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Unfaithful Stories

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A Letter to an Unfaithful Husband by emilyylovett
A Letter to an Unfaithful Husbandby Emily Lovett
One night in thick silence, when I stared at you with a look that could only mean, Lie to me again, you said, "I love you." A collection of letters, written...
  • beauty
  • alone
  • lost
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Enough is Enough by Lilbabytori
Enough is Enoughby Lilbabytori
Trinity has been in a engaged for 3 years holding down the same man that promised to never hurt her. Going through so much with the same guy but has Trinity finally had...
  • life
  • love
  • breakups
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THE MISTRESS by lovetastic109
THE MISTRESSby nialls girl
Anna has recently gotten married to chad. it felt as if they were unbreakable until Anna starts to grow suspicious of chad coming home late regularly, and the secret pho...
  • drama
  • gooddrama
  • marriage
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Unfaithful✔️  by ASummers1
Unfaithful✔️ by Autumn Summers
Unfaithful- Being with another despite a previous promise made to one's partner. A collection of short stories based on unfaithful people and the aftermath of their acti...
  • love
  • hurt
  • divorce
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Desire to make you mine!!! ✔️ by nickysweetangel
Desire to make you mine!!! ✔️by nickysweetangel
Highest Rank 1# Mystery 28/5 This a very mature and dark story so read it keeping tissue paper. Just trust me i will never disappoint my readers. A story of a tormented...
  • betrayal
  • pregnancy
  • hot
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Games by livelaughluvmusic
Gamesby livelaughluvmusic
If you have ever been caught in a tangle of someone who couldn't make a clear decision and tell you what he's thinking.
  • annoying
  • unfaithful
  • chance
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Unfaithful by DariaTheBest
Unfaithfulby DariaTheBest
Everyone no matter how adulterous he or she is expects his or her partner be loyal to him or her. All men are not unfaithful and all women are also not faithful. I don't...
  • alone
  • love
  • unfaithful
Honest lies by airwaves58
Honest liesby Justin Gregory Sommers
A dark place we're in. We're all shown the wrong turns to take in life to better the ones who think they deserve more power.
  • deceit
  • unfaithful
  • lies
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Cheaters Cheat by andreacaggie
Cheaters Cheatby andreacaggie
Cheaters Cheat is a typical romantic story which involves cheaters that ruin relationships that most of my readers may have experienced or will be experiencing all throu...
  • unfaithful
  • romance
  • betrayal
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Divine Time by CrystalGee8
Divine Timeby CC5683
A small town girl's date with destiny..
  • abuse
  • healing
  • love
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Apples ('05) by TheReelWorld
Apples ('05)by Art
Short poem about cheating.
  • cheating
  • cheater
  • unfaithful
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The FALL: Javeer Hux Saleem by threaesrevinu
The FALL: Javeer Hux Saleemby threaesrevinu
A pure blooded Filipina nga ba? and A half Fil-Hindi boss: Hmmmm. let's see. .. THE FALL: JHAS..
  • mystery
  • mother
  • revengeofthesith
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My Unfaithful Beloved by MalkaSabaIram
My Unfaithful Belovedby MalkaSabaIram
It's my first poem that I've written last year so I thought it should be be the first to be uploaded...so read vote and comment and yes thank you...!!! :)
  • love
  • heartbreak
  • beloved
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Girl Who Cried 'Pregnant' by iLikeDinosaurs
Girl Who Cried 'Pregnant'by Dani Renobaum
Ruby was adopted when she was six months old, and her adoptive parents wasted no time in telling her about her hideous past, where she came from, and how she caused her...
  • friends
  • boyfriend
  • pregnancy
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Untrue by SimpleMindHere
Untrueby SimpleMindHere
Untrue, unfaithful...Both the same thing. But the thing is, he isn't untrue, he never promised me forever. He never said it would be only me. He only said he would give...
  • story
  • short
  • untrue
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My one and only by Jess_imagine_that
My one and onlyby Jess_imagine_that
  • loyalty
  • lies
  • lovemaking
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Broken Arrow (ON HOLD) by VictoriaAL
Broken Arrow (ON HOLD)by Victoria
Tori is spending four weeks in Spain together with her bestfriend Marie. Tori had planned to stay true with her boyfriend Marcus, but from the moment she meets Alex, not...
  • romance
  • new
  • love
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where are you now by sonali910_
where are you nowby Sonali Gupta
nothing last forever, so does love...
  • betrayed
  • brokenpromise
  • brokenheart
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Feelings  by SiphesihleZulu
Feelings by Siphesihle Zulu
Fonia goes to varsity and she falls deeply in love with a girl. Fonia has never had feels for a girl before, but this one girl Maria, makes her very unsure about her sex...
  • romance
  • lgbt
  • unfaithful
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