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Adopted by 5h by Super_Harmonizer
Adopted by 5hby StaticHansen
Six year old Ava Jane was abandoned by her parents at the age of one. One day five girls change her whole life.
The Bet ( CAMREN ) / COMPLETED  by LezBrittMichalek
The Bet ( CAMREN ) / COMPLETED by LezBeHonest
Best Ranking: #1 In allybrooke #1 in harmonizer #2 in normally #3 in camilizer...
Expectations: Camren by x_sy6n3y_x
Expectations: Camrenby x_sy6n3y_x
Camila Cabello is a graduate struggling to find a job. With disapproval from her family, and little friends to confide in- Camila finds herself in a difficult situation...
Meeting My Idol | (Camren) by camren_arianator
Meeting My Idol | (Camren)by Vic😬
Camila Cabello is your average Fangirl, always tweeting at her Idol and trying to gain her attention. So what happenes when said Idol follows her one day and starts dmin...
The Wolves (Y/n x Lauren) (GIP!/you) by RaeEmbry
The Wolves (Y/n x Lauren) (GIP!/yo...by RaeEmbry
Y/n Mikaelson a 16 year old girl turning 17 who is a Hybrid. A mix of werewolf, vampire, and witch. She has 2 siblings Justin and Hope. Hope lives in New Orleans with Un...
Magnus (Crossover x Magneto!Male Reader) by Domo-kun99
Magnus (Crossover x Magneto!Male R...by Domo-kun99
(F/N) Lehnsherr was been ostracized by Union City because of being powerless and doesn't give them any benefit It's all wrong... When trying to find the light to his da...
Summer Nights (Camren) by fifthlovatic_
Summer Nights (Camren)by fifthlovatic_
When Lauren Jauregui gets shipped off to a summer camp by her mother all alone, she is almost positive that her summer is ruined. It's the summer going into her senior y...
Trials and Tribulations  by insomniacabello
Trials and Tribulations by mila
"A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor"
Fifth Harmony imagines and preference. Enjoy guys.
water // camila cabello by hoechlin72
water // camila cabelloby Kirsty
in which a model's missing bracelet changes their lives (camila cabello x oc) {social media} [part of a celeb s.m series]
is this a dream? (fifth harmony) by 5handcamilacabello
is this a dream? (fifth harmony)by ♡bahfelicia♡
Victoria Belpario, a 15 year old girl who's been alone ever since her parents passed away. Victoria has struggled with depression, self confidence and anxiety from a you...
Catch Me (camila/you) by itsmeee04
Catch Me (camila/you)by nothing
you are a certified harmonizer, and you have a big crush on camila cabello, you got a chance to meet her, and you became pretty close to her, you can't fight the effect...
The Girl Next Door ➸ camren by sololedijealalunaa
The Girl Next Door ➸ camrenby Riche$
Lauren Jauregui is a born and raised city girl, but when her mom marries a pig farmer from middle-of-nowhere Kansas, she's forced to give up her high society New York Ci...
Best friends? (Laurmani) by nekole04
Best friends? (Laurmani)by nekole04
G!p Don't like, don't read 🤷🏾‍♀️ [COMPLETED]
Camren One Shots by E11James
Camren One Shotsby Ellie🖤
Camren one shots -send requests via comments or messages -songs are also counted as requests
We have the power by wowzars19
We have the powerby wowzars19
Normani, Dinah, Camila, Ally and Lauren. 5 girls who go on 1 field trip to the museum of power, superhero powers. Will these 5 unlock there powers? *Short Story* The gir...
Soulmates Dinah/you by thehauntedones
Soulmates Dinah/youby thehauntedones
We never know who our soulmate is. All we know is that whatever they draw on their arms shows up on your arms too. But what happens when your soulmate finally writes som...
Rollercoaster by Super_Harmonizer
Rollercoasterby StaticHansen
Dinah is now in college. She gets roomed with Normani and she falls for her. Dinah really likes Normani but she's afraid to be in love again due to her last break up. Wi...
The LJ/You Chat Threads by DazStar22
The LJ/You Chat Threadsby DazStar
Just a bunch of what will seem like random messages, between you and the girls, which sometimes there will be, also some with just the girls, but there is a story mixed...