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Bite the Bullet       【Camila/You】 by clinicallydead
Bite the Bullet 【Camila/You】by alex the writer
Camila may be the most popular girl at school, but she still has questions; just like everybody else. Except the only way she can get answers to the questions she has i...
PR? (Camila/You) by camilzer
PR? (Camila/You)by NeverBeIntoIt
You're a successful musician who signs a contract binding yourself to Camila Cabello for at least 8 months. Throughout that time though, you two become closer, will thi...
Señorita by Dinahsaurlover
Señoritaby me no like me
"I should be running Ohh you keep me coming" G!P You
Allured (Camila/You) by drizzycabello
Allured (Camila/You)by drizzycabello
What's wrong? Should i kiss it first?
Take You Back [ Camila/You ] by historia_cccc
Take You Back [ Camila/You ]by petrichor
as they say, "if it's meant to be, it'll be." | a camila & y/n (g!p) fanfiction.
THE P.A Camila/You by fiestyfirefly
THE P.A Camila/Youby Feisty Firefly
Camila/You story. Camila Cabello is in need of a Personal Assistant. Y/N has been in the P.A business for 6 years but has never had a full time P.A role for a celebrity...
A Different Kind of Different ↠ (Camila/You) #1 by ashcabaello
A Different Kind of Different ↠ ( cabaello
"A person can emit a colorful energy but their own souls can just be black and white." ↠ How can one person be such a mysterious case? How can she radiate suc...
Why did you go? Camila x you by Camilacabelloslaybae
Why did you go? Camila x youby Camilacabelloslaybae
Camila just got of xfactor and got in a group fifth Harmony your so excited for her but what happens when she doesn't care about you anymore?
Broke Land (Ariana/You/Camila)  by ctrl_44
Broke Land (Ariana/You/Camila) by 𝔠𝔱𝔯𝔩
Ariana's sort of broke. Y/N's sort of broke. Camila's sort of broke. And some of the rides at AdventureLand sort of broke. *No refund policy* (ariana/you/camila) bl...
Disparity ↠ (Camila/You) by ashcabaello
Disparity ↠ (Camila/You)by cabaello
disparity /dɪˈsparɪti/ noun 1. a great difference. 2. lack of similarity. ↠ She works 3 jobs for seven days a week and was also trying to balance her education in the mi...
Why? (Camila/You) by ExitForFries
Why? (Camila/You)by EFF
WARNING: I MADE THIS WITHOUT REALLY A PLAN FOR THE STORY SO SORRY IF IT DISAPPOINTS YOU!! BoyxGirl Finally, you've graduated from highschool. Now it's summer. You've be...
It's You by LukeMcAnn
It's Youby jen
When you were young you have a playmate named Karla and you promised her that if you two got older you will marry her. What will happened if she disappeared and you have...
You Belong With Me (Camila/you) by CamilaCabello_MyLife
You Belong With Me (Camila/you)by .
Camila Cabello the school's Ms.Popular. Head Cheerleader, Girlfriend of Austin Mahone the Captain of the Football team. Y/N Dale the school's nerd. The crush of Ms. Popu...
cheap love (camila/you) by dripcabello
cheap love (camila/you)by baby
how many more times do i need to fake this love. camila being denial about her feelings, she continued to play with yours.
Fifth Harmony One Shots/Imagines by 5SecondsOfJules
Fifth Harmony One Shots/Imaginesby 5SecondsOfJules
This is basically just a book of one shots/imagines about fifth harmony that I write that make me happy and warm my heart. They're all different and I will gladly take s...
Normila Imagines by ctrl_44
Normila Imaginesby 𝔠𝔱𝔯𝔩
imagines of normila normani/camila normani/you camila/you black reader might dabble with some other celebrities who knows {send requests!}
Camila Cabello Imagines by Taylorslovergirl13
Camila Cabello Imaginesby Jenliss
Camila Cabello x You one shots. I take requests. Hope you enjoy :)
Fighting Just To Be With You (One Shot) by CamilaCabello_MyLife
Fighting Just To Be With You ( .
Camila is to afraid to be with Y/n because she's afraid all the thing that she had achieved maybe gone that fast because of Y/n. After years they have crossed paths agai...
Searching for Serendipity - Camila/you by nightlycabello
Searching for Serendipity - honey
Y/n was just another person in New York, working long hours to come home to a small and mediocre but familiar apartment. Until, one day, something completely out of the...