The 8th member of BTS 🌹 by Kpopaddict105
The 8th member of BTS 🌹by Kpopaddict105
this book is filled with.... Texts scenarios imagines social: Snapchat,Instagram,Twitter etc... YOU! are Evie Min-ahn Hyun the 8th member of BTS and this is what your...
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Former BTS member by lisaaarobert
Former BTS memberby Lisa Robert
I decided to write a story about you being a former member of bts and leaving the group because fans didn't like there being a girl in the group. This is my first fanfic...
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  • yoongi
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BTS 8th Member Scenarios and Imagines by Yugyeoms_Kookies
BTS 8th Member Scenarios and Tae's Beach
"Aren't you supposed to be asleep?" "I'm supposed to be a lot of things but I live to disappoint." ───── ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ───── What if BTS had an 8th member? W...
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Val of NCT (Scenarios, Imagines, Reactions)  by yeolie-spirit
Val of NCT (Scenarios, Imagines, yeolie-spirit
Join Val in her adventures of being the girl member of NCT. "Wait wait, are you sure were all here in the plane?" "Let me count, one, two, three, four, fi...
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BTS IMAGINES: You As The 8th Member! by Bestkpopimagines
BTS IMAGINES: You As The 8th Bestkpopimagines
Just as the tittle says! (Requests closed) This is for female readers. ( if you want a male reader then please ask me; I am more than willing to do it.)
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8th member - bts by blahkate
8th member - btsby k8💘
the 8th member of bts, l/n y/n! imagines and short stories of the adventures of the eight of them (bts).
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New to the squad|| Ybn Nahmir by scarletsblade
New to the squad|| Ybn Nahmirby ʙʟᴀᴅᴇ ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ ✯
SEQUEL IS OUT! "More Than Best friends"🤗 "Pow pow!" I just heard loud ass gunshots while I was backstage. I ran the fastest, I ever ran in my life...
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My Hybrid by BTS_ARMY127
My Hybridby tαєвαвч
Jungkook is in charge of watching his friend's hybrid for awhile. His own Hybrid, Taehyung, starts getting jealous by how close they were getting. What will Taehyung do?
  • vkook
  • yoongi
  • jungkook
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Missing You by BTS_ARMY127
Missing Youby tαєвαвч
Jungkook wants Taehyung to leave...but once he's gone, he finally realizes his mistake. Top Kookie || Bottom Tae
  • bts
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MAYURA {NCT 19th Member) by -Ex-Hoe
MAYURA {NCT 19th Member)by 클로이
{NCT 19th Female Member}
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The Adventures Of BTS' Eight Member:  SCENARIOS {Requests Open} by ChooseSeokjin
The Adventures Of BTS' Eight ChooseJimin
Come to join Bangtan's journey with their little Maknae, Lee Nari. *Based off of my book, Bangtan's Baby||BTS' Eight Member* ☆Scenarios♡ ☆V-Live♡ ☆Video imagines♡ ☆Writ...
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It's Okay by BTS_ARMY127
It's Okayby tαєвαвч
"This is my life now" - Tae Taehyung, an orphan who just wants love and a family. Jungkook, a piano teacher who tries to help him, be by his side, and watch ou...
  • taekook
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(Cousins )Ski mask the slump god story by Letavya
(Cousins )Ski mask the slump god OnSomeShit
When you have too move in with your cousin who Is also a rapper
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BTS New Maknae by love-the-rose101
BTS New Maknaeby PaNdA
New member and they aren't korean or a boy What will happen with BTS
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Tragedy | xxxtentacion  by LostXpoet
Tragedy | xxxtentacion by LostXpoet
Sequel to different I'm nauseous I'm dyin Can't find her My eyes are all cried out Lost it Riots Gunfire inside my head Please don't go switching sides *can be rea...
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Youngest | Blackpink 5th Member by Cam_Mix
Youngest | Blackpink 5th Memberby Camille
Blackpink's fifth member, Miriam, is the youngest member in the group, being born in 1998. This is a book with different scenarios and imagines. I'll add a new part in l...
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TWIN [ jahseh onfroy / xxxtentacion ] by baldbrowsbitch
TWIN [ jahseh onfroy / nay🥀
two brothers.... two different girl...
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Trouble || Justin Foley by Papisreina
Trouble || Justin Foleyby Papisreina
"You're a bitch, you know that?" He scoffed. "And you're a complete dick, you know that?" I shrugged rolling my eyes. "I'm mad because-.. It pis...
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「ᴛʜᴇ ᴛʀᴜᴛʜ ᴜɴᴛᴏʟᴅ ✩」 by -fantastic05ers
「ᴛʜᴇ ᴛʀᴜᴛʜ ᴜɴᴛᴏʟᴅ ✩」by 2🌈0🌈0🌈5
hãy cùng tìm hiểu về các thành viên của -fantastic05ers nhé !
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Bts oneshots 💓✨ by Bagnta_Boys1995
Bts oneshots 💓✨by TAE💙
This some bts short stories Jelaous Feelings Happy Maybe smuts ????
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