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Naruto the Winter Wolf by TianErasmus
Naruto the Winter Wolfby Tian Erasmus
A child neglected, A beast awakened, A blades call...
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No More Sympathy (Neglected and Abused Male X RWBY) by Ibanez303x
No More Sympathy (Neglected and Danku_Chan
(Y/N) (L/N) was the adopted son of Taiyang Xiao Long and Summer Rose. He was loved, cherished, and well trained until Summer one day didn't come back from a mission. Sin...
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The Fox Prodigy by Cashmoney122334
The Fox Prodigyby Cashmoney122334
Minato and Kushina do not die. Naruto has a twin sister named Naruko and later on has a younger sister named Mito. Naruto and Naruko are both jinchuriki only Naruko has...
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Neglected greatness by rose-the-kitsune
Neglected greatnessby rose-the-kitsune
What if he's parents never did die? What if he had a brother and sister? What if he's parents neglected him for his brother and sister? What if the village still hated...
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The forgotten son- Tale of the Lost Clan by Gracyfangirl2020
The forgotten son- Tale of the Janice M.
'Get away from, me Freak!' 'Idiot' 'Weakling' ----- 'Where were you? [....] You are dragging them down with patheticness, GET OUT OF HERE NOW NARUTO *gets slappe...
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Regretting [Completed/Edited]  by Fukuyomi_Namikaze
Regretting [Completed/Edited] by ❝ωєєв τrαsн❞
[Edited.] "Facade's are quite the beautiful art, no doubt. I wonder, how many people have already used one? That's right, it's more numerous than we can even think...
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You Did This (Abused/Neglected Reader X Rwby) by CaptainTobi
You Did This (Abused/Neglected Tobi Gensei
Y/n Was Little when he was abused by his previous family the abuse was too harsh and made him lose the ability to feel emotion due to trauma he was then adopted and rais...
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Wilted Frenzy by Light123hazerd
Wilted Frenzyby Light123hazerd
Lisa Rose was a girl that wanted nothing more then to be loved by her parents but sadly they only focused on her twin sister Ruby. She soon left only to find more despai...
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A Broken Branwen (Abused And Neglected Male Reader And Adopted Son Of Qrow)  by Lightning8588
A Broken Branwen (Abused And Lightning
You are the adopted son of Qrow Branwen,you are neglected by him and Raven. You get beat by Tai, Summer, Ruby, and Yang. You run away and get adopted by headmaster Ozpin.
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OF WOLF AND MAN: RWBY x Abused Werewolf Male Reader by CreepingDeath84
OF WOLF AND MAN: RWBY x Abused Matt Lachica
(A/N: Remember our vampiric werewolf friend from my delete Hybrid Monster story? Yes? Well! I'm bringing him back, but this will be very very different! Stay tuned!) ...
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Naruto, Neglect, and the Prophecy  by kaka-kun
Naruto, Neglect, and the Prophecy by Robin Karumo
After Minato and Kushina have 2 children, one of them is foretold to have a prophecy to save the village by a fortune teller who suddenly appears in their village and di...
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The Stone Hearted Rose- Male Reader X Rwby {COMPLETED} by Super761
The Stone Hearted Rose- Male Super761
Neglected Abused and left all alone in this world A young man devoid of companionship Found a friend in himself
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I'll rest when I die (Sword art online harem x Male reader) by zafry54321
I'll rest when I die (Sword art zafry54321
(Y/N) was a boy who got violated and neglected by his own parents.No one knows what he had to go through everyday and how it feels like.Aparrently he met a badass gang t...
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Naruto the neglected anbu  by halo3vshalo4
Naruto the neglected anbu by halo3vshalo4
Naruto was neglected by his parents for his siblings. What if Minato and Kushina were alive? What if Naruto was abandoned when he was young by his own family?
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Japan's Telepathic Ronin by codyBREH-son2
Japan's Telepathic Roninby codyBREH-son2
Abused Kenshi male reader X BNHA A blind, quirk-less boy born of the Bakugo family, received nothing but hate and abuse from his brother as well as the woman who gave bi...
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THE LOST SOUL (neglected and abused genji reader x RWBY) by ICANREAD265_2
THE LOST SOUL (neglected and ICANREAD265_2
Y/N Rose never had the best life. From the age of Six he was neglected and abused by his family. The only ones that were their for him were his Aunt Raven and Uncle Qrow...
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From Wimpy Mortal to an All-powerful Deity by PokemonIsLife319
From Wimpy Mortal to an Jherico De Torres
Y/n L/n, an average student in Kuoh Academy. But he is not your an average student. Having banished and neglected from his universe because of being very powerless again...
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Neglected by the Uzukaze's by ninjacig
Neglected by the Uzukaze'sby Kuroe-chan!
Naruto Uzukaze is a cute little kid that is bullied, beaten, abused and worst of all NEGLECTED by his own family. One day when he is four years old his family has comple...
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Sweet and Innocent (Demi Lovato) by IAmALovatic4Life
Sweet and Innocent (Demi Lovato)by IAmALovatic4Life
6 years ago, a toddler and her baby sister were orphaned after their parents died in a car crash. Lillian and Neveah were left with their uncle who was the last survivin...
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𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐲 (𝑬𝒅𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈) by loveylkvey
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐃𝐢𝐫𝐭𝐲 (𝑬𝒅𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒏𝒈)by 𝙍𝙚𝙙 𝙧𝙪𝙢🧩🧞‍♀️
David Brewster is 25 year old single parent, entrepreneur, he owns a tattoo parlor and a barber shop that is going very successfully. His life might change when has to...
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