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Alone Together [DNF] by KiriWasFound
Alone Together [DNF]by kiri
- Enemies to Lovers - Jock George + New Kid Clay TW: Mental/Physical Abuse Mentions of Death Mentions of Depression Small Mentions of Self Harm NSFW Homophobia Underaged...
Opposite attracts | DREAMNOTFOUND by heartcorez
Opposite attracts | DREAMNOTFOUNDby eva 🐈‍⬛
Clay texts the wrong number and George...tries to tell him. What will go wrong?
No one cares by Shadowwx20
No one caresby Shadowx
George is a depressed 17 year old boy who gets bullied by a popular guy named Clay. But one day something happens that changes everything. George and Clay will get in a...
Dysphoric (DNF-ftmGeorge) by frogofwisdom
Dysphoric (DNF-ftmGeorge)by Overlord
George is ftm trans and he's excellent at keeping the secret from the others, but when George, Dream, sapnap, karl and Bad all move in together, it becomes a harder secr...
Not Your Number One//dreamnotfound by honknotfoundwastaken
Not Your Number One//dreamnotfoundby S <3
Dream and George grew up together, they had been best friends since they were children when George moved to America. They were both your stereotypical best friends, alwa...
Dance Class by Zero_the_loser22
Dance Classby Zero
Dance. That's it. Cover: crypt0bones on Twitter
pretty boy || dreamnotfound by eloquentangel
pretty boy || dreamnotfoundby bloom is writing!
the boy scoffs, "ha. who do you think you are? the king?" "no." the blonde states firmly. his smile lifting into a smug one and his cockiness seems...
Cat Saves Dog {DSMP} by MoonGazer215
Cat Saves Dog {DSMP}by Dontdeleteuracct
Neko's. Cat people. Many think them to be lazy, dumb, and not very helpful. But they were coveted for their beauty and grace. Inu's. Dog people. Bold, loyal, sometimes l...
Sweet Dreams  by ava_not_found_
Sweet Dreams by Ava Shanley
Dream and George had always had an unspoken chemistry. Their relationship over Discord, Twitch and TeamSpeak had always been flirtatious, until Dream suggested that Geor...
Mushroom Boy And I [DNF] by KiriWasFound
Mushroom Boy And I [DNF]by kiri
George, a mushroom fairy of the forest, stumbles upon an injured human whilst out one day. Little does he know that human is a highly wanted thief. What happens when Geo...
DSMP Smut by NameName762
DSMP Smutby Name Name
ur mum Jk Disclaimer: I am not shipping the real life people and will only be shipping DSMP characters/personas- Tw: Rough sex::Teasing::KnifePlay::Masturbation::Murder:...
You belong with me-A dnf story by L0v3xS1ck
You belong with me-A dnf storyby L0veXs1ck
Clay goes to Crestview High School, wait you don't know clay? Well he plays football... and he gets all the lady's but, he wants to have more in his life then scores and...
Here With You- DNF by aliwa5taken
Here With You- DNFby Ali
When George moves in with his best friend, the last thing he expects is to find himself kissing them in front of thousands of people for a subgoal. = When George moves...
I'm With You by lisaaaaa1616
I'm With Youby Clay/Lisa
George has never had an easy life when he got the diagnosis: Tourette's Syndrome. Everywhere he goes, he appears to be the target of bullying which goes as far as physic...
My Deviant Mate (DreamNotFound) by FanFicTionist113
My Deviant Mate (DreamNotFound)by PurpleCorn
A Werewolf / Omegaverse AU George an artic wolf, lives with his father, mother and three siblings in the northern woodland territory who were all alpha blood except for...
I hate you . || enemies to lovers ; DNF by stupidw0re
I hate you . || enemies to lovers...by stupidw0re
Dream, the oh-so-popular jock hates George to death. George feels the same about dream, and he would challenge that he hated him more than Dream hated the latter, but th...
the not so good subgoal by dnfslost
the not so good subgoalby dnfslost
"george what's the new subgoal going to be?" dream questioned. - "chat i'm not gonna read fanfiction as a subgoal.."
Mr Dream.  DNF by h0ney_bee_bear
Mr Dream. DNFby h0ney_bee_bear
George Notfound, head psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum. And Dream, a psycho killer. What happens when the two fall in love? Started: June 2021 Ended: October 2021 •Joker AU...
You ~dnf~ by asteroid1437
You ~dnf~by asteroid1437
A high school au dreamnotfound story>> There are many triggering topics in the fan fiction so please be aware of the warnings at the top of each chapter and read s...
Quarantined by nothelium
Quarantinedby helium
During quarantine, lonely George met a boy, his new neighbor, and they both communicate through their windows. art cover by pandemique #1 in dreamxgeorge (12/04/21)