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Fault(BTS V centric)[COMPLETED] by caseylove01
Fault(BTS V centric)[COMPLETED]by caseylove01
Jungkook & Seokjin were blessed with twins 13 years ago, Jimin & Taehyung. But one of the kid got a an illness when he 10 which made both of their parents to concentrate...
izuku O'connor by AvengedMoon
izuku O'connorby Avenged
izuku O'connor, originally Izuku Yagi, Abused, Neglected, and fed up. What if he had the chance to live the life he truly wanted? What if he went 'missing' but returns a...
Drowning In The Dark (Broken Heirs #1) by Seventhjoul
Drowning In The Dark (Broken Shefali Bansal
The story of young girl being born by the rape of her mother and struck with her 4 brothers as her mom died giving birth to her. Being neglected and pleading for love fo...
One Omega by Shifting2wolf
One Omegaby Too much inspiration
Life is unfair, something that Zayne knows from experience. His whole life is unfair. His birth wasn't allowed, his existence hated as his mother gave him up to chase he...
Saved and created  by Ereaxx
Saved and created by Ereaxx
Ace was just a 17 year old boy. Abused and neglected, beaten almost every day and received no comfort attention whatsoever. Soon was kicked out and lived off alcohol and...
After all I did... by Russ_son_of_
After all I SpawnOf
Naruto has only done right, did everything in his power to help, and yet... I own nothing in this story other than the plot.
The Fox Prodigy by Taylormane345
The Fox Prodigyby Taylormane345
Minato and Kushina do not die. Naruto has a twin sister named Naruko and later on has a younger sister named Mito. Naruto and Naruko are both jinchuriki only Naruko has...
Kion: Fall from Grace (A Dark Kion Story) by Active_Ace
Kion: Fall from Grace (A Dark Active_Ace
Neglected, abused, over worked and under appreciated. Kion, leader of the Lion Guard is constantly being compared to his sister, Kiara, by Simba. Even through Simba's co...
Doomed Rose (Abused! Neglected! M Reader X RWBY harem) by Koreilly03
Doomed Rose (Abused! Neglected! koreilly
Running from his abusive family Y/N is contacted by an armored female who offered him a chance to become something greater than a hunstman or a solider. She offered him...
The Jinchuuriki Alliance by SarcasticKitsune
The Jinchuuriki Allianceby HIATUS
| ONLY KEEPING THIS UP DUE TO VIEWERS' REQUESTS. REWRITE IS IN PROGRESS | Minato and Kushina are alive, but they have forgotten their oldest, Naruto, in favor of Natsumi...
The True Slayer by Shi_Kira
The True Slayerby Shi_Kira
This story was inspired by Reborn123's story Naruto: The dragon god slayer and white mage of fairy tail... Naruto abandoned and shunned by his parents ran away and was f...
What is family? by serene_fictionist
What is family?by Serene Fictionist
Angelina Marino The only princess of the Marino family. The world knows her as a princess who has everything a girl could wish for. With unlimited fortune and five lovin...
The Cursed Child Chronicles: Naruto's Unconventional Destiny by MioNarus
The Cursed Child Chronicles: Mio Naruse
Naruto Uzumaki is the eldest of four siblings, born into the Uzumaki family, renowned for their strong chakra and their special connection to the Nine-Tails, the fearsom...
Big Heroes by SpiralQuill
Big Heroesby SpiralQuill
Several dollars were enough for a train ticket. Stares were looking in his directions but that was to be expected if you see a 10 year old boy purchasing a train ticket...
Next Generation Leveling (Solo Leveling X My Hero Academia) by Zyren__
Next Generation Leveling (Solo Zyren__
Sung Su-Ho was the son of Sung Jin Woo and Cha Hae In and the grandson of Sung Il-Hwan, but during the battle between the absolute being, he was sent to another world re...
Izuku The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master (under revision.) by Jjropo3
Izuku The Ultimate Spinjitzu jjropo3
"Long before time had a name, Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master, using the Four Weapons Of Spinjitzu The Scythe of Quakes, the Nunchucks of Lightni...
Kumogakure's fire god by OmJha7
Kumogakure's fire godby Om Jha
in this story naruto is neglected by his parents and he decided to leave the village and he was found by the raikage........ I don't own naruto or any of its character
naruto Bad Luck Fox by LawerenceGarza9
naruto Bad Luck Foxby Lawerence Garza
forgotten, and left for dead by his parents, a boy with bad luck but good memories make it his job to keep his lights at heart.his mind cleen... but for how long with na...
Insufficient by Badboysdoitgood
Insufficientby Badboysdoitgood
I am insufficient. Well, that's not my name obviously, but that's what my family has decided I am. I'm Julie. I'm 14, about to be 15 years old. I have a twin sister, Ja...
Devouring Her Soul by em1koaikawa
Devouring Her Soulby em1koaikawa
Vivian Zhu is abused by her father, and being an only child with no mother doesn't make it any easier. To make matters worse, she's being bullied at school by Andrew Kei...