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when to let go | l.h. by contem-plating
when to let go | contem-plating
"it's hard to know when to let go.. but you deserve so much more." rankings: #2 in lukehemmings #1 in calumthomashood #1 in ashtonfletcherirwin #2 i...
good girl • (lrh) by ughxbaby
good girl • (lrh)by Bambi
A story in which a girl becomes infatuated with her neighbor. ••••••••••••••••• ❝ Luke sits beside me on my porch, continuing to smoke his cigarette. "Want a drag...
the hating game ; lrh by cahkedup
the hating game ; lrhby Emily
"It feels as though, all this time, I was looking right at him without seeing him for what he truly is." "And what's that?" "Beautiful." Ro...
publicity + cth by hufluke
publicity + cthby kim<3
"look me in the eyes and tell me you don't miss the way I used to run my hands down your pretty body." in which a model is forced to date her ex boyfriend for...
5sos fluff imagines by harrybabyyy02
5sos fluff imaginesby g
imagines of 5sos all fluffy all written by me for when u feelin lonely :) no. 1 in #ashtonfletcherirwin on 4/28/21!! no. 1 in #calumthomashood on 5/30/21!! no. 1 in #mic...
muke oneshots by youreahugedontstop
muke oneshotsby slow down, jellybean
mostly angst oops {lowercase intended} | © youreahugedontstop, 2017-2018 |
Someone better |l.h| by xxHemmoidkxx
Someone better |l.h|by xxHemmoidkxx
In which Luke is in a relationship with Victoria's older sister, Claire, but Victoria and everyone else knows Luke deserves someone better.
My Brother's Bandmate by meghanreily
My Brother's Bandmateby Meghan :)
About to leave for the Rock Out With Your Socks Out, Ashton decides to invite his younger sister Meghan to join him. Meghan, currently living in LA with Jack Gilinsky a...
Bully||Calum Hood by fallenfivesos
Bully||Calum Hoodby fallenfivesos
In which a boy bullies a girl by referring to her as Barney the Dinosaur.
killers by luverofafi
killersby audrey
tatum oaks didn't choose to become a hit woman, she didn't choose to drop out of school and she sure as hell didn't choose to fall in love with ashton irwin.
baby | lrh by hohohemmings
baby | lrhby hohohemmings
"You shouldn't be here" "C'mon baby, lighten up. When have you known me to follow the rules?" ------------ Luke Hemmings: the frat boy, player, dang...
omegle daddy - lrh by flourecentlights
omegle daddy - lrhby destination; parmanent vacati...
hiding inside the pure white covers in her bedroom is jane michaels. as pure as her name sounds- as pure as her voice sounds and her grades looks; she have an obsession...
social casualty | lrh by mikeylikesbread
social casualty | lrhby lucas <3
"in your wildest dreams hemmings" "you know it baby" ////// can maddison clifford endure another tour with her brother and his bandmates, the harsh...
kaleidoscope mind - cth by foreverromanticising
kaleidoscope mind - cthby <3
"kaleidoscope mind gets in the way,"
Handle With Care by aismovingalong
Handle With Careby aismovingalong
"I dream of a better tomorrow, I can't have that without you." When Luke's parents are involved in a tragic car accident, everyone feels he should be grateful...
5sos Pregnancy Series by buddycth
5sos Pregnancy Seriesby buddycth
I think the title is self explanatory.
fluctuated [l.h] by flagrance
fluctuated [l.h]by flagrance
it was love at first sight, a second time.
record shop//lrh by aamuir
record shop//lrhby aam
"you're my most favorite person ever, i swear, and i don't even know your name." or, in which she goes everyday to buy a record at his record shop •lowercase...
youngblood//L.H by cakesyoungblood
youngblood//L.Hby cakesyoungblood
Moving to London meant that the boys didn't know anyone, until they met Lucy. Quickly, Lucy and Luke became inseparable... and much more. But then, they moved out to L...