
This story is a rivalry between a hot, smart businesswoman and a handsome yet arrogant businessman who is looking forward to take alacris out of business and make her re...
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3:00 A.M. by lunaaris
3:00 Lunaris
Kintana Foulke is a planner. She made sure that everything in her life had its home. However, life as a girlboss is never easy especially when she had a close-minded bos...
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Dapetin UANG dari Internet? Bongkar Rahasianya Disini! by Ivyluppin
Dapetin UANG dari Internet? Ivyluppin
Berbagai aplikasi dan website yang bisa bikin kamu dapetin UANG/CUAN/MONEY/FULUS sampai puluhan juta dari INTERNET secara GAMPANG dan AMAN. GAMPANG PARAH SIH INI!!! Anak...
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The arranged deal by A_girlyke
The arranged dealby A_girlyke
As a way to pay for her uncles debt while she still hunts for the man who murdered her parents, Valentina Martinez, the twenty year old orphaned leader of the American m...
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We Are The Keller's  by innocentlyafloat
We Are The Keller's by ✨
Sequel too Moving in with the Davidson boys. Can be read as a stand alone book. After the birth of her child Bella Grey otherwise known as Arabella Keller faces many n...
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Flowers Of Lux by innocentlyafloat
Flowers Of Luxby ✨
I peeked over his shoulder to see four boys with big smiles across there handsome faces but that didn't matter because what I saw shocked me "McDonald burglars save...
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Just What I Need by juliawithlove
Just What I Needby julia
Delusioned by romance movies, Jenny considers it imperative that she find a boyfriend by the end of senior year. After all, what's life without a high school sweetheart...
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girl boss | mitch marner by stromarns
girl boss | mitch marnerby stromarns
lauren adams has always been known as a girl boss. once she graduated high school, she packed her life up and moved to toronto for university and to further her brand. a...
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PRETTY by gguksclub
PRETTYby sophia
[V] KIM TAEHYUNG had his first love ruined, so it'll only make sense if he got revenge, right? © gguksclub 2020 [rewritten, previously; scenery]
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Girl Boss (girlxgirl) A Cliché Lesbian Love Story by QnStacy1989
Girl Boss (girlxgirl) A Cliché Khaleesi Of Books
There are some secrets which do not permit themselves to be told. Nineteen-year-old Taylor King's life is about to change when she enters university and meets the gorgeo...
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The nerd is back by brokengirlz01
The nerd is backby Broken girls club
What happens when the girl that everyone looks past is actually a gang leader? Blake is her bully and brothers best friend Everyone is horrible to her till one day she...
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About 'US' by BrarAish
About 'US'by Aish
Guest appearance -Kpop [BTS] Can somebody tell me what happiness is? All I wanted to be was - happy Is it too much to ask for? 'God is my light' is what my name, Ellie m...
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From Revenge To Love by Thegirlnext_d
From Revenge To Loveby TheGirlNextDoor
What if a love story blossoms in a middle of a revenge And the revenge was a mere trap for them and there loved ones by one of their closed ones So let's see and experi...
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Boss Babe by AnnaLieseMickle
Boss Babeby Anna Liese Mickle
All these years Anna Marsh had learnt not to feel. The" no feeling" package comes with the Mafia life. But she can't really counteract what's in store for h...
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Chains Broken by Red_Moon_22
Chains Brokenby Black Rose
"Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win." - Stephen King Kaya was living a normal happy life, that is until t...
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{Daily Affirmations for Girls} by RedheadHottie
{Daily Affirmations for Girls}by Queen Mimi
This is for girls who need that daily inspiration to help them with their self-esteem and to remind them that they are fabulous!
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