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The Game  by laila_duhh
The Game by Laila
After 17 year old Lauren London's father passes away she is left too take care of her 11 year old sister Abbygail by herself. As times get hard she begins to struggle Un...
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Mine by onetrxllnala
Mineby onetrxllnala
The Abuse life ain't no joke to RyanDestiny . Come with her and see her life as its gets crazier and crazier every day . Dad beating her upside her head then on her birt...
Simone Davis has been gong through so much in her 16 years of living. What will happen when a certain someone from the worlds most dangerous group enters her life? Will...
Kendrick Lamar EP (Book 1) by MarDopee
Kendrick Lamar EP (Book 1)by MarDopee
Kendrick Lamar Duckworth is an inspiring rapper and soon his dreams to be a rapper comes true. Without the help and motivation from his best friend, Marley, he wouldn't...
Lyricz ' N ' Love • A Ice Cube Short Story [ COMPLETE ] by Shayylondon
Lyricz ' N ' Love • A Ice Cube 🏁ѕнαyy 🏁
Lyricz ' N ' Love ♡ #43 in Plussize out of 720 1•3•19 #3 in NWA FANFIC 1•11•19 #1 in NWA 1•16•19 Completed [ 1.3.2019] Copyright 2018-2019 ©Shayylondon ** All Rights Re...
Thug Love || Roddy Ricch by ChanelBabeey
Thug Love || Roddy Ricchby 𝑪𝒉𝒂𝒏𝒆𝒍𝑩𝒂𝒆🥵
18 year old, Naomi Smith was born and raised in the heartless street of Compton, California. She was raised along side her older brother, Hakeem, and her older sister, T...
Hybrids     Eric Northman by NinjaOfTheShade
Hybrids Eric Northmanby NinjaOfTheShade
Evie is the youngest Stackhouse sibling. She can't read minds like her sister but she sense their lies and emotions. She follows her sister into a bit of trouble leading...
Roddy Rich Back In The Days. by cherishtreasure
Roddy Rich Back In The cherishtreasure
Story about real scenarios that involves Roddy Rich. It shows more of his Crip side in this fanfiction. The book is formatted as screenplay to understand each characters...
Band of brothers  Ronald Speirs x OC  by Grudzia46
Band of brothers Ronald Speirs Grudzia46
[It was a normal quiet night for Officer Speirs...until he heard shuffling in the aid station.] < UNDER HEAVY EDITING > Ronald Speirs x OC This story is about a th...
Straight To The Heart by Lilcubefalife
Straight To The Heartby Lilcubefalife
This is a Straight Outta Compton fan fiction Hope is a 17 year old girl who lives in Compton and her cousin Dr.Dre and his friends form a group called N.W.A and she's t...
𝐒𝐋𝐀𝐔𝐒𝐎𝐍 𝐁𝐎𝐘  by hiighrolla
Classic Tales of the Hood like it never been told before. Nipsey has been avoiding the gang life for as long as he lived. When his mother falls terribly sick , Young Ni...
Thug Love. by ConstantBeauty
Thug ConstantBeauty
Read to find out...
Down For The Ride by _getoutyourfeelings_
Down For The Rideby Brittany
Mercedes Smith is a girl who's been sheltered most of her life due to her parents being both professional workers she never had to lift one finger her world came crashin...
Running From Love (A Eric Northman Love Story) by ShadowQueenRules
Running From Love (A Eric Viollca Clare
She's been trapped since she was a little girl. Constantly being fed from and raped. She knows nothing other than the darkness. Never has she know another human, the onl...
WICKED GAMES • Eazy-E (Book 2) by pimpcessnani
WICKED GAMES • Eazy-E (Book 2)by Nala👅
{Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved} "If you love me, you need to tell me" ∆ ♥Tinashe' & Eazy-E♥ ∆ Sequel ∆ book 1: "straight outta compton" book...
Antidote  by SHAWTEE4515
Antidote by SHAWTEE4515
Sofia just turns 18 and is the only person left to try and help her mom. She soon finds out her mom is in serious debt to a drug lord, and when her mom goes ghost, Sofia...
Stacey  (Editing).. by Babynie__
Stacey (Editing) Niecy Maraè
Stacey? You really want to know about Stacey? Stachelle McCarey, a young black girl from the streets of Compton held a big responsibility at a young age, stealing a...
Enamorada de mi peor amiga - Andrea Compton y María Herrejón by comptonftidol
Enamorada de mi peor amiga - andrea compton
María Herrejón, una chica de 26 años, lanzada, sin miedo de nada en la vida, comienza a sentir una gran atracción por Andrea Compton a pesar del gran odio que tiene haci...